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  1. roboghetto added a post in a topic: The Robot And The Bluebird   

    Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone, it's good to be back.
  2. roboghetto added a post in a topic: The Robot And The Bluebird   

    Hi Guys,
    It's been a while since I've stopped by, probably most of you don't remember me, I've been so busy trying to settle my mom's estate and take care of my two brothers who have special needs, just no time for anything. Recently my daughters father-in-law passed unexpectedly and my daughter,her husband and my 2 grandchildren have been having a rough time, they live so far from me, I wish I could be there for them more. I saw this childrens book recently, it's called The robot and the bluebird, a really touching story about sacrifice and loss and putting others ahead of yourself, which is what he always did. So I'm sending them the book and hope it helps somewhat. Oh yeah I also built the robot for them, just so they know their other grandpa is thinking of them. I hope you all like it.
    Bill aka roboghetto

  3. roboghetto added a post in a topic: Alphabot Build Two Is Underway.   

    Wow, John, jut beautiful, even nicer tha I imagined, Thanks for your time and Talent!
  4. roboghetto added a post in a topic: The Alphadrome Robot Project. Alpha-bot   

    I think a few tastefull silkscreenings could be nice, but the plain Industrial look works too. I hope to be able to get one built by the master and also a kit that I could try my hand at. Hey John, Thanks for doing this, you're hugely inspirational. I bet you thought this was only gonna be a hobby for you, but true talent will always find an audience, even if it's not sought out. Like it or not, you are a true modern day Artist!
  5. roboghetto added a post in a topic: The New Project   

    Wow, beautiful job on the Alien, hey maybe you could drill a hole in one of those soldies and impale one of them on the Martians leg,really stir the little guys up for a fierce battle. Hmm,I think I've been watching too many horror pictures. Anyway terrrific stuff!

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