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  1. ONEYE added a post in a topic: Robby The Robot - Pictures   

    From Masudaya of Japan comes this rare and large 1:3 scale,
    talking Robby the Robot. This is a big figure, standing 24 inches tall with
    limited articulation and is very nicely cast in heavy vinyl. Details includes
    clear plastic dome and head parts for an accurate representation of arguably
    the most famous Robot of all time. This poseable figure features lights and
    sound from the motion picture soundtrack. Robby also features 2 sets of
    interchangeable hands.

  2. ONEYE added a post in a topic: We've lost another icon...   

  3. ONEYE added a post in a topic: The RPF is now safe now. You can return or if new to it, join us.

    They got their web address back. Safe to go there, register, cool board, lots or replicas and props there. Highly recommended.
  4. ONEYE added a post in a topic: Facebook page for Terminator fans.   

    "The Resistance" By Terminator fans for Terminator fans.
  5. ONEYE added a post in a topic: Warning! There is a FAKE SITE at!   

    Some of you hold crossover memberships between here and therpf.
    Someone managed to hijack the domain "" away from it's owners (more specifically, they stole it from it's host, godaddy).
    The site is currently running as a ghost site set up by the thieves.

    The REAL site has been temporarily (we hope) moved to

    There is a notice posted at I am re-posting it below.

    *******VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE*******



    There is a FAKE SITE at


  6. ONEYE added a post in a topic: A new, ambitious, exciting Terminator project.   

    My friend Ken has let me in on an extremely cool project. I don't think anyone has attempted anything like it in this size. It is modeled after this picture/link:

    In Terminator 2, after Arnold looses his arm and the T-1000 impales him, the T-800 has to use his back up power source to reactive. The movie did an extreme Close-Up (CU) and they only showed 1 eye rebooting... a very tight and up close shot. I couldn't find a clip.

    This project is based on the studio model at approx. - 17"W x 13"H. This was done in a similar way Ken did a 3 foot Stay Puft Marshmallow Man about 6 years ago.

    Ken hasn't finished the details in the eye sockets, nose, side ports, and eyes themselves. Side ports are not as important as only a small part will show. It is close to specs of the studio model.

    Ken's still deciding how to display it - either on a base or mounted against the back wall of the inside of a display case. It is large enough so that electronics and wires can be hidden on the inside because it will be cast hollow. A base does seem more feasible and the right direction to take.

    The hard part - the eyes will not be motorized but the iris' should be able to open and close with the red light source mounted in back. See the links below:

    The eyes are not fabricated yet... they would be about 60mm in diameter. For a piece this size, it should be ran in fiberglass, which is pretty light weight. If you choose to chrome-plate it, it would add significant weight. From front to back, I would stop at about 7-8 inches. The focal point are the eyes... anything more, and he might as well make the whole skull. Here's a place that sells the iris diaphragm and lens: I don't know where to get the motor or electronics. Both eyes need to work simultaneously.

    This project may done in two ways, with electronics (more expensive) and without. For the non-electronics version burnt skin may be added.

    It's hard to start projects at this time of year, so real work will start up early next year.

    The actual prop does not look very threatening. Ken sculpted his using other references - his HCG and pictures. I would say it is probably close to looking like the M1. When he fabricate the eyes, he will position them to look more aggressive/meaner.

    Ken or I will post more info/pictures when the project starts the real work. All this is just the initial prep work. Electronics, tightening up the sculpt, base fabrication, etc... is all on tap after the New Year. As this project progresses, other members may come on board to add their expertise.
  7. ONEYE added a post in a topic: "The Terminator" Reindeer   

  8. ONEYE added a post in a topic: Happy Thanksgiving   

  9. ONEYE added a post in a topic: Mars Attacks   

    Cool! Thanks for the heads up. (Is that a pun?)
  10. ONEYE added a post in a topic: Tin Man   

    I would buy that and display it next to a Gort, LIS B-9, and Terminator endoskeleton
  11. ONEYE added a post in a topic: Forgotten Planet??? 

    Wow, full circle. In another post someone asked me about the one I had in my collection. 4 of 9. From John in the US, to the UK, back to the US, and now less then 30 miles away. How bizarre. I think I purchased it in 2001, while living in Central Florida. I moved here to Spokane, WA in May 2005. Only now, am I to find out the creator is the man I met a few years ago and toured his museum.
  12. ONEYE added a post in a topic: Robby The Robot - Pictures   

    I think I got it from the UK, but I swear the guy on the box looks like the person from the Robot Hut (John Rigg, gave him a 12" modern Cylon as a thank you for letting me visit.). I actually live near him (ok, 30 minutes or so away). Inside there is a sheet that says, "This Robot Toy was hand modified from a Trendmasters Robby the Robot toy to resemble the original Robot design not used. This toy is #4 of 9 total built." Then it goes into battery replacement.

    I scanned in some box art for you.


    I use Firefox as my browser, and it opens fine.
  13. ONEYE added a post in a topic: Robby The Robot - Pictures   

    It is number 4 of 9. I lost the details long ago, but it is the Forgotten Planet version. I'm sorry I can't help more.
  14. ONEYE added a post in a topic: Terminator   

    Most of my collection is packed up, I really need to move out of this multi-level home into a one floor home. Sever pain in my feet, knees, etc... makes going up and down the stairs a pain.

    Here's what I have in the 12" (1:6) range:

    Honestly, it would be better for you to check out my on-line collection here:
  15. ONEYE added a post in a topic: Terminator   

    Dancing?!?!?! Well, they seem to be doing ok...

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