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  1. Yom added a post in a topic: Fs : Robby The Robot - Medicom Mystery Figure   

    Hello !
    I need space, so i'm selling this Medicom Robby the Robot.
    I need space, but not necessarily money, so i don't have a price to tell you (and i don't know its value either...).
    So give me your price (including shipping from France, up to 30 dollars to ship to USA. I have to check depending of your location), and if that's correct (even under its value) i'll sell it to you.
    Paypal paiement only

  2. Yom added a post in a topic: Earliest Appearances Of Robots In Films Or Plays   

    I started a topic like this one on another board in 2007.
    It need to be completed, but here is what i found (links to pictures):

    Robot (Rossum's Universal Robots - 1921- Stage, not Movie - First use of the word ROBOT)

    Maria (Metropolis - 1927)

    No name (from the 1930's Flash Gordon serial starring Buster Crabbe )

    No name (The vanishing shadow - 1934)

    No name (The Phantom Empire - 1936)

    No name (The Phantom Creeps - 1939)

    No name (Mysterious Doctor Satan - 1940)

    Gort (The Day The Earth Stood Still - 1951)

    No name (Zombies of the Stratosphere - 1952)

    No name (Flash Gordon - about 1954)

    Chani (Devil Girl from Mars - 1954)

    No name (Target Earth - 1954)

    Gog and Magog (Gog - 1954)

    Tobor (Tobor the great - 1954)

    Robby (Forbidden Planet - 1956, and many other appearences)

    Dalek (Doctor Who TV show - About 1963) - not really a robot...

    B9 (Lost in Space - about 1965)

    Twiki (Buck Rogers - About 1969)

    Rapist Robots ::) (Flesh Gordon - 1972 !soft porn!)

    Huey and Dewey (Silent Running - 1972)

    Box (Logan's Run - 1976)

    C3PO (Star Wars - from 1977 to 2005)

    R2D2 (Star wars - from 1977 to 2005)

    Muffit (Battlestar Galactica - about 1978)

    Cylon (Battlestar Galactica - about 1978)

    Vincent (The Black Hole - 1979)

    Also exists Bob, same model but damaged.

    Maximillian (The Black Hole - 1979)

    Golem Robot (Starcrash - 1979)

    Hector (Saturn 3 - 1980)

    Marvin (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - 1981 tv show)

    Bubo (Clash of the Titans - 1981)

    K-9 (Doctor Who - about 1981)

    Caterina (Io e Caterina - 1981)

    The Terminator (The Terminator - 1984)

    Johnny 5 (Short Circuit - 1986)

    ED-209 (Robocop - 1987)

    Robocop or Murphy (Robocop - 1987)

    Pioneer One (I love Maria - 1988)

    Robot Jox (Robot Jox - 1989)

    APEX (A.P.E.X. - 1994)

    Evolver (Evolver - 1995)

    ABC War Robot (Judge Dredd - 1995)

    Sentinel (The Matrix - 1999)

    Andrew (Bicentennial man - 1999)

    Sonny (I, Robot - 2004)

    No Name (Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow - 2004)

    No Name (Zathura - 2005)

    Marvin (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Movie 2005)

    Transformers (2007)

    to be completed... :-)
  3. Yom added a post in a topic: 1/2 & 1/4 Scale Robby!   

    So do i ! :o
  4. Yom added a post in a topic: For Sale : Robby The Robot 12 Inch Suit   

    Hello all

    I'm sure that most of the Robby's fans here already have this, but i need to sell it to get space and money for a new home, so i offer it here first.

    My Robby is in good condition (taken out of the box only to be displayed) and I still have the box too.

    I sale it for 250 euros + shipping (from France), which i think is a correct price compared to those found on the web.

    Today, 250 euros = 298 dollars = 207 pounds

    Shipping cost would be (depending of the options) :
    - between 30 and 40 euros to be sent to the USA
    - between 17 and 25 euros to be sent to the Great Britain (and to almost any European country)
    - between 10 and 15 euros for France

    Payment with paypal (paiement par cheque possible pour les Français)

    ps : i may sell some other Robbys from my collection. If something interests you, let me know (except for the Robby + transporter. I'll not sell it :rolleyes: )

    A few pictures of the 1/6 Robby (i can get more if you need) :

  5. Yom added a post in a topic: Robotoy75's Collection   

    ok, not that big :P
    thanks :)
  6. Yom added a post in a topic: Robotoy75's Collection   

    How big is the Dalek ? :)
  7. Yom added a post in a topic: 13" Medicom Robby With Action Figure Inside!   

    Got mine ! :D

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  8. Yom added a post in a topic: Yom's Collection   

    The MEDICOM 13" Robby with a 12 inch C3PO :)

    Comparison pictures :
    With a 5" Dalek and the X-Plus Robby

    with a weeble :


  9. Yom added a post in a topic: 13" Medicom Robby With Action Figure Inside!   

    Same for me :D
    Total price for me : 27250 yens = 224.63 euros = 305,99 dollars , shipped to France.

    I can't wait !! I can't wait !! I can't wait !!! :ph34r: :blush:
  10. Yom added a post in a topic: V.i.n.c.e.n.t From The Black Hole - Sideshow   

    I also found him with the correct colors :

  11. Yom added a post in a topic: V.i.n.c.e.n.t From The Black Hole - Sideshow   

    I haven't found any topic about that :

    Does anyone knows anything ? :) I only know that it's 25 cm (10 inch) tall.
    I hope they could make a Maximillian too :ninja:
  12. Yom added a post in a topic: Yom's Collection   

    I forgot to add this little masudaya robby :

    Next one will be the Bobblehead robby (should be in the plane now B) ) ... and still waiting for the release of the 13" Medicom Robby... :(
  13. Yom added a post in a topic: Adam's Robots   

    Welcome here !! :)

    I really enjoy to see a Dalek here, with the Robby, and that nice Buck Rogers (i'm also thinking to buy one ;) )

  14. Yom added a post in a topic: 12 Inch Scale Target Earth Robot   

    Great job ! :D
  15. Yom added a post in a topic: Robby The Robot - Pictures   

    Robby HALLMARK
    With lights and speaking when you push on a small button

    Robby MASUDAYA
    Walks (pretty well)

    Robby du DVD Collector box
    No option

    Waiting for more :D

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