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  1. neuston added a post in a topic: Rocket Pick-up By Steve   

    The color is a fantastic.

    sorry to sidetrack: what is that applied on the ST-1 robot?? Something like four springs and a cord...
  2. neuston added a post in a topic: My Humps   

    I dropped my mouth when they are rotating on the floor :lol:

  3. neuston added a post in a topic: Happy Birthday To   

    Happy Birthday :)
  4. neuston added a post in a topic: Mold Making 101   

    Thank you for your link, robothut. It does help me :)
  5. neuston added a post in a topic: Mold Making 101   

    Hum....might be a stupid question. I guess that you are talking about mold making of robot (is it right?), but don't understand what you are talking. Too much professional words I don't understand. However, I guess that I should be serious interested in it. I am a quite fresh graduate of an art school, major in sculpture. Thus, I had learnt mold making such as resin casting, but just cannot follow you. (I must be a lazy and stupid student :P )

    I really want to learn how to make a robot. If you are talking about molding of robot's form, can you teach me or tell me the ways to learn? Any tutorials on the web? Thanks a lot.
  6. neuston added a post in a topic: Cool Robot Magazine Cover   

    Thank you for the sharing. I like these paintings. Robot wind up and play with human being. What a revenge!

    I specially like the two "Mel Hunter's wrap covers: F&SF August 1954 and July 1960". The planets just give me a lonely feeling. I don't know, I somehow think that Robots should be living in the kingdom of loneliness........

  7. neuston added a post in a topic: Hi! I Am New Too.   

    Thank you for all your warm welcome.
    Hi KnockOff, looking forward to learn form you :)
  8. neuston added a post in a topic: Hi! I Am New Too.   

    Hi Everyone, as a newbie in the collection of tin toys, Robots, and Space Toys, it is Exciting to find a dream place here. E~x~c~i~t~i~n~g~

    I am a Chinese guy living in Hong Kong, have been a long-time fans of sci-fi, but fresh new in robot collecting. I predict that I might be especially interested in the original robot design of HK and my mother country. Of course, I also feel mad about the Japanese and Western classic. Beside collecting, since I am an sculpture artist on my own, I am looking to design and made my own robot in the future. :P However, it will be a long road to go. Now, I am studying the history and lookig forward to learn from you. :)

    In the future, if any help needed in for example, searching information, in Hong Kong, China, Japan, or any other asian space toys, I hope that I can be a servant robot here :lol:


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