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  1. klotzm1 added a post in a topic: MEXICAN BATTERY OP ROBOT   

    Really nice work JR. Looking at the pics reminds me of the TV show AMERICAN RESTORATION. It's coming back to life.
  2. klotzm1 added a post in a topic: Things you can do to a Schylling Spaceman   

    Uploaded a video:
  3. klotzm1 added a post in a topic: Things you can do to a Schylling Spaceman   

    Started this over 4 years ago so I claim status as a world-class procrastinator. The objective was to make something similar to the Porthole robot but with custom features. I started by pounding out the front face - from factory there is an oval embossing around the faceplate & three tab holes. When the front was smooth and round (or nearly so) I soldered in the tab holes & sanded smooth. Used a dremel tool to make the porthole and lamp hole...then it sat in a box for 4 years. Found it a coulple of weeks ago & decided to finish it...so here it is.
    Has all the original actions, now left arm raises with flashing tricorder, right arm swings with sample hammer and of course the helmet light is lit. There is an additional light inside to illuminate the face. When choosing the face I was influenced by cwanxton and used the face of Ben Stiller from the movie ZOOLANDER. I had trouble getting a clean line from red to white for the helmet so I hand-painted a blue stripe as a sort of collar. After I was done, I hit on the idea of using a wide rubber band to mask the head (there are many wrinkles in the neck from stamping - impossible to tape cleanly) But that was after it had the blue already painted..when you do this there is alot of improvisation as you go...that's the fun of it. I have used many Schylling Spacemen as the basis for a custom robot (I bought several cases of them years ago) and recommend them a project.
    Now there will be some that say "that's not a robot...it's an astronaut" Nope you're wrong!! The rule for determining whether or not it's a robot is: It is what the box says it is. Since there is no box and I am the maker - I say it's a robot...so it's a robot.

  4. klotzm1 added a post in a topic: What Is The Average Age Of Robot / Ray Gun Collectors?   

    Ancient (61)...here's a pic from my 30's (when I was a mainframe guru) & a recent one..

  5. klotzm1 added a post in a topic: A Robot A Day !   

    Wow...I've always been impressed with your collection, but I never knew you had X-RAY GLASSES!!!
  6. klotzm1 added a post in a topic: Robot Market Trends   

    I've only been in this hobby for about ten years so my experience is limited. My question is: Do you think vintage toys will ever recover the prices of the 1990's? (I personally doubt it). This still looks like a good time for aquisition but not horrible for sellers...I thinks bargains will be harder to come by in a year or so. New Market robots...how desirable will they be..ever? (I am still stunned by Zathura robot & Iron Giant stuff still sells). I'm curious what other collectors think (even if you're a newbie) BTW I still recall with fondness the rants about how repros will kill the hobby by 'E'...was he right?

  7. klotzm1 added a post in a topic: Favorite Robot Box Art   

    Like the Mr Flash...this is similar. Not too common either..

  8. klotzm1 added a post in a topic: Robot Census   

    The number of toys manufactured would be where I would start. *****CAUTIONARY NOTE: This is going to be as accurate as Drakes equation (not accurate at all)*******
    Take the entire universe of robot/space toys (ST=100) and multiply it by the number of toys actually sold (AS=.95) multiply that number by the percentage of toy recipients who liked their new toy (LNT=.44) multiply that number by the percentage of those who would save that toy (influenced by the number of times that family moved from one house to another) (SST=.15). Now we have a number of surving toys....take that number and multiply it by the number of people who have sold that toy online or in boot sales (SSST=.66). Here is your number of surviving robot/space toys that have NOT been made available to the public, then add to this the difference between toys made and sold and toys made and NOT sold (old store stock, defective toys, toys damaged in transit, etc). See how easy it is? I used to do metal detecting and read the treasure hunter magazines....These mags would constantly state that there is more wealth (coins, jewelry, etc) just below the surface than there is in circulation. So...my estimate of robot/space toys undiscovered and unsold is between 20,000 and 50,000.

  9. klotzm1 added a post in a topic: Smithhouse Auction   

    Just out of curiosity, did any of you sell a piece to Alan that is now in the auction? I sold him a Super Spaceman NRFB...I see it is item 195 and it's OUT OF THE BOX!!!! Bought it on eBay eight or nine years ago...I recall that I outbid zoomer7 and comettoys for it. Paid $350 for it, sold it for same.

  10. klotzm1 added a post in a topic: A Year Of Creations   

    Loved the slideshow...but you left out one (this was posted in March of this year)

  11. klotzm1 added a post in a topic: Is This The End?   

    You may already be aware of this. The following article explains alot: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,552021,00.html
    Goodwill and Salvation Army stores have stopped collecting and selling childrens toys, Policing of flea markets is underway and I can envision eBay prohibiting sales of tin toys as well. If you think I'm "way out there", you might check out items currently banned: http://www.cpsc.gov/CPSCPUB/PREREL/prhtml08/08072.html
  12. klotzm1 added a post in a topic: Wilbur The Robot With A Virtual Soul   

    Eagle; I don't think this guy is on the 'drome
    Doc; I didn't see him singing opera....clearly he is!!

    I'd like to add that viewing the custom bots made by all of you is my FAVORITE part of this site. I rarely comment on someone's work, so let me say now that I LOVE all the custom work posted here.
    As for this project...it lay in my shop for at least 2 years, so don't be discouraged if it takes awhile to finish your project, you don't need to work on it every day...just when you feel like it.
  13. klotzm1 added a post in a topic: Wilbur The Robot With A Virtual Soul   

    Walks forward, eyes light green, mouth lights red, virtual soul flashes in chest. Youtube video (8 seconds for dialup users) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsAq4MG_LZU
    Many of you may have already seen it on eBay , but some have not and might enjoy it (auction is over, hence I may now post it) There were other pics: Item number: 280319800825

  14. klotzm1 added a post in a topic: What Happened To The Golden Robot?   

    The past 6 years or so have been good for collectors on a budget...lots of robots made and reproduced. I recall numerous rants of "NO MORE SMOKING ROBOT VARIATIONS!!!!" Well, there are no more. I (like many of you) bought the LANTERN ROBOT when it came out...and waited for the variations (fantasy colors and GOLDEN ROBOT) but they never came. We did hear from robot johnson that he would have all the variations of CHIEF ROBOTMAN...but they also have not materialized. I see PAPASAN no longer is listed in the LINKS section either...gone the way of Tin Tom. So...does anybody know if these projects are really dead? Is PAPASAN dead? We may look back fondly on the last 6 or 7 years as the last gasp of robot manufacture....still there's SCHYLLING.

  15. klotzm1 added a post in a topic: Meet Mister Brianiac Saturn   

    Fantastic!! Even though I don't post my praise for all the custom 'bots you guys make, I really love them...it's the best part of this forum to me. These really capture the art deco flavor that I like. Hey Laserman, if I'm not mistaken don't you live in Iowa?
    Now what are you going to do during the upcoming loong coold winter?? I say..make more 'bots.

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