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My custom rocket

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HI Guys,

 here are some pictures of a custom rocket I built. It's a modified x 3 stiletto model. I used toothpicks on the end of the wings and vertical stabilizer. I also glued some wooden beads to the tail. I wanted the kind that looked like elongated footballs but couldn't find any. I think since I took these pics I took of the landing gear and closed the hatches. I am going to fill in the seams with super glue and spray paint it again. It has an engine inside that you can only see a little bit of. I feel like I wasted it putting in the jet. It would have made a nice jet pack or something. I painted the clear stand black and made my own little name tag for it by using the kit's as a pattern. I call it the MOONCHASER-1.

Hope you like it. This is probably posted in the wrong area so move it if you need to. Sorry.

moonchaser 1.JPG

moonchaser tail 2.JPG

moonchaser wings.JPG

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