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  1. Sowth added a post in a topic: Introduction   

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys, your responses were great - well considered and articulate. I had to check that we were still on the net! :)

    I'm sure I'll have a tonne of questions to ask in the coming months and years, so keep going easy on the newbie.

    Dr Atomic great minds think alike :) , I've been saving select auction results for the last few months off ebay, starting to get some idea of the true value of the more common stuff. Also I don't mean to sound down on the existing guides, they are all treasures to me, I was just genuinely surprised that no-one has published a book that contains all the essential robots with full colour images of boxes, variations, value or scarcity, advertising and promotional material such as catalogues, store displays, special offers, company info and so on. Other newer (and some may say less significant) lines such as Star Wars and Hot Wheels have these ‘bibles’; I'd love to see the grand daddy of sci-fi collecting have one too.

    Sparkrobot I ended up with the username Sowth back when I first registered on a net forum in the late 90's. I was reading an old newspaper article on my great grandfather at the time (He was a champion boxer and Australian Rules Footballer in the 1890's) and the article was using vernacular to describe his style of play with his beloved "South Melbourne" football team. It read something along the lines of " 'E 'urt 'em with his 'in-close' work in 'is days at Sowth" I started using it as my moniker and haven't found a reason to change yet!

    It's good to hear that I'm not alone in just starting out, we'll see how it goes from here!

  2. Sowth added a post in a topic: Introduction   

    Hi All,

    I've been meaning to register here for ages (been lurking about on and off over the last year or so reading new and old threads) so I thought it was about time I went legit and signed up! You guys have a wonderful community here and some passionate and knowledgable folks, thanks for letting me join!

    I'm assuming I'm a tad younger than most collectors here? I'm a child of the 70's and as such my collection centres around Star Wars and Shogun Warriors, and includes vintage Red Line Hot Wheels, Mego Action Figures and a bunch of other stuff from that era. I drew a line in the sand at 1985 a few years ago in times of what I collect, only broken it with some of the recent Lord of the Rings items (just too damn good!) :)

    I'm also what the Hot Wheels community calls a 'cardboard collector' in that I generally stick to mint in box (or card, etc) items.

    I also have a hopeless fetish for toy collector's reference books, and it is these that have really sparked my interest in vintage tin robots. I kept going back to the wonderful images in my robot books and I think I may have contracted robotitus! I was very surprised to find that I already have most of the key books in my library, I had assumed that there would be a definitive guide available that would cover all you need to know about all the classics, a really hefty hardback along the lines of the "Great Book of Britains" or similar. Either I've missed it, or it hasn't been written yet?

    I had also assumed I was too late to the party in terms of affordability of vintage tin, but unless I'm wrong they seem to be in a bit of a trough at the moment, especially from some of the high profile 'pre-ebay' auction amounts. Good time to buy? I'd love to know if there is a price guide around with realistic values, I have a line on a couple of nice boxed bots but the seller is in possession of a copy of "Vintage Toys" and believes everything he has is worth the "Mint with Original Box" value converted to Australian Dollars lol!

    Anyway thanks for listening, I hope to learn a lot and maybe conribute in some way in the future.

    Melbourne, Australia

    PS - I also have a little toy blog focussing on Australian issued version of vintage toys, see my signature.

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