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  1. hotbotz added a post in a topic: Ebay Alert For Robotnut   

    Okay, auction has ended. Seller wrote that he made a mistake in using the pictures from our websites. He wrote that he has no camera to make good pictures. (that makes me wonder bc he has the equipment to professionally edit pictures).

  2. hotbotz added a post in a topic: Ebay Alert For Robotnut   

    Attention!!!!!!! Attention!!!!! The german Robot Police strikes back!!!!! The first two pictures of this auction are stolen from my website. The seller changed the picture with a photoshop program and removed the antenna. I informed the seller to remove the pictures/auction immediately. Please do not bid!


  3. hotbotz added a post in a topic: Vistit To New York   

    That sounds really, really good... and tasty. I like the combination of sushi and techno - I've never heard of that - we only have sushi and club lounge music in cologne. We will definatly have a great time in NYC.
  4. hotbotz added a post in a topic: Vistit To New York   

    hotbotz goes america... okay it's not the first time. I have been in L. A., Long Beach, Las Vegas, Miami and Key West. That was mind-boggling (right word?), I also visited London with Madame Tussaud's and Camden Town which was very exiting. But to visit New York is a special thing for me. I think it's a melting point where all cultures live together. I live in Cologne which is from a german perspective a big town. We have a lot of museums, art exhibitions, concerts and other cultural things. It is never boring in a city with more than 1.000.000 inhabitants. But: We have no robot stores, we have no SoHo and Chelsea. I am really exited to visit the National History Museum, the East Village and Lower East Side, the piers and and and. I hope to see the Christo Gates arround the Central Park. Thank you so much Dr. Atomic for your voluminous travel guide. And thank you Steve for your invitation. I am looking forward to meet both of you, talk about robot stuff, drink a couple of beers (shall I bring some german beer ;-)) and please, please show me some of the non touristic highlights of your city (for example wicked and spacy bars/restaurants). Greetings from Germany
  5. hotbotz added a post in a topic: Vistit To New York   

    Dear alphadromers,

    this message comes from a longtime lurker :-). I love alphadrome but I didn't managed to post a lot - sorry for that. I hope that some of you know my website already hotbotz I am a longtime collector from Germany and I am currently planning a visit to New York arround March 12 to march 20. Do you have any tipps / ideas what I have to visit in New York. It would be great if you have any ideas and inspirations. I will stay at my girlfriends grandma - somwhere in the 83th Street. I would like to meet some of the alphadromers if possible. Thanks in advance and Greetings from Germany - Claus
  6. hotbotz added a post in a topic: European Alphadromers Gathering   

    Greetings to all alphadromers!!!! The collect hit show in Brüssel was amazing. I've never ever seen so many high quality robots at a show. It was like seventh heaven for robot collectors. I remember a few more prices of robots: Blue High Wheel Robot in Box ( Robot C-9/Box C6) 550 Euros. Robotank (the big one for 120 Euros - Complete but not working). Door Robot with repro door and original remote was about 400 Euros. 3 Television Spaceman (old and new version) but I didn't asked for price. Vintage golden Pug Head Robby the Robot with crispy box for 1.900 Euros. Two Mr. Mercury golden Version. There was a Winky robot that seamed to be repainted for approx. 900 Euros starting price and an atomic robot (the blue one with red plastic arms and wind-up mechanism) in C-6 condition for 250 Euros. Then I saw an atom robot with crank action in very good shape - yellow eyes and a lot of R-35s with original box and and and and a lot of horikawas and other plastics.
    My catch was a Robby the robot in working condition - oh what a nice day!
    It was a great pleasure to meet all the other european collectors and dealers and I am looking forward to an international meeting. Everybody should bring the robots he wants to sell - that would be a great fun.

    Claus :D
  7. hotbotz added a post in a topic: RADICON ROBOT - MASUDAYA   


    I just checked the bonham auction website. The boxed Radicon was sold for £3,466. Thats not much. So what will an unboxed Radicon cost in future? Perhaps I can afford it somewhen :P
  8. hotbotz added a post in a topic: Alphadrome Special Edition   

    Hi Volker,

    my favourite coulour is RED also. With green hands like the original red version from the 50's. I think Gernot has this original red version - but I'm not sure.


  9. hotbotz added a post in a topic: LILLIPUT ROBOT - KT CK   

    Greetings to all robot maniacs!!!
    I think this is now a definite evidence for the dating of Lilliput. Thanks a lot to Volker!!! I am very glad because Lilliput is my all time favourite - now and forever ;-). But what I would like to know is:

    How many original Lilliputs still exist or are in collectors hands? I know that Henk mentioned sometimes that in 1989 the dealer from Belgium had about 23 mint boxed Lilliputs with an invoice dated 1939. He also mentioned that on this invoice was and advice that the whole lot was something arround 100 pieces.

    I personally know 4 persons in Germany (me included) who own an original Lilliput. Where are all the others gone???? What about a class reunion of all Lilliputs here on alphadrome??

    Have a nice day!!! Claus :D

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