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  1. addison2 added a post in a topic: Botstock Poster?   

    I'll go with #1. Nice!!!
  2. addison2 added a post in a topic: Great Box Artwork   

    This is the box for Yonezawa Space Car. Very artistic drawing.

  3. addison2 added a post in a topic: Great Box Artwork   

    I like this one.

  4. addison2 added a post in a topic: CHIME TROOPER - AOSHIN   

    I completely agree with Fineas about this shill bidding, and also with Steve on his comment.
    You can see that kind of bidding activities everywhere if you care to pay attention to it. I do bid like that sometimes, especially with a seller that has several great items.

    As a newbie it's sometimes intimedating to post here but for Moktar I feel like I have to say something.
    I've known Moktar almost for 10 years and I actually first met him when I bought a French antique lithograph from him. He is a very well known dealer in French advertinsing. Toys(including robots and space toys) are not the only thing he specializes in. His stuff might be like other members say a little expensive but they are as good in quality as he says. That's what you pay for a great stuff. I've had very pleasant experiences with him. He is very honest and conversant, and what is more he has a great toy maven, Mr. Sumihiro (Japanese) as his partner at their shop. Always great to meet them.
    I know you have to be very vigilant in this hobby but I for one trust him very much.
    Shill bidding? Forget it, he wouldn't do it! That's not his character.
  5. addison2 added a post in a topic: Robots Day Trip To London..   

    I used to live in Surrey and visited London many times... Many fond memories.
    I can savor the wet and cold air. Thanks for the nice pictures!!
  6. addison2 added a post in a topic: Robert Lesser Preview Auction Pictures   

    Thanks for the info Steve. I've heard about Brian & Kim Anthony. They sure did a great job. I'm impressed. The tear on the top right is completely gone.

  7. addison2 added a post in a topic: Robert Lesser Preview Auction Pictures   

    Some of the boxes have been restored? I thought there was a tear on Diamond Planet box, and also
    there were some apparent creases on Tremendous Mike box. Maybe, Steve, do you know anything about this? Thanks.
  8. addison2 added a post in a topic: It's Raining Robots   

    Hi, Often as not, it's hard to decipher the comments and conversations of advanced members. What is FAO Scwartz, and who is he?
    I'm learning! Thanks.
  9. addison2 added a post in a topic: Door Robot   

    Thank you for welcoming me! You guys are great. What a nice group of people!
    I have a very small collection of space toys. I also collect vintage Catalin radios, but I like robots and space toys more than anything else.
    I'm sending pictures of my collection. All original except for the rider on the space cycle.
    Best regards, Addison 2

  10. addison2 added a post in a topic: Door Robot   

    Hi, I'm new here.
    This is what I know about individualzero..... My partner in NY was duped by bonitaborracha in Dec. 2006. Didn't pay for the item. (He said he was from Florida, not from France.) Then a little later bonitaborracha changed his ID to individualzero and used this ID for Vectis Auction in April 2007. In Feb. 2007 I was stood up by a guy named senoritacometa (this guy's from Mexico and actually gave me his address in Mexico City.) I had a hunch, since both names were in Spanish, and we compared the emails. As it turned out, senoritacometa's email looked very similar to bonitaborracha's. So..... we are thinking, individualzero=bonitaborracha=senoritacometa and this guy's from Mexico. May be he has a whole bunch of other names.... Anyway this guy is very very troublesome.

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