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  1. Robotopia added a post in a topic: No Beauty Queen But A Lil' Darlin'. X-11   

    Very nice!
    It's always a good feeling to save something from the garbage bin. And you got a cool toy for your efforts.
  2. Robotopia added a post in a topic: Is This Robot 7 For Real ?   

    Originals also say "Made in Japan" on the backside.
    It's interesting that originals of this toy rarely pop up on ebay, not sure why, it seems like it should be a fairly common toy.
  3. Robotopia added a post in a topic: The (wind up) Gang of Four   

    As far as rarity goes even the Japanese version of Robot 7 doesn't come up that often on ebay. I wonder why?
    (What you usually see is the taiwanese reproduction. Which is very common on ebay.)
  4. Robotopia added a post in a topic: yOh No! First ever robot suicide reported.   

    The little dirt-sucker, model 760, reportedly turned itself on, rolled onto a hot plate, and set itself ablaze.

  5. Robotopia added a post in a topic: Buying Vintage Space Toys - eBay, Other?   

    My one comment about ebay is to start slow with lower priced items and then build up to more expensive items. That way you get some experience and don't make expensive mistakes. Ebay is a great way to buy toys.

    Sorry, one other thing, always check the seller rating and number of transactions. Higher number of transactions and rating, means better reliability. (I know the previous posts have said this, but it's an important point.)
  6. Robotopia added a post in a topic: Is this a Prototype or an Indian makeover ?   

    Yes, can't wait to welcome home the protigal son of the robot world.
  7. Robotopia added a post in a topic: Is this a Prototype or an Indian makeover ?   

    I agree with Andy, the texture looks like duct tape. The shape is so irregular that I was thinking they made a wire frame and covered it with duct tape. I could be entirely wrong, but that's what it looks like to me.
  8. Robotopia added a post in a topic: Is this a Prototype or an Indian makeover ?   

    Andyman -- Okay, the duct tape head may not give this piece "Folk Art" status, but hey, it sure has people talking. At the very least it's an interesting conversation piece.

  9. Robotopia added a post in a topic: Is this a Prototype or an Indian makeover ?   

    To me this looks like folk art more than a prototype. It's a Frankenbot. Just my 2 cents.
    I think this sort of toy would enhance a collection of high quality toys, just because it's so interesting and wacky.
    Oh Ya... Dirk, love your high wheels... perfection.
  10. Robotopia added a post in a topic: Two wind up robots; old or not?   

    I agree with all the other comments. You need to buy an original R-35 to understand the difference between an original and these bad reproductions (There are good reproductions). R-35s come up fairly often and are one of the most beautiful robots from the 50s. They can be had for around $300 in good condition without a box (if you care about boxes. Boxed ones are around $450) They are one of the most affordable and incredible robots from this period. I highly recommend.
  11. Robotopia added a post in a topic: Television robot; information request   

    Hello PeeBee,

    I just wanted to add that the first robot I bought was a fake/reproduction also. Like you, I didn't spend a lot, so no harm done. Even experienced collectors have to look closely sometimes. I still display my first purchase with my other authentic vintage robots as a reminder, it blends right in.

    Best of luck in your new robot adventures!
  12. Robotopia added a post in a topic: Which Robby should I get?   

    I just ran my OTTI Robby and it ran for about 30 sec, it had a nice green spark in the mouth, very pretty. I think it might be better quality than your average wind-up. I've had it for over 5 years I think.
    What I also like about the wind-up OTTI is the metal seems thick and the toy feels heavy and sturdy. It just feels and looks like a quality piece. It really is a wind-up for an adult who can appreciate it.
    I've only wound it very carefully a dozen times, since I know how easy it is to break the wind-up. I recommend it, not sure about what other Alphadromers think about it.
  13. Robotopia added a post in a topic: Which Robby should I get?   

    Here's my two cents worth. I agree that the original is the best, but the OTTI Robby wind-up sure is cool. It's solidly built, has great detail, and has really great box art (if you care about boxes.) And oh ya, I can't forget it comes with a little itty bitty ray gun. My one criticism of mine is that it's not a strong runner. There's a black version also, I have the silver.

    I should also add that this Robby walks, antenae rotate, has valve action, and a mouth that has light/sparks.

  14. Robotopia added a post in a topic: Elusive Series 3 Zibits Robots?   

    Did you try Amazon?
  15. Robotopia added a post in a topic: House Rules For Collecting   

    Since I have a small budget and space I have come up with this startegy for the moment.

    1. I collect mostly vintage toys from the 50s and 60s, with some repros of the vintage toys I like but can't afford. I collect mostly robots, but do have a few space toys.
    2. I'm currently trying to get one robot from each of the major categories. For instance one example of the Zoomers. (This way there is more of a drastic visual difference between all the robots)
    3. They don't have to be mint or working. I like the look of the toys more than anything else, so a working toy is only a bonus for me.
    4. My collection is limited to only one shelf, about 12 feet long, the toys are 2 deep, and off the floor about 10 feet so the children can't get them. My collection of 25 toys has taken about 10 years to grow, so I collect at a glacial speed... sorry, I have to collect vicariously through other Alphadromers.
    5. One of my current goals is upgrading what I have. Who knows, maybe in another 10 years I'll have 25 mint toys.

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