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  1. shaneluna123 added a post in a topic: Mr. Chief Video Man Robot Conversion   

    Just came across this, Looks brilliant, great design brilliant work.
  2. shaneluna123 added a post in a topic: What Is The Average Age Of Robot / Ray Gun Collectors?   

    43 but going backwards in time mentaly.
  3. shaneluna123 added a post in a topic: Robotos Robots On Display   

    Ive got two lava lamps and they are now in my collection.
    Fantastic pics !
  4. shaneluna123 added a post in a topic: Shanelunas Collection   

    Hey brian, sorry about that.
    All pics are now more veiwable I hope.
  5. shaneluna123 added a post in a topic: Shanelunas Collection   


  6. shaneluna123 added a post in a topic: Shanelunas Collection   


  7. shaneluna123 added a post in a topic: Shanelunas Collection   

    [more ?

  8. shaneluna123 added a post in a topic: Shanelunas Collection   


  9. shaneluna123 added a post in a topic: Shanelunas Collection   

    And yet more

  10. shaneluna123 added a post in a topic: Shanelunas Collection   

    Here another

  11. shaneluna123 added a post in a topic: Shanelunas Collection   

    Here are some PICS of my current collection.
    Missing a few that are on thier way to my robo hareem from around the globe.

    Its often difficult collecting in Australia as there arnt many old robot toys around,
    I think either they werent imported or if so only in small quantities or maybe Aussie
    kids didnt look after their toy ( I didn't.... LOL.. )
    The other problem is the big cost of shipping to OZ when buying on ebay.
    But I guess we all get that to some degree.

    I have become a wizz at getting the old buggers to work. Thats one of the things
    I love about these toys is they are so Lo-Tech, its often a loose wire, stiff gears or
    in a recent case a busted axel gear, I had an EXACT replacement and after many years
    of non use the wonder of seeing these clockwork marvels come back to life is a feeling
    I share with Doc frankinstein. So bloody exciting !! Often because they werent used for
    many years the mechanisms are in the best working order once they wirr to life again.

    I use a wooden clay scultures knife to carefuly lift tabs, the wood is very soft and wont
    damage litho or paint. Im extreemly careful when doing this as to me they should not be
    tampered with unless totaly nessesary.
    Mostly a good battery, grease and a bit of a jiggle with a wire loop on the gears will
    help a lot,
    I guess they sit in boxes or on display and dont get played with so they seize up.
    I cant help feeling saddened by a non working toy thats just there for its looks, I guess
    this is the conundrum of the collector, do we just put them in a cryogenic chamber with
    intact patina of age, dust and rust . or do we restore and play god with life.. Ha.
    I think for me its halfway. keep it in original condition, clean it , make it work again,
    stop the rust in its tracks and play with it .. it is a toy afterall.
    I wont repaint them ever !!!!.. what a crime that is.
    The worst thing is this box issue, I love em and hate em. it seems to me I have too
    many boxes all nice but falling appart. crumbly old cardboard. mmm.
    Now I try to avoid them, they are hard to store and display as they take up so much room.
    I tend to like whats in them better than the box so I wrap the boxes and carefuly store them
    out of the way.
    Here is my collection.
    Thanx for listening.

  12. shaneluna123 added a post in a topic: Shanelunas Collection   

    Its been some time since i posted any updates about my collection. I bought two glass display cabinets
    from Ikea. and have removed all the modern robots from my collection
    ( That is robots post 1990 ) still like my repros though.

    Since the last pics were taken I've added many new robots including...

    A 2nd edition mr mercury with the blue arms, works like a dream.
    A 3rd edition mr mercury with the gold body. Works like a dream.
    A first edition television spaceman with the tin antenae . ( but a busted plasic head...must replace ! .)
    A second edition television spaceman with plastic antenae, ( walks almost too well, wont stay upright.)
    An original high wheel robot.
    A repro high wheel robot
    An original masudaya R-35 with tin remote and green eyes.
    A Harry the hysterical robot with japanese box. ( great art )
    A U.S.A.F Gemini X-5 non fall rocket, ( minus the orbiting pilot. )
    A NASA space capsual.
    An Apollo space capsual
    A shylling robot from zathura
    A robo tracktor from namura ( Missing original treads )
    And a few vintage tin bugs which I'm currently into.

    I'm begining to worry for my sanity because I am so

    Started polishing them with a car polish called AUTOGLYM,
    ( by appontment to her majesty the Queen. ) so my robots are
    getting the royal treatment LOL.
    And creating a data base of info on and for my collection.
    Just got Illustrator so it might eventualy look good enough to print up.

    Anyway thats all folks. ( for now )
    PICS to follow.

  13. shaneluna123 added a post in a topic: Play Or Display...........   

    A good dusting and testing would take awhile with your collection, Im drooling over it . Very nice . !!
  14. shaneluna123 added a post in a topic: Why Do You Collect Robots?   

    I remember when I was very young going to the local shopping centre with my mother and there was a huge "Eveready battery powered robot ", It was a promotional thing. I was instantly attracted and ran over . The robot then talked to me !!!!. It was a guy on a mic whose voice came out of a speaker in the robots mouth. I remember exactly what he said .. " I like your hat little boy ! ", To me as a child it was totaly alive and I was scared, hooked and obessed from that moment on. I still have the advertisment for it from the local paper.
    then it was robby and will robinsons best mate that took over. I wanted my own robot . damn it !!!!!!!
    My obsession died off as I grew older and I discovered sex drugs and rocknroll. many of my robot toys were taken to the local op shop with my teddy bears and trains by my mum and I forgot.
    Then one day at age 28 I found a robot at a second hand shop and bought it and all my memories flooded back and a strange but familiar obession gripped me again.
    Now days I am in love with the clockwork enginered beauty of tin robots. the history and minute details of manufacture and especialy the litho .
    the feeling that eventhough they are just tin and plastic, to me they are still alive and like robby robot and the invisible boy, luke skywalker and r2d2 and that kid from battlestar galactica with his robo dog muffit they are my unconditional friends.
    I still want a mechanical companion, and indeed I now have more robot freinds than I do flesh and blood ones.
    The older I get, the better my income the more I find my obsession growing. My partner puts up with it and often balks at the money I spend. as do my friends. but they all tell me privately they think its the coolest collection theyve ever seen .and when thier kids come over and go into shock and uncontained excitement in front of my display cabinets I know at least they undertand . LOL. :rolleyes:
    Alphadrome has been the greatest resource to my obsession. and ebay the greatest hole in my pocket. Im glad there are so many blokes out there who share my weird and wonderful love of the mechanical man.
    cheers to you all.
  15. shaneluna123 added a post in a topic: Tin Litho Question   

    Thats a shame.
    But you haven't dashed my hopes.
    Tin origami is the way to go !
    A pair of tin cutters , cut fingers and a bit of imagination will do the trick !
    Even though we cant press tin its still an interesting process.
    Just thinking of ways to create tabs and tab holes...
    and ways to mount gear boxes inside.
    Im off to my shed !

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