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Two version coming out Nov-2017 the cost around $50.00


Astroboy 12" Vinyl Figure with Camera by ZC World:

This Limited Edition Astroboy 12" vinyl figure is made of PVC and the costume with camera and jacket is included.





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Coming soon!!!


As part of their new 1/6th scale series of figures based on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Hot Toys presents two droids from the film. The first is a familiar sight to see, the loveable BB-8! The BB-8 collectible figure features a specially designed spherical body embedded with a self-balancing mechanism, a magnetically-attached head with LED light-up function, interchangeable arms, and specially applied white and orange colored painting with weathering effects.


The second is an all-new droid, the evil BB-9E! This First Order droid features a newly developed spherical body with mechanical details under the circular grilles, specially applied glossy black and metallic silver painting, and a magnetically attached head with a LED light-up feature.

Each droid will be available to purchase individually or together as a set that includes a bonus Mouse Droid accessory.



BB8 2.jpg





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We have another version due out Nov-2018 the cost around $1,200.00 with 300 makes.


“The universe cowered once at the name of Megatron and it shall do so again!”

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present Megatron from Beast Wars: Transformers.

Megatron is the commander of the Predacons (the descendants of the Decepticons), and the main antagonist of two of the Transformers TV series, Beast Wars, and Beast Machines. His beast form is a tyrannosaurus rex, a transmetal Tyrannosaurus Rex, and a Dragon. He named himself after the original Megatron of his ancestry. We have crafted Megatron with attention to details and true to the original design of the character. The base on which it stands features a defeated Dinobot among the environment. The statue of Megatron is fitted with LED light-up on eyes and arm. The whole statue including the base stands at an impressive 27 inches tall.

This is the ultimate Megatron piece for all Beast Wars: Transformers fans.

Prime 1 Studio


What's in the Box?

The Megatron Statue specially features:

Approximately 27 inches tall

LED light-up on eyes and arm

Two (2) alternate portraits

One (1) alternate exclusive portrait






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