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  1. will robinson added a post in a topic: CRAGSTAN TALKING ROBOT   

    Keith - genuine thanks for the perspective.
  2. will robinson added a post in a topic: CRAGSTAN TALKING ROBOT   

    Thanks Joe, excellent start.
  3. will robinson added a post in a topic: CRAGSTAN TALKING ROBOT   

    Hi guys,

    First, I just unbelievably won an auction for this Cragston 'Talking Robot'. Now, as far back as my joining this group, 2001 I believe, I have had this on my Holy Grail of want list. I still can't believe I won him.
    Anyway, he's in excellent condition and he does talk, which is usually not the case in all the years I've pursued these. The problem; right now the on/off switch remains permanently "ON", so I have to turn him off by taking the batteries out. Second, you have to hold the yellow talk button down for at least 5 seconds before he will begin to talk. I'm pretty sure someone on the list here has posted a 'how to fix him'. Could someone point me in the right direction?
    Also, does taking a Robot apart ruin the value of the toy? I'm open to the argument of 'leave him alone' if its a good one. Right now I'm on the fence about it.
    Any help, advice or recommendation certainly appreciated.


    ps, I still cannot believe I won this. ;-)

  4. will robinson added a post in a topic: One Busy Cart   

    Frequently missing but finally reunited, my replacement Cart has arrived! (Beautifully reproduced by Toy Tent). Fresh gears are here my friends!

  5. will robinson added a post in a topic: Busy Cart Robot   

    Hi Guys,

    I recently acquired this Busy Cart Robot. Beautiful litho on this guy, but like so many he is missing his cart. Did I read somewhere on the forum that someone is producing a repro of the cart? If so, is it made using a similar plastics like the original (you know, not cheap resin)

    Thanks if you can help!


  6. will robinson added a post in a topic: Robots in commercials   

    The Robot from Lost in Space was actually used in two commercials that I know of. The first was for a product called Mrs Filbert's 'Take 'em Tubs' pudding. This commercial aired in the very early 70's. Basically, The Robot enters a classroom of Children, announcing himself as their new Teacher. He introduces the class room to the pudding which makes the happy children all cheer in response to his "How do you like the Pudding?". Noteworthy of this commercial is that The Robot's neon is missing (presumably broken) and has been replaced by randomly placed Christmas lights behind clear plex which blink in sync with his voice. I believe this commercial may have been regional to the New England Area (Lost in Space was huge in syndication in the Boston area). This was airing during a time when Fox was renting out the costume- but just before they rented him out to the Austrailian production of 'Mystery Island' where he was terribly disfigured and painted white.
    The Robot also appeared in a futuristic setting for a Lawn Mower, however I only caught this once, and it may also have been regional.
    Unfortunately I have not been able to find either of these commercials on YouTube.

  7. will robinson added a post in a topic: The ONE You Just HAVE to HAVE..!   

    Uber cool... elusiveness.

  8. will robinson added a post in a topic: finally a gang of 3   

    For the love of God, Please! More Photos!
  9. will robinson added a post in a topic: Remco LIS Robot Decals   

    How funny that, when I was a kid, these stickers were the first to go in my effort to make him
    look closer to the Robot in the show. Now, as an adult, I see the charm and fun in them. I wouldn't dream of buying one without them intact.
  10. will robinson added a post in a topic: Top 50 Robots and computers   

    Is this a joke? It is a stunning embarrassment that The Lost in Space Robot does not appear on this list. Shame on them!
  11. will robinson added a post in a topic: Lost In Space   

    Fully powered up and with new aspirations of corporate take over, 03 making the Hollywood Circuit.

  12. will robinson added a post in a topic: Lost In Space   

    What would you like to eat? Eggs Benedict?, country sausage?, a small breakfast steak?... And do sit down sir, if you please.

  13. will robinson added a post in a topic: B-9 with his girlfriend   

    Hi guys,

    I just posted her history under the 'Customized Robots' section of this site.

  14. will robinson added a post in a topic: Lost In Space   

    Hi Guys,

    After two long years(on and off)she's finally finished. The one, the only, you know her as evil: The 03 Automaton from Lost in Space. And this is her love story:

    Theirs was a volatile and unrequited love. Him: A true blue, all the way through, Titanium Alloy Cybernetic Hero. Her: An Alien Femme Fatale with a pretty face, aspirations of corporate ramp climbing and the assimilation of human dexterity. She would work for 'Space Control', an agency in another part of the galaxy, and for six long shooting days It was by design that these two would briefly be together. After filming wrapped her evil beauty was broken down and her parts distributed to various other props and set dressings. This is their story and how, after some 47 years, they were both once more reunited, destined to be together.

    In 2003, after an intensively passionate 19 month build, I had finally completed my dream project: The Robot from Lost In Space. It had been a period of delightfully enslaving, obsessively compulsive research, building and detailing. Now completed, I turned my attention to a project that would satisfy yet another, as regarded by some, misguided passion. A project that would reunite The Robot with this long lost friend of our mutual acquaintance.

    Back in 1998 while talking with a geek-friend about all things Lost In Space, we both discovered a mutual love and admiration for the evil female Robot that had appeared in the series - and NOT the one that everyone always thinks of. When in nostalgic fan boy mode, those who fondly remember the series almost always think of the third season episode 'Deadliest of the Species' as The Robot's girlfriend (you know, the evil blue and gold one that The Robot misguidedly falls in love with?). No no, my friend and I both highly regarded the first incarnation of this wonderful design. One that, for some reason, most fans overlook. She was known as Officer 03, and she was the original evil female Robot from the second season episode 'The Ghost Planet'.

    My friend had a connection with the 20th Century Fox Archives and had become my LIS drawings drug dealer. He also revealed, to my surprise, that there was a drawing of this marvelous 'Lady Robot' which was folded away into one of the thousands of Fox filing cabinet drawers. Following a minimal amount of pestering, I soon had a copy of her supreme wickedness.

    She was drawn up by 20th Century Fox draftsman Wally Graham on June 29th, 1966 and was simply titled: "Automaton". Since she was produced for only one episode, the turnaround time to construct her was fast. A 10 day lead time to draw her up, get approvals (have Irwin Allen Harrumph!) and construct her in time for delivery to the set which would have a 6 day shooting schedule.

    You would think the drawing was great news for my construction plans, but quickness of the heart would deceive the eye: The drawing was 90% inaccurate. Due to the tremendous constraints and fast turn around of weekly television production, she was produced more as design intent and very little more. Clearly a lot of in the shop hand waving and improvising had proceeded her final realization to screen. The biggest obstacle for me now, if I was to do this, was finding something, anything, that I could use to scale off of.

    There was nothing:

    As happenstance would have it, something scaleable turned up in the form of a long lost and previously stolen drawing (from Fox) produced for the series spaceship, the Jupiter-2. This highly accurate, to scale drawing was used to construct the spaceship's NGS(Navigational Guidance System)scanner. A wonderful design that had appeared on the ships outer hull. The scanner was built as a one shot prop for the second episode in the series, 'The Derelict'. Due to its very unusual and space utility design, the prop had been stored and would now be used by the series art department for use on the new 'Automaton' Robot. Fast forward back to present day. Now, after many missing years, the original, highly accurate scale drawing had turned up in a Profiles in History auction. Unfortunately, I almost immediately knew I could never afford it and started wondering if this project really wasn't meant to be after all. Quick thinking, undaunted courage, I came up with a last minute plan. I would take a gamble and let the auction end, then attempt to contact the buyer in the hopes he would be willing to trade a copy of it for some of my drawings. I can tell you I would have traded all of them to get this missing part and information. My clever plan would pay off and a trade would ultimately be struck. I now had all the necessary dimensions to create the central part of her body that I could now scale from. (I should mention a copy of this drawing is now back in the Fox archives as I immediately had it returned to its rightful home). So accurate was the drawing that some of the plumbing part numbers called out for its construction in 1965 were STILL available in todays market. More importantly, I could now begin construction on what I was now calling 'The Robot's girlfriend'.

    Months of intensive research and development pass and after a two year build (on and off) she is, in all of her evil glory, now complete. Fully functional and re-united with our friend, The Robot. You should know that it was a far easier task for the talent at Fox Studios to construct this character in their 10 day lead time using predominantly pre-existing parts and pieces, than it was for me who had to fabricate everything from scratch in an effort to mimic the ease of their resourcefulness. But it was worth every effort reuniting a piece of destroyed and lost history with another piece of outstanding pop culture design.

    Now completed, It truly tickles and warms the cockles of my heart to see these two finally together again after so many decades.
    Let the on set pyro, explosions and fireworks begin!


  15. will robinson added a post in a topic: Dick Tufeld passes away   

    The warnings of Danger are now silent...Greater love hath no Robot.

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