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  • Interests I build custom robots from various items found at estate auctions and wood. I use a variety of materials and will learn how to post them soon. let me know if you are a custom builder!

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  1. Fortcoyote added a post in a topic: Steampunk santa   

    I like wood carving, building toys and making robots from unrelated parts. I got tired of carving santa's and wood spirits and started looking for alternatives. I also like steampunk stuff , so i tried to combine these concepts. The carving is based on a roughout from Mike Shipley (sorry mike) and originally was carry a bag full of toys. I carved the bag into a face and added the parts. The swords are from a bar set, the gun is from an adding machine, the goggles are grommets filled with elmers glue,the chain is a bracelet, the ears are from an electrical fuse holder, and the bowling pin from ebay. I dont do a back story for most of my stuff, but here is his: The North Pole runs amok with various steampunk monsters and Santa enjoys hunting them during the off season. He has just bagged a monster and in the spirit of a matador, used swords to slay the beast. Santa is also an avid bowler and proudly displays his leagues most valued trophy, "The Golden Bowler". Hope you like it and thanks for allowing me to post these pictures.

  2. Fortcoyote added a post in a topic: Work in progress   

    Here is a little project that has taken too much time. I like doing things like this but getting the right combination of parts and style takes me a long time. This is an old wooden cheese box on roller skate wheels. parts include electric motor cover, old pine 2x4, parts from a chainsaw, movie projector, electrical wiring strip, gauge from somewhere and a small gear puller. Still needs a bot that i have had trouble creating. just can get the right profile....

  3. Fortcoyote added a post in a topic: camera bot   

    Thanks for the feedback. The auger bits were really eay to work with sense they were older and must have been made out of milder stell. The base is part of an old wooden level and the body is basswood. i will add more pictures later tonight to show it in 360.

    I do have a question for you all. i also carve some odd things and was wondering if it would be okay to post some pictures of them? I have a steampunk santa with a great story, a odd looking hilbilly in a nice setting, and some steampunk old cheese boxes on roller skates. Let me know your thoughts as I do not want to get off track with the forum or its members. Thanks again for your thoughts and for the encouragment. it helps alot to know that others like your work.
  4. Fortcoyote added a post in a topic: camera bot   

    here is a simple bot made from a lot of old parts and some wood. hope you like it. i have some other views if you are interested. sorry about the background....

  5. Fortcoyote added a post in a topic: Robot House Marker   

    just saw your sculpture, awesome
  6. Fortcoyote added a post in a topic: Busy, Busy, Busy...chapter Three   

    Great job!

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