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Martian Gil

W. Germany Space Ship and Launcher / R.L. Albert & Son, Inc.

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Martian Gil

Happy Monday all, 


Today, I came across a nice little box of old dime store toys; - spring powered launching base with space ship, rubber banded together for a nickle.   

I decided to pick them up with the thought of keeping a few & selling the rest.


The launchers are about 2.5 inches long & stand about 2 inches tall - 6cm x 5cm.

The Space Ships are 3.25 inches / 8cm long.    

I tend to think they resemble aircraft more than space craft, but I'm just going by what the box says :) 

... and for those who are curious - they fly pretty well.   The rocket that I played with had a 15 ft maiden voyage before crashing into a wall.


All of the launchers are green - a couple of the rockets are red, the remainder are yellow.

Each part is marked "W. Germany" on the underside.


I was unable to locate anything about these old toys.  

The importer (R.L. Albert & Son, Inc) is still in business, so I sent them an inquiry regarding when these might have been sold.


Is there anyone out there what might have a date on these old toys?

A couple will find homes in my cabinet - I'll need to find homes for the others, and the box.


Cheers, M.G.






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This is the same launcher used with the Cheerios cereal premium from the 1950's, so the German company must have bought the molds for the launcher.


There are similar made in Western Germany hard plastic planes, probably from the same German maker, which launch with a hand held rubber band and stick...


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Martian Gil

Indeed, Roboto!   

Excellent info Zeitresender!   The launchers do closely resemble the Cheerios / Nike launcher, but they aren't entirely the same.

I haven't gotten any sort of time frame from the importer - I wasn't holding my breath...

I'll try to dig some more this afternoon.


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