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Mr. Jan

Space Pilot Game by Cadaco

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Mr. Jan

This is a game called Space Pilot published by Cadaco-Ellis and copyighted in 1951 and made in the USA.

It states on the side "Designed and Developed in the Game and Toy Research Laboratory

of Cadaco-Ellis".

As Space Pilots players compete to be the first to land on each of five Planets:

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.

The winner wins the mineral right to each planet and totals 50 billion dollars.

(and thats 1951 dollars)

I had the Zathura game before I found the Space Pilot game.

When I saw it I realy looked familiar and

it was not until I got it home that I realized the box art on the Zathura game was

a direct adaption of the art from this game. The board art is very 1950s design and is one of my favorites.

The board is about 10 inches by 24 inches.




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Joe K.

Full-page ad from the January, 1952 issue of Playthings magazine:

space pilot game.jpg

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Great classic retro artwork; if I could get just the box lid, I'd frame it to hang in "the cave".

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