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  1. Volker added a post in a topic: Eurobotstock Ii?   

    I think we need a poll about the sort of the cheese - gouda - edamer or leerdamer.



    btw. I think brian is in summerholiday.
  2. Volker added a post in a topic: Les Robots De Franquin   

    Hi Xris ,
    shame on you !!!! :-) WHY this LATE INFO !!!!!
    You know I am a big FRANQUIN - Fan. ( Big Comic - collection ) Is this exhibition still in the public ? So this great and wunderfull Artworks must display into an museum around the clock.
    enclose a pic of my "comicrocket"


  3. Volker added a post in a topic: Eurobotstock Ii?   

    Eric - I will try my verry best for a meeting again.


  4. Volker added a post in a topic: The Rise And Fall Of Alphadrome   

    Yes I agree with larry - please bring some light in this story - or some new roumers start again. I think it is importent to give every member a chance for an update about the things whatever will happend.

  5. Volker added a post in a topic: Desperately Missing Henk   


    thank you for your words -
    so henk find always special words for special moments -
    I wish I could do the same.


  6. Volker added a post in a topic: A One Toy Robot Only Collection   

    well pat ,
    what a bad kind of question - ask a father of 2 - 20 kids - the only one kid ? hard for me.

    but it is interessting to see how change the taste from time to time - also today I would take only my Dux Astroman to a loney island. cause he is not a toy with a limited function - so you can realy play with it. ( working - build a house of Legos ect. )
    the kind of useing plastic in the production of it is a milestone in the Toy History to see the function behind the green clear plastic - the design - I realy love this Robot.

    but my other "kids" are Mr. Atomic - of cause Robby Nomura and YES the ultimative osaka version - alps - each of the family and - of course ST-1 ;) .. and the rest .......too.

  7. Volker added a post in a topic: Mr. Atomic Collection   

    So I have only the osaka version in my collection -
    maybe a member can ad a picture of the Osaka and the MTH Mr. Atomic for compare ?

    It would be interessting to see the both together.


  8. Volker added a post in a topic: My Botstock-alphadrome Robot Collection   

    So a question to brian -
    Is it possible to make a download corner - with things like the posters of the botstock event
    - so every member can make a download and print the posters at home .

    ( I know this is much more work for you brian ... )

  9. Volker added a post in a topic: The Artbot Factory Of Mr. Shibahara   

    Dear Gernot
    thank you for this great moment - Mr. Shibahara has a verry special taste ;) so we can see two Artists - the creation has a mixed design of Art Deco and Bauhaus in a beautiful oldfashion way.
    and also the handworker is an artist to bring the ideas to a form and to "live" - verry impressend .

    thank you again


    btw. so I noticed in the first pictures some flowerpots or bonsaipots - do Mr. Shibahara collected bonsai trees too ?
  10. Volker added a post in a topic: What A Wonderful World -   

    well here is it verry warm ( schwül ) with some rain and thunder . nothing news :-)
    so i hope we can see some more pictures from japan - I think all alphadromers enjoy in your pic,s and the report about the land of rising sun .


  11. Volker added a post in a topic: What A Wonderful World -   

    Hallo Gernot,

    thank you for the nice pics - the second picture - it looks like a plasticbot prototyp - have you more infos about this ???
    so the first view to your pictures it looks similar to Hong Kong or Shanghai - but to the second view I notice there are not soooo muuuch people into the street :-)

    had you made the pictures early or late at the day ?

    Gernot San

  12. Volker added a post in a topic: Astroman's Collection   

    Hello Markus,

    thank you for this colorfull pictures of robot and spacetoys treasures - I am verry impressed that you could find some of the rares robots include the boxes.

  13. Volker added a post in a topic: Just Lost Half My Collection Tonight.....   

    hi pat,
    I am sorry to hear about this nightmare - if the insure do refund the money - ok - but it is not the real worth of your collection.
    hope that the idea from dirk can help you - so every item of your great collection has a story - and it would be verry sad if you ( we ) lost this .

    take care

  14. Volker added a post in a topic: A Sad Heartfelt Message From Steve   

    Dear Steve,

    my deepest and kindest regards to you and your family.

    take care

  15. Volker added a post in a topic: Steambot - Video   

    Ok - fine -

    well I got some emails with many question - first - of course this is NOT a Fake . the robot works with live steam - no batterie power.
    Only Fire and Water = Steam.


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