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  1. Shaun added a post in a topic: The Big Bang   

    Great score! I just picked mine up last month, and from my previous post about this pistol .I did not blow my hand off. I only shot it once and that was enough for me.Dont want to press my luck with shooting it again. I found a website when researching the gun (if i find the website I will post it).It stated even though the gun was tested to be safe for kids.It was banned eventually from selling to kids.Once banned from the toy stores,The gun was relabled as a dog hunting trainer.
  2. Shaun added a post in a topic: Hot Topic Robot Shirt   

    Was it at the mall on Bee Ridge and 41 or the one on Beneva?
  3. Shaun added a post in a topic: Deco 30 Blaster   

    Great work! I'd buy it if I saw it in stores.
  4. Shaun added a post in a topic: What Is It ?   

    I picked up a few of these glass ray guns today at a local antique shop.The shop owner tould me that they where once candy dispencers,but new nothing else about them. I just thought they looked cool. Anyone out there know any history about them? Hears a link if the picture does not show up.
  5. Shaun added a post in a topic: Beginner Needs Help   

    Welcome to the board.I have found in my short time on the drome some really knowledgeable, and friendly people. Nice score on the xz-31 . Ebay is a great way to build up your collection and Im sure there are a million places ot there to get some deals. But I have found some really good deals on Craigslist. You have to be patient when looking. But I have found some real treasures for next to nothing. Best of luck.
  6. Shaun added a post in a topic: Austin Magic Pistol   

    Thanks guys.I like dratomic thinking. They must put something in the water hear in Florida. It seems like all the crazys live down hear. Im gonna video the insanity.Wish me luck
  7. Shaun added a post in a topic: Austin Magic Pistol   

    I just picked up a Austin Magic Pistol.The box says it shots ping pong balls up to 100ft by a explosive mixture in the chamber.Other comments on this ray gun I have noticed is that it will shot a flame out the barrel 6 to 8 foot long.And to be extremly careful when firing.I can see in my distant future a few angry neighbors and some burnt eye brows. Maybe I should invest in a good fire extinguisher first.

  8. Shaun added a post in a topic: Check Your Batteries   

    AWW.. sounds like someone is jealous? Tell you what, you can come over to my house and I will let you hold his remote.....
  9. Shaun added a post in a topic: Check Your Batteries   

    Thanks for the advise.Its not to often I can come across something like this with the bot allowance I have.
  10. Shaun added a post in a topic: Check Your Batteries   

    Hear is a link to check him out.By the way im the goofy guy on the right.
  11. Shaun added a post in a topic: Check Your Batteries   

    I was searching the web the other day and found a classified ad.It said "OLD ROBOT FOR SALE".I was intreaged.So I sent them a email for them to send me some pictures.The seller told me that it didn't work. Which is right up my alley because I cant afford anything that is mint. I negotiated to meet with the seller today. So I packed up my truck to take a road trip to see this "OLD ROBOT".Once I got to the sellers house ,I was met at the door with the robot in there hands.The seller explained to me that it has not worked in years,But the paint and litho was mint.So we struck up a deal.On my way home I was like a kid on Christmas day wanting to play with my new robot,thinking and plotting of what would have to be done to bring this "OLD ROBOT" back to life. As soon as I got home I went and grabed some fresh batteries. WOW IT WORKS! Anyway BLA BLA BLA... This is what I got. "THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE TO DATE." So fathers keep you daughters inside cause Shaun has got him a Door Robot!

    So lesson learned fellow hobbiest.Check to see if your batteries are fresh before you go sell the farm.

  12. Shaun added a post in a topic: Zoomer (help)   

    ITS ALIVE!!!! Thanks guys for all your help.
  13. Shaun added a post in a topic: Zoomer (help)   

    Thanks for all the help.Its great there is a website out there that so many people are willing to share there knowledge.Praise to all the fellow Alphadromer's.
    Best regards
  14. Shaun added a post in a topic: Zoomer (help)   

    Im looking to purchase a zoomer robot( blue body /black arms) non working for three bills.Im concerned with breaking the tabs when spliting him apart,I can get the eyes to light up but thats it.Is there any known problem with them that i might be able to fix him from the battery cover without splitting him open .Thanks
    regards Shaun

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