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Interesting Robby Sled Conversion

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This is an interesting item, it is sold as being restored so I am not knocking it as such.


The face of the robby is MTH, but the back of the robby is off a pug, probably not a nomura as no side seam covers. MTH and Nomura do not have the upright lines around the neck, as far as I know, It is put together without side seam covers and also with the sled robbies "ears". On the pug they come straight out of the head.

Nice bit of work at the base as well, not original but nicely done. A lot of work has gone into this, any ideas as to how it was done.post-1849-0-88811600-1426103360_thumb.jppost-1849-0-94152000-1426103358.jpgpost-1849-0-31826100-1426103357.jpgpost-1849-0-79881300-1426103355_thumb.jp

cheers chilli

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