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  1. Eagle added a post in a topic: Saucers And Stoves   

    I love this project. How did you form the dash ? Here is a link to the rivet screws we use on the antique boats,,when we choose not to shoot rivets. Thanks for sharing. The stoves are cool . Do they work ?      http://www.ebay.com/itm/25-pcs-Lund-Alumacraft-Duracraft-rivet-screws-6-32-x-1-2-stainless-steel-/151335581011?hash=item233c4db553&vxp=mtr
  2. Eagle added a post in a topic: Complicated Robots Question   

    My favorite feature of Dux,,is the beautiful Green plastic. Amazing the lustre after 55 yrs...
  3. Eagle added a post in a topic: B-58 Forced Perspective   

    Oh man,,to watch a B-58 take off !!! You lucky man ! Those four J-79's going into burner 64,000 lbs of thrust. I can't imagine someone wanting that jet for private operation...OMG the fuel consumption. And the Ejection pods...those pods are scary.. Man were we at the top of our game during that period in aviation. I could sit and talk for days about this era in aviation development. Never met a B-58 pilot. Thanks for the story WJN !!! Love it..
  4. Eagle added a post in a topic: B-58 Forced Perspective   

    Yesterday while cleaning the toys I noticed the Marx B-58 had ,,a run in with Kitty and she knocked the pitot tube off. Didn't break it. So I grabbed it and repaired at the airport.
    While sitting there,,I though I'm going to try a little forced perspective photo shot. Behind is a special ops c-130. [My son's unit] and TMI cooling towers...Not bad for a first try.
  5. Eagle added a post in a topic: Remco Co-Founder Has Died   

    Thank you Sir for the hours of joy you created in my childhood !
  6. Eagle added a post in a topic: First Use Of The Word Robot In A Toy   

    I don't know a thing about it.....But I love a site with people that teach me something new on a daily basis. Thank You.
  7. Eagle added a post in a topic: Leonard Nimoy Died Today At Age 83   

    I'm an Aviator for 40 yrs. . Most of us are military or ex military. We don't wander far from the fold . I have close friends. Not close friends like going out to dinner or hanging out for a weekend....More like friends that we are professionally related.. Today I found out there are so many Closet Trekkies out there that it blew me away. It ended up by chance that we were going to be at the same place at the same time tonight.....Guys that I have known for 20 yrs,,Pilots, Squadron commanders, Forward observers, Special ops, for some reason we all ended up at the same time tonight in the ready room. Everyone was doing their thing,,checking in ,filing flight plans, weight and balance, fuel loads, Weather, Alternates ,crosswinds , breaking action......................And then I said during a lull ,,Spock is dead.. You could have heard a pin drop. Guys that I have known for yrs opened up. They were all Trekkies ....They knew every plot,,the movies....Everything..... One of my best friends was a Trekkie and I never knew it of him and he never knew it of me...It took the death of Spock....
  8. Eagle added a post in a topic: Leonard Nimoy Died Today At Age 83   

    It takes a lot to make this old man shed a tear....It's hard to take....It's always hard to even watch the scene in the Wrath of Khan.... This is sad.
  9. Eagle added a post in a topic: Mind Blown On This Ai Article...   

    Taking into consideration the Havoc in the world today caused by Greed, Tyrants and the two legged demons known as ISIS..I'd be willing try AI to help police the world. If it doesn't work out,,it gives a whole new meaning to the term " Big Game Hunting " It's already become evident in the aviation world,,that sooner than later,,Pilots are going to be a thing of the past... Now the guys that fix em,,,or people with any eclectro mechanical ability,,they will be in high demand...I look at AI as another tool. God know I have always been better able to communicate with and understand machines,,,much more than people . Not sayin it's the peoples fault... http://www.newsnet5.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/60k-jobs-no-4-year-degree-required
    The machine that will change the world the most in our lifetime.. 3D printers ...
  10. Eagle added a post in a topic: How Robot Toys Are Designed And Built These Days.   

    Wow,,the things you can do for the Price of a F-150 !! Thanks John..
  11. Eagle added a post in a topic: Planet Clicker Bubble Gun   

    I found this in an antique shop. The trigger feels funky . But it's 24 bucks after the seller discount. I only know about it what I read here.
    If anyone would like to have it,,I'll pick it up and ship it to you. I have no idea what it's worth,,, if anything.

  12. Eagle added a post in a topic: Flying Saucer,,,it's An   

    Outboard.... FJW,,,just for your Saucer collection. Maybe Oz....http://houston.craigslist.org/boa/4859071607.html

  13. Eagle added a post in a topic: Damage In Shipping Again!   

    Many years ago I built a Big rocket ship named the SR5 Searcher. Phil helped me make the decals. I just loved the thing. Well it wasn't anything valuable ,,,but I got an offer and sold it. This thing was made from solid ASH. They make baseball bats out of it. I packaged the hell out of it and shipped it to New Mexico. I got a phone call a few days later. The buyer said it arrived in three pieces and you could see the tire track on the box.......All that time and effort ,,,,,,,,,,gone...

  14. Eagle added a post in a topic: Building And Wrapping...   

    There are a few thinks I do well. I make robots out of things,,I Can Restore about anything,,,,I make 50 million dollar airplanes go,,,,,,but I'll be D#mned if I can wrap a Present ! They look terrible...Everyone knows what packages are from me...I'm pretty sure I would suck at Origami......

  15. Eagle added a post in a topic: Robot 700 Found In Bavaria   

    Oh this just gets better !! But from the outbuilding to you ?? How many connections ? People talk about how important the boxes are to go with these toys,,,how true,,but not near as exciting as the stories that go with the toy.....The hunt is always more exciting than the kill. If the details are secret,,I understand..

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