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  1. Kilroy added a post in a topic: Creeple People And Creepy Crawlers   

    I have a pile of Thingmaker toys, it was the start of my toy collection. Yes, Ebay is full of plastigoop. One vendor "Patti-goop" promised the old smell that many of us remember. I tend to use an old toaster oven that I got at a garage sale for cooking to spare the 50 year old Mattel oven. I have also repaired several of the old Mattel ovens with a new element.
  2. Kilroy added a post in a topic: Just A Warning Re. Feedback   

    I didn't think the GSP repacked the items but geez I hate it, the program is more expensive than average shipping and grabs the taxes off the top. I don't pay customs/duty/brokerage on 90% of the stuff I get in because most sellers mark it as a gift or something obscure, and so most of the time when it isn't marked as a gift there still isn't any tax on it. The GSP just automatically raises the cost of an item to me so I tend to bid less on items from sellers who use it. Sort of like buying from Morphy's - you gotta keep that additional 20% in mind when you bid.
  3. Kilroy added a post in a topic: Moon Car Purchase Arrived   

    That was actually 4 years ago, anyway I got it through Mosby Auctions and it was $1150 + 20%.
  4. Kilroy added a post in a topic: Botstock X I I - The Official Thread   

    No I can't make it for this weekend, that was a different thread.

    Joe/Joe K.



    Brent/I Robot




    Phil/Phil R

    Phil G./Kanaan

    Joe M./Electric Robot & Son

  5. Kilroy added a post in a topic: Minigun Robot   

    Yes, I agree. This is a winner. I believe Ken Netzel posted a video of this guy in action.
  6. Kilroy added a post in a topic: Inside My Lilliput,interesting Discovery?   

    My lilliput is bare metal inside.
  7. Kilroy added a post in a topic: Botstock Is At Joe's Robot Museum This Year. Who Wants To Go.   

    Hmm. I think you should move it back. I think the most successful Botstocks are held around events like the Lesser viewing. Every year I wonder if there is a sale or event that it can be centered around.. well this year there is. I won't be able to go at the end of May but since it would be held at such a significant auction then probably other people who wouldn't ordinarily make the trip may take the plunge. There is always next year.
  8. Kilroy added a post in a topic: Musical Drummer Robot Box Inserts & Paper Drum   

    I just acquired a musical drummer and both sides of the drum are shredded though I think mostly still there. Not sure what to do about the drum. Are there replacements or does a guy just print it out and maybe laminate it? I could try laminating the shredded bits for a little more authenticity.
  9. Kilroy added a post in a topic: Chinese Tin Toy Industry (Space Walk Man)   

    Laserman, I would be curious to see what toys are in those catalogs. The Chinese toy thing leaves me hesitant to plunge in. I see (really suddenly it seems like) lots of toys purported to be 1960s' "RED CHINA" production but the litho seems too nice and the box styles more like 70's or 80's artwork. I often see prices attached to these ebay sales that would rival Japanese toys - I don't know if people are getting these prices or just a lot of asking.
  10. Kilroy added a post in a topic: Botstock Is At Joe's Robot Museum This Year. Who Wants To Go.   

    There is a good chance that my wife and I will attend second week in June.
  11. Kilroy added a post in a topic: The Next Botstock   

    I would like to see it a little later. I do believe that it was held the last weekend in may for the last 2 years - a time that I cannot leave.
  12. Kilroy added a post in a topic: Phil R Flash Gordon Collection   

    Very nice Phil!!!
    Love those ray guns.
  13. Kilroy added a post in a topic: Visit From I Robot   

    I live in the middle of nowhere (Fairview Alberta Canada) and Brent hails from Taylor British Columbia (edge of nowhere). He had no problems finding the place though as he just had to turn right at the 1946 "Farmall M".
  14. Kilroy added a post in a topic: Visit From I Robot   

    "I Robot" (Brent) stopped by today as he is working in the region and we had a great visit. Exceptionally nice guy and the first fellow collector ever to set foot in the "robot room". I think he will be back as we talked for hours but had great difficulty finishing any topic before we flitted to some new subject. He is considering going to BS and I think would have a grande time. A very enjoyable afternoon!

  15. Kilroy added a post in a topic: Moon Surface Display   

    Quite a while back, there were pictures posted from an old Life magazine that featured moon surface concept vehicles and such. A bunch of these surfaced as Matt Mason toys. I was going to do a diorama of them but lost my way but before I gave up, I came up with at least one good idea for space toy displays. I made my own moon surface out of styrofoam cut to fit in the standard Ikea display case. After some trial and error the method that worked best was to spray lacquer thinner on the piece of styrofoam that would then melt, if you want a crater, use more thinner in that spot. I don't think it off gassed anything but I wasn't inhaling anything at that stage just to be safe. I then got some black latex paint in a spray can and voila - a moon surface suitable for whatever space life I deemed fit to deposit there. Probably good to make moon rocks, asteroids or whatever other pockmarked shape you need.

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