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  1. marco added a post in a topic: Radicon Mechanized Robby   

    Wow. cool robot Mark :) hehehehe
  2. marco added a post in a topic: Is This A Rare Box Version ?   

    always good to see a box variation again Oz :)

    cool !
  3. marco added a post in a topic: Rockbot Best Deal Ever !   

    hahah yes I know....I am happy with my yellow gitar version ! ;)
    only half of the value.. i know i know

  4. marco added a post in a topic: My New Saucer Builds   

    Fantastic !! Impressive saucers ....
  5. marco added a post in a topic: Rockbot Best Deal Ever !   

    I have it with the yellow gitar... :)
  6. marco added a post in a topic: Vst- Beetle Commander Robot X-54   

    Hey John

    I dont know if you saw my last message.... can you post some of your engine robots here you made over the years, would love to see them.

  7. marco added a post in a topic: Vst- Beetle Commander Robot X-54   

    Thanks guys for your nice comments

    Yes i have seen your space bus, fantastic job, would love to see some of your other engine robots you made...

    yeah you are right, the boxer motor is running backwards, did not looked the way it was turning to be honnest, I have to change to wires to let it run the other way :)
    The boxer motor is powered by a second motor, not by the robots motor.
    So the robot uses 2 motors instead of one. when the robot shifts to the boxer motor, the robots engine runs but does not do much so that leaves enough power to drive the second motor and the lights.
    works well on 2 fresh D-cells.

    so 2 motors and 3 bulbs run at the same moment on 2 batteries :)

    Would love to see some of your robots you made with an engine inside. can you post some pics here plz

    Thanks !

  8. marco added a post in a topic: Vst- Beetle Commander Robot X-54   

    Yes I know....... another piece of history wiped out but again I hope you all can forgive me for this :-)

    It was always my wish to see a Volkswagen Beetle Boxer Engine in a Vintage Robot. I have searched and thought this over for months
    and than I accidently bumped into a VW in India that had the exact parts I needed for my project.
    Inside this Beetle Commander Robot X-54 is a "Real" working boxer engine placed to power the robot. In action the robot walks forward
    ith illuminated engine room and special made "beetle ears" . Than the robot stops and starts his Boxer Engine with turning fan and real boxer sound,
    pumping pistons, lighted engine and kaleidoscope eyes.. When he has enough power again, he continues his path smile-emoticon
    On the link below you can see the robot in action smile-emoticon Enjoy....



    Here is the video of the robot in action: Click Here

  9. marco added a post in a topic: Arnold / Vst - Radar Master Robot   

    Yes its pretty impressive to see the internals of this remote and the receiver...
    The outer parts are great but also the inside is cool. it are radio tubes for sure John...

    Boats of remotes, suits of packages :)... the sky is the limit John :)
    Oh and of course I have thought about your comment about wiping out history....
    I see it like this: for every wipe out, there are over 100 toys that are saved by me every year so in the end, not a bad balance :-)

    Take care !


  10. marco added a post in a topic: Ridiculous Obviously Big Other Things   

    Hey Xris,

    JE SUIS ROBBY ! :)

    I see now, looKing at your Spanisch Friend that its a different robot....
    Mine looks as if it has other features, like horoscope and weightmessurement.

    but... dammnit.... your is working :) I did not get mine furhter than some flashing lights.... so we have to exchange some mainbord circuits here ;)

    BIG RObotS rule... need more room here :)


  11. marco added a post in a topic: Arnold / Vst - Radar Master Robot   

    Hey Xris... Yes i know which toy you are referring to but ..... ehhhh is that a boat ??! :-) hahahahahaha

    I worked all day yesterday on the Spanish RObBY, did some cleaning and hoping that that would do the job and bring him back to life.... but... nopes....
    Maybe we can bring them together and let them mate !! ?? :) yours seems to be a girl, mine is a boy for sure ! :)

    John... Here are some pics of the internals of the remote and the receiver. If you want to see more detailed pics, just let me know.




  12. marco added a post in a topic: Arnold / Vst - Radar Master Robot   

    If everybody had the same taste... we would all have exactly the same robots on our shelves and thank god its not like this ;)

    Thanks everybody for your input and comments. Its great to see how everybody has their own view on this project and that is a good thing.
    How i see these things ! ?... I think that with this robot, no history is wiped out but that history has been made...

    We all can never look again at a loose Arnold Remote anymore without seeing a Radar Master Robot.

    It was a hell of a job to create and make it all work but I think it was worth it at the end.
    at home....for my family, there is a new favorite robot on my shelves. for them it beats all the others and I can not think of a bigger compliment :)

    Here below I added a picture of the robot between some others in my workshop. even the size fits :)

    At this moment i am completing the second one and maybe....if I can find the parts, i will create a third one as well.
    Talked about this project a lot with Xris and he was so excited he could not even sleep anymore. Of course one will end up there in the Waterloo Black hole :-)

    Thanks for all the comments and up to a new project again, just cant wait :)


  13. marco added a post in a topic: Arnold / Vst - Radar Master Robot   

    Arnold / VST - Radar Master Robot.

    Once infected by the Robot virus like we all are..we see robot everywhere although it are not really robots. Last Collect Hit in Brussels in October 2014 I was walking along the tables at the end of the day and had a nice talk with my neighbours there. Claus from Germany had a talbe close to me and I was talking to him about the sales and what he all had to take home at the end of that day.

    While we were talking my eye fell on a big boat from the fifties he had on his table and I asked him about the boat... not a robot for sure so i wondered why he had the boat. Claus explained to me the boat was special,made in West Germany in the fifties and that he tried to find additional information about the boat but was never able to find it. The boat was a remote controlled boat and still complete with the remote control. Claus told me the remote was the transceiver and that the receiver was still inside the boat. He opened the boat for me and i was surprised to see the receiver... for me it was not a receiver, it was a robot head and in a second I saw the remote control together with the receiver.. robot body and head and my heartbeat went up 40 beats per minute :)

    I decided to buy the boat but because the boat was BIG, i asked claus to keep the boat and I only took the remote control and the receiver home. Rare and scarce parts and i was not able to find much information on the boat, the parts and the remote. I located a second boat in Germany which I bought as well. with this I was able to create 2 robots, 2 Radar Master Robots :)..

    Back in my workshop i started to think how these parts could be transformed into a real working robot. It had no arms and legs and whatever i tried to fit to the body... it made no sense... bummer... :)
    I put the parts aside to take some distance from them and after a week or 2 decided to clean up my shelves at home because they were covered with dust..I started with the most important shelves that had Electroman on them and when I had Electroman in hands, I knew what to do with the Arnold Remote control.....

    Went back to my workshop and started to cut some wheels, legs and arms out of cardboard and taped them to the body of the remote control... YES.. this was the way to go :-)
    I removed all the internals and electronics from the remote and the receiver and started to think about a mechanism that could fit inside the body.
    A nomura tracktor had to be offered for this but hey..... who cares :)
    a tracktor for a robot.... easy choice :).... I made some corrections to the gears, and had to make a new axle to drive the wheels.

    In my building where my workshop is located, there is also a workshop with an architect and we talked about how to make the arms, wheels and legs... He drew them in CAD and adjusted the size to the body and made sure the size would also allow me to get it working. Arms and legs were lasercut into 2mm aluminium. The colors were special made according to the colors of the body. Funny detail is that we had to use paintinformation of 45 years old to match the exact colors.

    The body, transmitter and receiver did the rest for this robot. No changes were made there, all the paint, text and buttons there are original, no changes made there.
    The "impuls" button powers a beeper that i took from a rosko astronaut so even the sound fits to the robot. Final problem I had to solve was the balance... the robot is driven by the wheels. A wheel at the back make sure the robot tilts a little bit backwards. and a little support at the front keeps it from tending forward. The robot is powered by 2 AA cell batteries that are installed inside the body and can be replaced.

    The result of all this is an unique and never seen before robot: Arnold / VST - Radar Master Robot...
    here you can see the robot in action: CLICK HERE

    Here below are some pictures of the robot. the first one is one that Gernot found for me, dates the robot back to 1957 :-)
    Than a picture with the parts as i found them, further the robot itself.


  14. marco added a post in a topic: Atom Boy Database   

    Hello Brian,

    Very good idea !

    Here is one to add to the database:

  15. marco added a post in a topic: Smithhousetoys Auction 82   

    Thanks ! and I allready figured out oz what your first price was at smithhouse :)
    cool, enjoy the robot and thanks for your contribution !
    appreciated !



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