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Joe K.

1935 - Rocket Racer by Marx

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Joe K.


Woolworth's Christmas catalog cover and interior page:


The 1940 copyright date appears on the inside front cover:


Close-up of the wind-up Rocket Racer and description & the Database photo:



A link to more info and photos of the rare box:

http://www.grandoldtoys.com/toydb_Detail.php?id=1302&S_keywords=car,tin litho,wind-up&Search.x=0&Search.y=0

Here's it's listed as a 1935 toy. This may be true, since this is the first sighting I've made here on Alphadrome.

The Rocket Racer is 16" long and cost $0.25 (twenty-five cents)!

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It turns out that the Rocket Racer is definitely from 1935 .  Here's an advertisement in the Hagerstown Daily Mail in December 1935. There's no trace of it before Winter 1935.




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