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  1. Jerome added a post in a topic: Recycling Computer Components To...   

    ... decoration and life-style objects.

    Here, conversion from computer mouses to Mouse-Bot :
  2. Jerome added a post in a topic: Have Your Robot And Eat It Too!   

    +1 with Alain : AAAAARGH !!!!!

    I'll try a search on Amaz0n...
  3. Jerome added a post in a topic: Ebay Ads   

    Could be interesting if it generates enough incomes to support & help developpment of AD...

    Remember that some users ( I ! and some more I guess) don't even know existance of those ads by using appropriate browser plugins to avoid annoying messages invasion in their browsing experience.
  4. Jerome added a post in a topic: My Girl (Robot)   

    It's quite strange to have eyes becoming a mouth... ^__^

    And you didn't told a word about the "marvelous" tunes she's supposed to sing...
  5. Jerome added a post in a topic: Zathura Robot   

    That's the boy !
  6. Jerome added a post in a topic: Zathura Robot   

    About the sudden break in distribution, the most valid story I've heard was about Schylling having problems with its Chinese manufacturer. Those were without doubt about the ordered quantity... when you know your manufacturer offers cuts in price when you ask for huge quantity of a product.

    It seems Schylling had its reason to order a number of items that didn't satisfied the manufacturer. That's why were later found on the market exact same model but with some tape or marker on the Schylling company logo : the Chinese manufacturer sold himself remaining stock Schylling didn't ordered. Seems like some official deal broke between those 2 companies.

    About the robot himself, I really like its aggressive look. But I'm not sure the type of metal used for modeling it will be strong enough to resist aggression of time : looks like a particular good candidate for simple air oxydation. I remember seing a Zathura 'Bot 4 years ago on the Bay in an oxydation state making me believe it was a vintage survivor of the 60's. Upcoming years will tell...

    ^_^ Here's mine :

  7. Jerome added a post in a topic: Alphadrome Blazer Patch And Ties   

    Hmmm... yep : some use to... -> proof

  8. Jerome added a post in a topic: Collect Hit Brussels 10th Edition !   

    Lucky dudes !
    I won't be able to get there since I'm ending my art exhibition in Grenoble (hey : you can come if you want ^__^)

    I hope you'll be my eyes for this event and expect load of photos !
    (and maybe Martijn you'll be my spy for some 'botz bargain if I sell enough images at my own event ;))

    Enjoy !
  9. Jerome added a post in a topic: Can't Wait Till You Guys Get These Into Your Collections   

    +1 !!!!!

    Need size info and price details for sending it to good old Europa...
    Good job ^__^ !
  10. Jerome added a post in a topic: Alphadrome Best Contribution Prize   

    Thank's for all those advices.

    I think I'll just finish the shuttle conversion when having enough time (actually organizing visual exhibition / and yes : there will be robot subjects ^_^).

    And then, I'll send it to the person we all agree that should deserve this (because we wouldn't be there without his efforts) : Brian.

    Rest assured of my respectful greetings to all others for sharing so much fascinating informations about the robot culture, I can't stop learning more each day.
  11. Jerome added a post in a topic: Alphadrome Best Contribution Prize   

    Hi there dear fellow 'dromerz !

    From years I've been reading many many pages on this forum and you know what ? Yep, reading other smart people each days on this board is a really smarter activity than watching TV !

    So. I've been thinking since last year about giving a prize to the most considered Contributor. Understand by those words, not someone who just touch the knowledge of an old famous named 'dromer collector, but someone that just did reach your heart and intelligence through the writings he posted through a year. I'm the first concerned by this since I don't pretend having the knowledge I learned through AlphaDrome's pages ; there are so many times I would like to have the writer of a thread in front of me just to thank him for sharing few informations.

    The prize in itself is not something to consider as a property. Winner of the year will have it, but it will travel from hand to hand through the different winners over the world each new year, depending on Dromer's vote.

    Oh my god, then, what is the prize, tell me, tell me !!! Hmmm, I've got here a 1937 TootsieToy damaged Buck Rogers ship (thank's to ANZinSpace!) that will be transformed soon in a "supa-retro-laser-gun-of-death" on wooden presentation platine. The goal is to have this circulating every year through different Alphadromers who will have share generously informations the community find useful. I like the principle of an object traveling and being in a collection for a moment before living for another ^_^.

    I'm aware maybe I should have drop this idea before in private to AD's Admin', but I'm really curious of feedback about this...
    So... what's your opinion ?
  12. Jerome added a post in a topic: Age Of Wishful Thinking   

    @Martijn :

    You're experience is one and few... I'm glad to read this but I can't admit some people abuse of others misinformation.
    So, that's why I'll stay thinking those are parasites playing fishing games more than doing regular bizness.

    (also maybe I'm a bit angry because I won't stay in the collecting course for a while 'coz money don't flush out from toilets ;))
  13. Jerome added a post in a topic: Age Of Wishful Thinking   

    I agree with your observations but in lesser "definitive" way...

    The pages you are talking about are managed only by few dealers who don't really know the worlds they are talking about. They just try, like fishing, but the aimed goal here is definitely to find the ultimate Dumb of the internet... So, nobody's fooled and you can watch those auctions close and then come again as rain after sun, month after month.

    These guys have nothing to do with robot biz', they're far much closer to the "african wallet" system ;).

    Also, I think that investing 150$+ in a piece of tin or plastic makes the buyer's brain work really seriously (exception : your name is Hilton ;)). Putting large amount of money on a vintage toy means taking advantage of useful informations available on the internet to separate scammers from real dealers or people just in need to sell something.
  14. Jerome added a post in a topic: Mr. K's Collection   

    I really like this Money Box. Good looking robot...

  15. Jerome added a post in a topic: Name As Much Robots As You Can   

    So now, you suggest beer bottles are robots too ?!?


About Me

When I was kid, I've never been really close to robot toys. Dreaming and drawing them was enough for me (as may conclude the smart one who stole one of my rough book full of robots, aliens and spaceships / collector item today then ;) ) since they were quite rare and expensive here in France.

It's while becoming a teenager that I left my desires respond to the call of the market. This was near around 1984, after Grendizer came on the air like a tsunami in our young heads, and I started collecting them. Ahem... I mean, started to bought some up to dates robot toys. That may explain why there are so much zoids in my collection.

Becoming a young adult makes some of your passions futile. At the end of the 80's, it was a bit hard for me to explain to girlfriends why there were about 130 plastic and metal companions already in the room we were supposed to be alone... I left the robot passion for more biological researches ;).

Untill 2003, there was some moment I was thinking of getting some of those wonders hidden in dark and cold of mum's cave to make 'em see light... and also see if it look ridiculous to me now or as fascinating as in good old time. Life changes made me fall back in the robot collection syndrome then, with a more mature vision. Before, I wasn't interested by those so overpriced vintage tin toys. Now I've got a different look on me, knowing what are the objects that are missing to me nowadays, and imagining the feelings of all those lucky kids of the 50's, 60's and 70's discovering engeenired objects made for the sole purpose of entertainment. Waow !

As I write this, in 2009, my collection exploded some hundreds to count. Yep, "exploded" because I can't stand on just one kind of roboto. There are some I like, some I dislike, just a matter of taste, no era. So I love my Rover The Space Dog from 50's as I'm fascinated by my 21st century GunBuster GX-39 chogokin, and amused by cheap look of Jumbo Machinders from 70/80's. I like when it's styled and don't care about value (even if it keeps some items definitely away from me, mmh, Radicon Robot ?...).

Sometimes I watch my collection with each robot as replacement to those friends we lost (from view or in other manners). That's strange...

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