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  1. H.I. Gosses added a post in a topic: Day-glow Parts   

    Prompted by the special pink pips&nips of the Mystery Moonman, I have the following questions:

    Will somebody please explain to me what is happening in a physical/optical sense in transparent
    plastic that has this fluorescence effect. ---just a science class please.

    And secondly, and maybe more importantly, how could one conjure up a casting material
    that incorporates this feature?

    -It works in PVC, as numerous household/toy-items testify. So it is likely to work
    in clear Polyester resin. ......if only I knew what "it" was.

  2. H.I. Gosses added a post in a topic: Color Varations?   

    Also another question: What is the stamping trademark on the Cragstan Radical, if any? Is it the same Yoshiya flower and Made In Japan? How does one know if it is a Cragstan Radical and not a blue Chief? -L7

    I would say one doesn't.
    There are bases with and without the flower, -always with "Japan" though,
    randomly spread between all the, circa 12 CRM, MMM, etc's I could quickly find.

    Robobob: Long live your CRM who came out as a MMM! Very nice!
    Though.. looking at an original, the pink, semi fluorescent pips&nips do change it's
    appearance radically.
    If I understood well these are castings anyway. So why not try to cast them pink?
    However it would be very difficult to get this DAY-GLOW effect.

    As a matter of fact, I would not have a clue. Maybe we ought to start a new topic
    about that.
  3. H.I. Gosses added a post in a topic: High End Robots You Can Live Without   

    Ok with the Tuna-robot I agree, but the Radar-Robot got named because it resembled one of the two things
    below,-both called Topolino. (mouse is topo or scorcio, I think)

  4. H.I. Gosses added a post in a topic: Just A Quick Note   

    I know, I know, mea culpa, I have been slack in my weatherreports. So for those of you
    who could not sleep for worry that there was no weather at all in the Netherlands, rest assured
    over here we always have weather, -be it good, bad or somewhere in the middle.
    I got distracted from my selfimposed duties by the introspective commentaries in the thread
    we know what you want. Here the deeper grounds are explained that led to the decision to sell
    the beautiful items that can be found under:
  5. H.I. Gosses added a post in a topic: Well Would You Believe It.   

    Oh wouldn't it be lovely if everybody who refers to an item on eBay would include
    the link?
    -----As I am now gracefully doing for the benefit of those that want to see this
    outrage :huh: after me.
  6. H.I. Gosses added a post in a topic: Color Varations?   

    BTW Henk...Many Alphadromers told me you that may have a replacement interior plate for the battery compartment of a Cragston's Mr. Robot?

  7. H.I. Gosses added a post in a topic: Brian Hayes   

    Well I should not speak for Brian, but I do not see the problem. Brian did write an introduction to
    go with the toy,-I think..And the seller does not say anything that is not true.
    He did not say for example TTT commisioned H.I. Gosses to make the box. That would be
    objectionable as TTT simply stole it.

    At the time TTT was seen as the Messias and several collectors that had a Lilliput were approched
    to give advise.
    I received a handpainted mock-up and pointed out, in vain, that the eyes should be dimpled and not bulged,
    ---amongst other things.

    mutatis mutandis..

    btw here is the link:

  8. H.I. Gosses added a post in a topic: Color Varations?   

    See? 'told you he would.
  9. H.I. Gosses added a post in a topic: FLOWER ROBOT - KING KONG OF MARS   

    Did I not deny Christian did not say there were not many, many of these?
    Don't deny you are denying there not being more.

  10. H.I. Gosses added a post in a topic: High End Robots You Can Live Without   

    I find myself, as so often, again in complete accordance with Steve.
    I do not like the Tuna robot either!
    To this list I would add the Cod-robot, Mr. Haddock and the Super Salmon.
    I find with these, that you are glad when you get them.
    But after a few weeks on the shelf, they definitely stink!
  11. H.I. Gosses added a post in a topic: Color Varations?   

    There are indeed 3 versions with basically the same head,
    called: Chief Robot man, Radical Robot and Moonman.

    The silver bodied exists in either flat aluminium paint, ---the silver you get at the DIY store
    or a siver metallic with an in-build varnish. (Help me out Larry)
    This is either chief robot or Radical robot,-I never know.

    Then there is the blue metallic. This is usually a light blue (same colour as the silver/blue Radar),
    or a much darker and more grey-ish blue.
    This is either chief robot or Radical robot,-I never know.
    (I do have them all but they never introduced themselves properly)

    Chief and Radical always have dark red eyes and toplight and a green transparent
    chest-cover with dark red nipples and bellybutton.
    They always have pressed steel arms. These and the side-panels
    are either signal red or very dark crimson.
    They always have red sides to the head. These are crimson, signal red or a paler, orangy red.

    Third is the Moonman. Body is stark white, eyes, toplight, nipples and bellybutton are
    PINK transparent lucite. Chestplate opaque pale blue. arms always pressed steel.
    Arms, side panels and sides to the head always signal red.

    Mighty robot= Transparent head with gears.
    Body light blue metallic. Eyes, toplight and ears OPAQUE red plastic.
    Arms most commonly red plastic, sometimes pressed steel*.
    Arms and sidepanels always signal red. Chest panel = litho.
    * Plastic arms version have 1 sound effect: a hard clicking noise,
    steel arms have an additional "Whiner"on one of the gears.

    Chief Smoky: pressed steel arms. Arms,sidepanels and top dome: signal red. chestplate=litho.

    The cream/white of the face varies according to the mood of the painters. Back panel on the head
    red, cream or silver in all versions.

    The toplights, eyes, nipples and belly buttons are made in replicate.
    Everything in red Lucite is OK. But the pink ones for the Moon robot
    are OK for shape but by far not pink enough. The originals are slightly fluorescent.
    The repro MM chestplate is not blue enough. It is somewhat grayish and too opaque. The real one
    is slightly translucent.

    The eyes and the lunettes (the rings around the eyes) of the Repro High Gear robot, are the same as the
    Chief robot man's. They are a perfect replacement.

    All have the same battery compartment and the same batt. door, that is prone to spontaneous

    Now Joe is going to say the same thing below. Only much more succinctly and He knows
    which one is which!
  12. H.I. Gosses added a post in a topic: FLOWER ROBOT - KING KONG OF MARS   

    9Tobor9 posted a photo that I think was pretty sensational. It
    was at the bottom of the "a robot aday"-thread.
    Here it is again:

  13. H.I. Gosses added a post in a topic: Marx Electric Robot And Son - Tools And Son   

    A son is by definition a repro, .. in a way.
    However a repro-son is one reproduction further than a son who is a repro-father.

    The original son is cast in two hollow halves. Consequently it is very light.
    About 20 years ago I made a gaggle of sons (to the electric robot I hasten to add).
    These are coloured through material and undistiguishable from the original but for their weight.
    The diaper is sprayed silver through a mask and thus often out of register.
    I followed this procedure too.

    If, by act of fate, you have a Dutch robot son, console your self with the thought
    that they are considerably rarer than the Marx model,...hmmm.

  14. H.I. Gosses added a post in a topic: Just A Quick Note   

    The eternal lore of the caprices of the wheather, had almost disappeared between the
    flabby thighs of oblivion. Thank Provenance the wheather today was so remarkably
    beautiful and pleasant that I feel an unsurpressable urge to communicate about it.
    Even stronger, I feel I must shout out to the entire world my message:
    "Lovely wheather, hey?"

    Thus, in the process, also saving Brian's toyadvertisement*, from a fate worth than death.

    *which btw can be found under:

  15. H.I. Gosses added a post in a topic: Ebay Victory!   

    I love your comment saying that you love this piece more now than had you just
    bought it fully functioning. I feel the same, specially with those "hard" pieces*.
    * X-70, Missileman, Mr. Mercury(sometimes), Space explorer..

    Once at a toyshow there was a man, more or less, beating his wife who had packed a
    MIB Dino with the head open. It had consequently exploded into an, unrepairable, thousand
    pieces. The owner/seller/husband/wifebeater was so agitated he agreed to sell the remnants
    for 50 guilders ($20). So mint box, mint body, no head.
    Years later a Dino that had spent at least 2 years on the beach.
    Totally Thut-ank-Amonned, but for the head.
    $20 again to the actual surprise of the seller. At that time there
    was no Dino re-issue yet and it was considered a Major piece(!).

    I also had bought the wreck of a Rotor robot, the rare orange and silver version.
    One foot, one arm. one ear and some more odd's and ends missing.
    Then at a toyshow someone said, slightly embarassed, that he had an orange Rotor
    but nearly everything was missing. went therefore dirt cheap and.....
    it was a perfect mirror-image of the one I already had! Oh the joy to discover that
    I had remembered correctly it was the right arm etc.

    On the otherhand, my Messerschmidt trike has been waiting for 25 years for a cover,
    The green (Billy?) astronaut was for 20 years rocketless, and there are a few more.

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