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    Me again anyone know where to score some drive belts.
  2. redrobotman added a post in a topic: Talking Robot Differences   

    Nice one Martijn now I am even more confused just to clarifie the box goes with my Cragston its the non Cragston that has the blue sound cone like yours. But my one has a blue plastic casing while yours is grey and the wiring on yours is diffrent to mine see my reply to metalrobothead does your have the metal prong toushing the record(top right ) and is there two prongs inside the sound cone at the bottom. Thanks for your input.

    Regards Redrobotman <\~\_/~/>
  3. redrobotman added a post in a topic: Talking Robot Differences   

    Yes metalrobothead that is the same as mine with the same wiring. If you look through the slots in your none cragston talking robot you will see what colour the sound cone is. Does the motor on the non cragston one run all the time and is only switched off with your back switch unlike the cragston which stops automatically between sentences and resumes when you press the front button. The wiring on the non Cragston one goes straight to the motor and there is no small brass tong touching the record edge which the negative runs to before it goes to the motor. I presume that is the mecanism that stops the motor between eash sentence. thanks for your input.

    Regards, Redrobotman <\~\_/~/>
  4. redrobotman added a post in a topic: Talking Robot Differences   

    Hello here is my first post and it will not be my last. I bought Taschens Robots spaceships and tin toys from a second hand book store while holidaying in Italy back in 2005 and have never looked back. :D I have what I think is a bit of a poser here concerning the Yonezawa Talking Robot and the Cragston Talking Robot. I purchased a talking robot off someone here in the UK for £70 he was a little rusty the battery cover is missing, the silver round the front litho chest plate looks like it has been repainted but I am not sure (so it could be a cragston) and he also did not talk. One saving grace was that his plastic face visor was in perfect condition as was the read dome head part. I striped him down cleaned him up and boxed him up in bits till I decided what to do with him. Sometime passed and joy of joys a Cragston model turned up on ebay with an original NGS logo box which I am now the proud owner of. The Cragston model had a broken screen and the dome was not as good as the one I purchased so I was a very happy chappy. So I have put the first one together again he now talks and I have furnished a pronged plate to hold the battery in place and although this is not ideal it at least makes him functional. I was just going to put him on ebay and had a look to get more detailed info and this is when my problem began. It came to my knowledge that not all talking robots have cragston on them. Is the first one in fact a earlier or pure Yonezawa release it is the diffrence between the talking mecanism that has left me in this quandry. The talking mechanism in the picture is from the Cragston and is very diffrent from the mechanism in the other one. The unit in it is a pale blue and the plactic cone is dark blue thier are two chunky plastic round rods ( part of the top mould) inline with the change pin inside the plastic sound cone and this is where the needle arm tenshion part of the spring locates on the one on the left hand side. Has anyone got any ideas are my conclusions correct if it turns out he is a Yonezawa only Talking Robot I will keep him.

    Regards, Redrobotman <\"!"/>

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