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My Ro-Man

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I'm a RO-MAAAN DOO DOO Droman1.JPG I'm a Ro-man!!!  Play it Steve.

Hey guy's

Megastellar here with my newest project. He Ro-Man from that great masterpiece if a movie ROBOT MONSTER!!!! I started with a plastic gorilla toy.I then removed his face and filed down the neck some. I used a pill bottle top for part of the helmet as base to build on by cutting and sanding out curves for the shoulders. I made the  rest of the helmet with super sculpey and wire. I almost lost the poor guy in the baking process. He started to fall over because the plastic couldn't take the heat. It malformed him a bit. The gorilla toy had a lever on his back for moving his arms back and forth a a chest beating action. That got messed up in the baking. I still might do some more touch up work. Click on the pick to see the whole guy.roman2.JPG

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