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    Greetings, I have only just started collecting, and I joined this forum so I could tap you guys for knowledge. I have 15 robots so far, mostly repro, all cheap, as an introduction I thought I would tell you about my favourite.

    It only cost me three (Australian) dollars (oz dollars cos thats where I live), it may be worth less than that, but its hard to see how. A wheel is missing, and its average in every way.

    But, its my first robot not purchased from an online shop or ebay. It was from a garage sale, it didnt come with a box, but it did come from a family. An old present, maybe from a visiting uncle or a christmas gift, treasured for a while, displayed on a book case then neglected, thrown into a toybasket, forgotten then moved to the garage.

    But it had heft and presence. This was no skinny lightwieght bubble wrapped star wars robot collectable, pristine and virginal. It was clunky, chunky, and used, a child enjoyed it, it has lost a wheel and it was about to die, its next destination was the bin, but it survived. I rescued it.

    Its a police robot, you can tell by the blue light on its head, it holds a ray pistol ready to dispense justice.

    Its the Forcebot 3366, its crappy, its cheap, and its my favourite robot.

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