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  1. diamondj added a post in a topic: My Biggest And Oldest Robot,, Kind Of.   


    If they are available for aircraft, these folks would have them:


    Lots of cool stuff in their free catalog BTW, even if you aren't building an airplane....

  2. diamondj added a post in a topic: Hello All Robot Collectors!   

    Hello Ranger,

    Welcome to the board. As you can see I don't post often but you've hit upon the other subject that is near and dear to my heart - motorcycles. Just wondering what you were selling off your robots to buy (if you don't mind sharing)?

  3. diamondj added a post in a topic: Ding-a-ling Rocky And Alternative Rocky   

    Hey Mr. Zerox,

    Any chance you can post some brighter pictures of Cowboy for the potential scratchbuilders out there?



    ps - While we're mentioning variations, the Dingmobile came with two or three different wheel styles.....
  4. diamondj added a post in a topic: Ding-a-ling Rocky And Alternative Rocky   


    I just found the picture of "Gator" Pete Kerner's custom Detecto -

    Here's Pete's description of how he built him:

    1) Use Twirly feet (yellow)
    2) Use a Construto body, it is the closest thing there is and the large
    cam will make it easy to make the arms work!!!!!!! Some say that the head
    should go back and forth???? Up to you!!!!
    3) Use Boxer Upper arms and Shoeshine lower arms. Together this is
    4) The controls on the body - I used a little from a dead Rocky and a dead
    5)The head is a half easter egg!!!
    6) The top is from a lost in space model, IT IS PERFECT!!!!(good luck getting this one)
    7)THE EYES TOOK A LOT of work, they are just plastic tubes.

    Maybe when John Rigg gets tired of tinsmithing, he can dabble in plastics for a while? ;-)

  5. diamondj added a post in a topic: Ding-a-ling Rocky And Alternative Rocky   

    Holy Cow!!!!

    I take a break from the Alphadrome for a while and you guys finally get around to talking about the little plastic robots that got me into collecting robots in the first place!!!!!

    Hey Mr. Zerox - the photo you have of Policeman and Spy together is one I took! It's wild that it would turn up here!! I had originally sent a few pictures out to the Yahoo Ding collectors group about a year ago... My Policeman is minus his nightstick and whistle...

    And I can't believe Cowboy exists! I guess ITC did carry on production after the parent company here in NJ closed up.

    I saw a reference to the Robotrons (Explo) in another post and that got me looking for Topper stuff in the older messages. They had planned for at least five Robotrons originally - Messenger (Gofer), Exploder (Explo), Flasher (????), Detective (????), and Rocket (Rocky). I do know Rocky Robotron was made in two colors - either a red torso with blue legs or a blue torso with red legs.

    Some time ago I won a few auctions for Topper Toys internal documents and some basic company related items that were sold by a former engineer for Topper. He was not involved directly with the Dings (or Robotrons) so he couldn't tell me much about them. He did know the engineer involved with them but that person had no desire to talk to anyone about the Dings.... My contact was able to tell me a story about the Japanese engineers that brought the Dings to Henry Orenstein - How they were thrown out of the first factory in Hong Kong by the Chinese owner. Seems he had been a "guest" of the Japanese during WW II and hated them still. I have also heard rumors that Bandai was initially involved with Ding production. This might tie in to the Power Pack I have that is marked "Made in Japan". This Power Pack has metal cams to move the Dings legs rather than the standard black plastic ones..... Another collector I have talked to has a Power Pack marked "1970 Singapore" so maybe Topper tried a few locations before they got rolling in Hong Kong? As for the variations in the easier to find robots - I have to wonder if Topper didn't run multiple sets of molds that were made in a few different locations by different die makers? This would account for the minor variances..... I do know they originally planned on calling the line the Mechanical Maniacs but given the times (think Charles Manson) I guess they found Ding-A-Lings a little more child friendly. King Ding was originally going to be named "Monster"....

    I have seen a custom built Detecto made up of several other Ding parts that looked really good. I have to wonder if Detecto was actually made.....

  6. diamondj added a post in a topic: You Know How Somwtimes You Post Stuff That ,   


    You guys have actually lured me out of lurk mode to post on this oddball thread - Here's a shot of my '78 GS1000 Suzuki project. I started off with a $600 ebay beater and I've got it running right with a much more modern suspension. Next wil be paintwork. I'm thinking Gulf racing colors (light blue with orange - it sounds like an odd combo but it works)......

  7. diamondj added a post in a topic: Another Sears Plain Box?   

    Ah yes! The good old Sears plain brown catalog box. This brings back fond memories of wandering around the Sears Catalog Surplus store in North Carolina as a kid. They had a distribution center there and everything that was discontinued, returned, damaged, etc... went into the store at a discount. Sort of a Sears "scratch & dent" store if you will. Many of the items only carried SKU or catalog numbers so it was like a mini treasure hunt. You knew you were in the toy section but who knew what was in the box if there wasn't a display item or description. I honestly miss getting the Sears Christmas catalog.....

  8. diamondj added a post in a topic: Advice Needed!   

    Zesko - Make sure you investigate soda blasting thoroughly before you invest in any equipment. I believe soda blasting requires specialized equipment because the soda dust is volatile or flammable (or both) when pressurized. For a small home blasting unit, the benchtop blast cabinets from places like harbor freight are fine. You'll need a good compressor though - one with a 10 gallon tank minimum that will flow 90 PSI plus at least one water trap in-line to prevent the blaster from clogging. A less abrasive blast media than sand would be glass beads, plastic, or walnut shells - all readily available and not much more expensive than the better grades of sand media. Check out www.eastwoodco.com for more info about sandblasting media. Their stuff is a little higher priced though. There's an automotive blasting place down the road from me that's reasonably priced and they have a website but I can't find it now - I know I have it bookmarked at work. Check your local yellow pages for sandblasting, media blasting, and automotive restoration/refinishing. Somebody in your area probably does media blasting and I can't imagine they would charge you more than a few bucks to media blast your Hubley AD for you. And while I'm rambling on, doesn't MirraChrome paint require specialized equipment for application? If you do decide to get your own blast cabinet and use glass beads, make sure you tape up the access door with plenty of duct tape before you start. If you leak glass beads out of the cabinet under pressure, they will go EVERYWHERE!!! I learned this the hard way! ;-)

  9. diamondj added a post in a topic: Atlantique City Show...   

    Hey Pat - what kind of moto did you get? Good weather in the tri-state are this weekend for riding that's for sure. This missus and I skipped AC this time around. The last few times I didn't get any vintage robots although my wife always finds some nice Steiff/Schuco animal to add to her collection.....
  10. diamondj added a post in a topic: FINAL ROUND. SPECIAL EDITION   

    Wow! Dr. Atomic really nailed it with the lighter blue color! Very nice... One thing I am wondering about is the gold version - are we talking gold plating or paint? I think an "antique" gold color paint with the lighter blue color would be pretty nice looking as well....
  11. diamondj added a post in a topic: Alphadrome Special Edition   

    I also like the idea of chrome plate for an Alphadrome ST-1 - maybe with transparent red and/or blue striping. Metallic light blue (ie 80's repro Smoker) with red accents would be pretty nice too. There are so many cool types of paint available these days. Check out: http://www.alsacorp.com/products/chromefx/chromefx.htm This is a spray chrome that actually looks and feels like chrome plate yet is as durable as good automotive paint. DuPont has also come out with a new product line called "hot hues" which are pretty vibrant as well. Also, I think it would be neat to stamp some of the ST-1 bodies out of aluminum and then anodize them. After all, aluminum is a "space age" metal. ;-)

    Anyway - there's my 2 cents worth....
  12. diamondj added a post in a topic: Big Max Conveyor Robot   

    Big Max should have a black rubber segmented conveyor belt running through the middle of the yellow rectangular area. It also came with a bunch of metal blanks and a small non-scale dump truck. You would work the controls to get Max to pick up the blanks from the bins surrounding him and then drop them on the conveyor belt. They would run down the belt to drop into the back of the truck. Of course what to do with a truck load of small metal discs would be the next big question. It seems like most of these toys are minus the belts these days as time and less than perfect storage conditions take their toll....
  13. diamondj added a post in a topic: Radar Robot Makes A Perfect Landing   

    Nikola - Do the buttons on your radar remote serve different functions? I was surprised to find my radar walks forward for both buttons - I figured one would be a reverse.....

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