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  1. Floridarobot added a post in a topic: Florida Robot's Bus Stop Duo   

    Thanks for the nice comments about the robots and our son.

    I can see them from my desk in the "robot room" of our house and it's fun watching people come up the walkway where the bus stop robots sit. Some people walk right by them without even noticing which is hard to figure out. On the other side of the walkway across from the robots is the life size Great White Landshark display.

    Eagle, it was great talking with you the other night also. When you finally come to Florida I hope you're towing a feathercraft with a robot in the passenger seat : )
  2. Floridarobot added a post in a topic: Florida Robot's Bus Stop Duo   

    Thanks for posting an update on the Bus Stop Robots Eagle. As some of you may know, these were inspired by a post I saw on Alphadrome from someone who went to a robot museum in Japan and posted a picture of a 1958 Fantastic Universe magazine cover.

    These robots are now pretty much complete. Of course they need a few things still but robots are never complete. Heads need to be lined up a little better on the axles, necks need work and one eye is burned out already. Yesterday we put them on the front porch with passive IR sensors so when you pass the robots and approach the front door their eyes start blinking and they they move their heads. Of all my robots, my wife says these are her favorites.

    Building these were therapy from the nightmare of losing our son last July. That's kind of why I just haven't had the urge to log on here since then. Priorities change.

    Pictures and a video are located at http://floridarobot.blogspot.com for anyone interested.
  3. Floridarobot added a post in a topic: This Robot Is Done   

    A robot and his dog..... how sweet. Super Great pictures Eagle. He looks like he enjoys being on the boat.
  4. Floridarobot added a post in a topic: This Robot Is Done   

    Very cool Eagle. Love the wagon wings ! Are you going to do the female robot too? Hey, I got an idea. Why don't you add some motors to the wagon and make it Remote controlled. Really get the neighbors wondering when they see your robot tooling around the front yard. :lol:

    You sure know how to make a guy feel guilty Eagle. I just haven't had as much time to work on my robots lately but I do have a great excuse.

    Blame it on the Dolphins

  5. Floridarobot added a post in a topic: A Fun Project Idea For All Who Love Robots   

    Cool ... let's do it ! I responded off line in an email as well.
  6. Floridarobot added a post in a topic: A Fun Project Idea For All Who Love Robots   

    I agree Stotz, building lifesize robots from "junk" is a super hobby. I was very impressed with the picture you posted of one of your creations recently. After I finish my R2, (that will be my last movie robot) it will only be project robots from junk for me. They will also be "outdoor robots" as I've run out of robot room in our house (according to my wife). An advantage of building them from scratch like that is they are very inexpensive to create and are fairly easy to build since there are no hard rules to follow in the construction.

    One of my favorite robot builders from scratch is Clayton Bailey http://www.claytonbailey.com/ However, be warned, some people may be offended by some of his work as there are some anitomically correct robots and some really off the wall stuff. But I think his work is very cool and even bought his book which shows many of his robots.

    My next from scratch robot project will be two robots sitting on a bench (with bus stop sign) on my front (covered) walkway. I actually found this picture from one of the alphadrome members several months ago. The only difference in my building is I also use wood, styrene and paint in addition to scrap metal and ??? to make my robots.

  7. Floridarobot added a post in a topic: Custom Robots,,,,show Your Best Creation   

    This is a robot that Mike (MilwaukeeMachineMan) recently made for us.

    The detail is amazing on this beautiful Johnny5. Needless to say he was quickly assimilated into our house of robots. Mike puts a lot of time and effort into these hand made pieces. I believe he's making a very limited run of these if you're interested in acquiring one for your collection

    Johnny 5 was a movie our kids loved to watch when they were little. When my older son noticed him on the shelf today he said it was the coolest robot in my collection.


  8. Floridarobot added a post in a topic: Lol! If The Daleks Were French.   

    Fantastic !!! That was really funny, thanks for posting it.

  9. Floridarobot added a post in a topic: A Visit To The Nagoya Robot Museum In Japan   

    Those pictures were GREAT gernot. Thanks for sharing them. I was particularly inspired by the "Fantastic Universe" Science fiction magazine cover with the two robots sitting by the Bus Stop sign. Those robots are now high on my "To Build" list. Very cool ....
  10. Floridarobot added a post in a topic: 24" Robby Question   

    LOL !!!! Ah yes ... the old fat finger. But you got to give me a break. I changed glasses and now everything is blurry. I think I'm just going to get a seeing eye dog and ditch these glasses.

  11. Floridarobot added a post in a topic: 24" Robby Question   

    Actually Dewey sold the Toy Robby (many years ago) to the guy who I bought the big Robby from. I think Dewey has dropped out of the robot building scene completely. At least the B9 robots. He sure has a fan club though. He helped so many people get into building. That's one of the reasons (other than it looks cool) for me getting this toy robby. The life size Robby is a very rare older Fred Barton "Robby kit" that Fred only sold a couple of (years ago). I already pulled most of the electronics out and am in the process of getting him ready for MegaCon.

    The guy who I gave the bubble and brain kit to had his B9 "head" fall on him and shatter into a million pieces. He says it almost knocked him unconscious (hitting him in the forehead). He had a very heavy brain with a lot of electronics. A sad event for sure.

    Thanks for the tips 9tubor9 and robothunter for getting the head off. Yeah, it was a little tricky but I was able to carefully get it off knowing 90 degrees was the sweet spot.
  12. Floridarobot added a post in a topic: 24" Robby Question   

    I just returned from buying the toy robot and it is a limited edition #16 of 200 It says "Limited edition 1999" Masudaya. It's 24". I Traded the toy Robby for a 1:1 B9 bubble and B9 brain kit.

    But I am having trouble removing the head to get at the batteries. The directions are vague and I don't want to break anything.

  13. Floridarobot added a post in a topic: 24" Robby Question   

    Thanks for the information on this Robby type. It sounds like a good deal so I will buy it and display it in our robot room to go with our new life size robby. I'll get him around the first of the year.

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it was originally owned by the person who started the B9 builders club in the late 90's (Dewey). Which is also pretty cool.
  14. Floridarobot added a post in a topic: 24" Robby Question   

    Someone that I'm going out of state to see in a few weeks told me that he had a 24" robby he was thinking about selling. He said he thought it was a limited edition and only a couple hundred of them were made. It's unpainted ... so I thinik it's a model. Sorry but I didn't have a chance to ask him more questions to get more details. He bought it from someone around 1999 and other than that I'm not sure of the age.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone here?

  15. Floridarobot added a post in a topic: Hello In Ft Lauderdale   

    There's a couple of large sociable Florida robots in the Tampa area but that's quite a bit more than 50 miles. Here's a picture of them argueing with each other. Got some really cool audio software that allows them to converse / insult/ joke around with each other. Very sociable for robots !

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