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  1. JimK added a post in a topic: SBD 3000   

    I have one also. Got mine at Wal Mart on clearance. It is funny. If you put too many coins in he poops them out. There is something about fart humor that has always made me laugh. I never understood why he had an Austrailian accent until now though.

  2. JimK added a post in a topic: GRANDDAUGHTER'S FIRST ROBOT BUILD   

    The Kid has Talent! No doubt about it. A chip off the old block for sure. And as always....She is a doll!

  3. JimK added a post in a topic: Robert the Robot?   

    Thanks Andy. I may just swing by this afternoon and pick it up.

  4. JimK added a post in a topic: Robert the Robot?   

    Hey Guys,
    I went robot hunting today for the first time in quite a while and ran across this guy, He is about 10"-11" or so tall and made of plastic. There is a hand crank in his back and when you crank it he talks. If I am not mistaken he is supposed to have a wired remote but I did not see it there. The vender wants 25.00 for him. I walked away but am having second thoughts.and thinking about going back. What would the value be? is it worth the money? Thanks


  5. JimK added a post in a topic: BUCK ROGERS VALENTINE   

    I am never very far away. it is wonderful to hear about your retirement Phil. I cant wait to see your projects. I actually attempted a couple of wood carvings over Christmas. Not quite up to my old standards but good enough to keep me trying. I may even have a go at the lathe again this spring.. So put your thinking cap on and come up with an idea for another Phim collaboration.

  6. JimK added a post in a topic: BUCK ROGERS VALENTINE   

    This is very cool Phil. I am shocked that you let it slip by last time. Congrats!

  7. JimK added a post in a topic: Small Robosapien I.D. please   

    for what it is worth here they are

  8. JimK added a post in a topic: Small Robosapien I.D. please   

    I have one of these. He is a candy dispenser made in China. It was sold around Easter at Wal Mart a few years back. When you pull the arm back a little hard colorful candy would drop down when you let go. and he would fling it. I have pictures of the part that you are missing and the candy but have no idea how to post them any more. Drop me a message if you want to see the pics or have questions.

  9. JimK added a post in a topic: My new Rocket Ride with bot   

    About the only thing that I can say that has not already been said is "You have no idea how badly I would like to have that". Wonderful job.

  10. JimK added a post in a topic: A mushroom break.......a few of my current robots and space toys...   

    Fantastic stuff for sure. The NASA space man is very cool. And I really regret missing out on the Alphabot build. Still kicking myself for that one. But such is life.

  11. JimK added a post in a topic: Comical Planet Robot   

    I have this one. He worked OK when I got him but I have not tried in a while.

  12. JimK added a post in a topic: I'm Back   

    Hello All,
    First I want to apologize for dropping off of
    the map without an explanation. Some of you may recall that a few years ago my
    job was outsourced and I was laid off for a period of two years. I am a
    diabetic among other things and for that period I was without treatment and
    medication. My stubbornness and pride (mixed with a lot of ego) would not allow
    me to go to the state for help. I thought I had done OK and when I got a new
    job and insurance the worst was over. Funny how things tend to turn around and
    bite you in the a$$. Late last year my vision started to go. I thought that I
    was just getting old. Well come to find out that my diabetes had been attacking
    my eyes. After several laser treatments in both eyes, and 4 surgeries in my
    right eye things have stabilized for now. Vision in my right eye is completely
    gone and my left eye is not far behind.
    I am not allowed to drive, ride my motorcycle, and the last time I tried
    to make a rocket for Phil I almost lost a few fingers in the lathe. And last
    month I had a series of mini strokes to top everything off.
    I am embarrassed to say that I did not handle
    things very well and fell into a bit of a depression and self pity. I am adjusting a bit better to the reality of
    things and just wanted to let anyone who cares know that I am still around and
    I check the board every day. You folks have kept me going without even knowing
    it. But I hope to try and contribute to the board again as things move forward.


  13. JimK added a post in a topic: How many Space Patrol helmets can you find?   

    Here ya go John

  14. JimK added a post in a topic: GRANDDAUGHTER ALPHADROME TRAINING   

    Awesome pictures Phil. Always a pleasure to see an alphadromer in training. Thanks for sharing the granddaughter with those of us without grandkids to spoil.


    PS: still working on the rocket. On version two now. Version one had a bit of a misshap (Long story). But I will get there.
  15. JimK added a post in a topic: The One That Started It All...   

    Fantastic story TP. I hope that he lasts forever this time. I really dig stories like these.


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