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  1. cbh480 added a post in a topic: What, Really, Do You Collect?   

    I'm a NZ collector of Tin Robots, saucers etc.. and Corgi/Dinky boxed TV vehicles. Keeps me damn poor!!!

  2. cbh480 added a post in a topic: ATOMIC ROBOT MAN   

    Hi Larry, cheers for the information. I havent bought this Robot yet, but have been offered a reasonable price (300NZ) to purchase it. I was just unsure of the origon of the arms on it and wanted to check before buying it. My only issue was that the arms looked so good and new when the robot has obviously had such a hard life!!! I have been looking for an Atomic Man robot for a while. This one has a bit of surface rust and the litho is almost gone...but theyre so damn cool. It dosent bother me so much that the condition isn't C9 or 10 (this one would be C1 probably) as this only adds to its charm but I'm not sure how unusual it would look with the near perfect arms. Not too sure where the key is from but can find out...I have ben collecting Robots for only 3 years now and have a small but good collection and this is the first time I have been to this site.many thanks ...CBH480
  3. cbh480 added a post in a topic: ATOMIC ROBOT MAN   

    Hi there, I have heard that the Atomic Man robot produced in the late 40's also had a model with 'cast arms' (pls see pix). Can anyone confirm this for me to ensure these arms were not 'reproduced..thanks.

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