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  1. ToyMemories added a post in a topic: BotStock XII - Submitted for your consideration...   

    Not saying nothin' for nothin'... but you will never, ever catch me there. Ever. Did I say never? That's all I'll say.
    An aside-
    Toy dealer starts museum. Runs museum.
    My father, who dealt in antiques always told me, if you want to buy lots of great stuff, open a store. You'll sell little, but the best stuff will walk in the door. Take that one step further, and open a "museum"...
    The one true Marx museum, started by employees, run by employees, all for the love of Marx, was in Erie, PA. It closed a few years ago, which will always be a bit of sadness in my heart. It was a crying shame.
    So, yeah... to the above, never.
    And that's all I'll say about that.

    (hey everyone! No, I'm not dead, haha... Well, not that I know of!)
  2. ToyMemories added a post in a topic: Botstock XI: Attendance Thread!   

    Thanks, Bill, likewise! Barring unforeseen circumstances, I should be there (and of course looking forward to it!)
    The ship in question is Marx (If I remember, I have an original design drawing in my alphadrome "collections" area here, I just can't seem to find the original file on my computer... getting old!) but since I can't find the original scan (and not sure offhand where the drawing is right now) don't have much to add... will chime in if/when I come across the info.
    And thanks also, Joe! I hope we have more time this time around!
  3. ToyMemories added a post in a topic: Botstock XI: Attendance Thread!   

    I'm doing my best to be there, should be at least for Saturday's dinner (with the mrs. And jr.), and of course sending a couple things ahead to Doc for display! Look forward to seeing you all again!
  4. ToyMemories added a post in a topic: TOYMEMORIES COLLECTION OF THE ODD   

    (yikes... 2 years since I added pictures...)
    Here's an original Marx Toys factory sample of the Colonel Hap Hazard action figure (he's just a little different than his tin cousin, eh? )

  5. ToyMemories added a post in a topic: Botstock X Official Thread   

    Doctor Atomic... I specifically told you they were to be sealed in the environmentally stable cases, and not removed for ANY reason! Dad-blast it!
    Just kidding... Altaira, I'm very glad you got to see them first-hand; they're pretty cool, eh? And, yes, heavy (more than you'd think)... One time when I was buying some mold cavities a while back, I picked out 4 that went together, and was pretty happy to be able to get them... until they went on the scale. I knew they were heavy, as I had to pick up each one, but the combined weight? 660 pounds... I almost fainted.
  6. ToyMemories added a post in a topic: Botstock X Official Thread   

    Andy- Likewise! I wish we had more time to talk (maybe next time, I hope)
    Bill- Likewise too! Ah, it was nothing... like I say, sharing is what makes it fun ;o)
    Well, next time for sure I'll let you fondle handle any molds and drawings you like , I kind of always think the molds will be accessible for people to examine firsthand, and I think it's a great idea... pretty sure I always send beryllium copper cavities, so they're pretty stable and sturdy (steel cavities I'd worry about skin oils and stuff) and people that really are interested should be able to check them out (no gloves needed for beryllium, unless your name is Logan, haha)
    My pleasure too, I'm glad I could make it, and hopefully can again!
  7. ToyMemories added a post in a topic: Botstock X Official Thread   

    Trapped in the Umagi sands I was, breath scraping out in short gasps as my respirator hose hung limp from it's broken mount... I could see the council of the elders gathering in the distance, but could not force the strength to call out, to cry out, to scream "I'm coming!!!" and then, all went black. Hahahahaha...........
    Well, after how many years (?) I finally managed to make one, I did. I was determined this year to get there somehow, some way. Not only that, but just a week before I actually also managed to make it to Doc Atomic's place (!) where I was bombarded with awesome goodness. Doc has a great collection (his interests kind of remind me of when I was younger, as I was very similar. I got the sci-fi bug when I was maybe 6 or 7 years old.) and as always his passion and enthusiasm shined. That's why I like Doc; he's like me, he doesn't just like stuff, he LOVES it! He's also the one who encouraged me to try Facebook (again) for ToyMemories stuff (thanks again, Doc!) to kind of share a bunch of misc. with whoever's interested (no fun if you can't share) and I'm having fun with it. (check it out if you like misc. stuff of my type, the link's below) He kindly agreed to bring my stuff to Botstock for the Rex Mars target display, as I still wasn't sure I would be able to make it, and I wanted it to be safe. I left him telling him "I'll try..."
    Anyway, even up to the day before we left, I wasn't sure I'd be able to get there (always too much crap going on!). But, again, I was determined... who knows when Joe would host again? In the end, I would be able to get there hopefully before the dinner, and stick around until that night. It was close, we pulled into the parking lot around 6PM at what used to be Zinn's Diner (a favorite place from when I was a kid, but now sadly not Zinn's anymore, and no giant Amish guy... bah!) Special thanks to my dear wife for getting me there.
    On the way, I remembered the raffle, and hoped that since junior was with us we would be in time for it. He is my heart, and I thought it would be wonderful if maybe he would get to win SOMETHING... ANYTHING... he gets excited about stuff like that. So, we walked in, and *bam*, it was cool... seeing lots of faces I remembered seeing in pictures posted from previous Botstocks (all that I had wished I could make also), but here and now, live in person. It was surreal . I got to say hi and talk with a few of the guys a little, like John Rigg (finally met the master!), Joe K. (we sat next to him), Joe (ER&S, finally!), Andy, Steve and Brian. Well, we did make it in time for the raffle, and junior was thrilled to put his tickets in for all the cool stuff he liked (I gave him my tickets, as he's not YET an Alphadrome member, haha). Then dinner, and after, the excitement of the draw... Okay, you guys that were there, I'm sorry! I had no idea it would happen... The little guy was thrilled, every number called he'd ask "did I have that one, Mom?" and there were lots of "no, not that one"s, but then there were a bunch of "yep, that's you" too! The raffle really made the day (and trip) for him, and I sincerely thank everyone who donated to it (I believe some came from Robocopy). I was so afraid he wouldn't win anything and he'd be heartbroken, but apparently the boy is lucky. He came away with 2 water guns, 2 battery-op rayguns (thanks to Perry who gave him the 2nd one!), wind-up walking mini robots, mini spaceships, a vinyl robot in a spaceship (anyone know his name?), a vintage red space car, UK science museum RC micro-bot, a robot audio splitter, a swag cardboard robot and a cool Botstock bag. (thanks to Mr. Rigg for the super-cool AlphaBot ramp walker and ramp which is beautiful, and much appreciated! Jr. asked if that was his too, but that one I told him was Dad's, though maybe he could try it, haha) Oh, seeing him so excited then, and the next couple days made me so happy... he wanted to bring the guns into anywhere we went, and he used the water guns in the hotel pool (made me get them from the car at around 2AM so he'd have them in the morning). As I say, being a winner made him so happy, and again, I thank everyone for their generosity. Anyone wants to rub his head for luck next time we see you, he owes you that much . On the way to the hotel that night, he asked me to show him robots on Alphadrome, so he may be knocking on the door before you know it. I asked him "so, who was your favorite person there today? Was it Joe K. (we visited Joe a few years ago, he likes Joe)? He replied "no, it was Bob." I said "Bob?" and his reply "geez, didn't you see the guy sitting across from us who I was talking to? Bob!" So Bob, looks like you have a new friend
    After that, we stopped back at Joe's to see the display briefly (mom and jr. played pinball) and got to talk to Joe M. (ER&S) a little more, and saw his fantastic creations. I know he's good, but to see his creations in person is impressive. Thanks again Joe K. (from me and jr.) for the elusive Casey the Kinderbot cartridges, so now jr.'s Casey can live again! The displays were really neat, nice job to all involved!
    Then the wife dropped me off by the Black Horse for the gathering there, and I got to talk to Brian, Robert, Tinman and others a little while. It was a pleasure, guys (and thanks to anyone who bought mini-Roberts, it's appreciated!). It ended too soon, but I'm so glad I managed to make it. I wish I had been able to talk with more of the guys. I appreciate the warm welcome (I'm not one for crowds and generally on the shy side, for example last year I went to NYCC for the first time and almost expired on the spot when I saw the masses! But it really was like seeing a bunch of old friends and family at Botstock.) Please forgive me anyone I may have missed (or if I seemed a little slow or out of it that day) as I only had about 3 hours sleep before the 4 hour ride.
    So, finally, I made one... *whew* and anyone who has not yet made it, do your best to go! You won't regret it. Thanks again, everyone. You made my, and a little kid's day... I'll try and post a pic or two soon.
    I left the council weary, blistered, and bleary-eyed... the sharp sand crystals still biting into my inner cheek. Yet now I was whole, complete and at peace; my gear repaired, I adjusted my thermal goggles, and began the long trek home...
  8. ToyMemories added a post in a topic: Botstock X Official Thread   

    Drivin', drivin', drivin'.....
  9. ToyMemories added a post in a topic: Botstock X Official Thread   

    Hahaha... yeah, I miss posting too! Just too much crap has me buried way too long... I actually just ran across some of those pics today and was thinking about that. I drive you crazy, but it's fun, eh?
    I'm trying though, probably won't know until tomorrow if it'll work out. (if you're kind enough to make nametags for me, I'd need for the Mrs. and jr. too) Likely it would be just Saturday...

  10. ToyMemories added a post in a topic: Botstock X Official Thread   

    Well, Eagle... if you have nothing better to do you could make me one on the chance I MIGHT be there... that way 'Dromers won't keep saying "hey- who's the old guy in the corner?" LOL
  11. ToyMemories added a post in a topic: Prototype Rex Mars Target Game, by Marx   

    You're very welcome, Doc! Hope I didn't overstep!
    Well, the blueprints and design drawings could go a few different ways for Marx. In this case, they would have likely gotten the final sculpts back from Ferriot, then did the blueprints based on them as an internal reference. Or they might have used the first approved test-shots to draw from (we can likely verify this when I dig out either the full scans of the drawings or the drawings themselves and check the dates against the mold info sheets. The pics here were taken a while ago).
    Some Marx drawings you can see previous designs were erased or modified (vellum was expensive) so sometimes you can see preliminary designs ghosting through. They also at times did work as you say above (more when the job was in-house, not sent out). Marx was pretty picky in having clean, final reference drawings, most times as close as you could get... in the case of Ideal, you get a lot more preliminary stuff and creativity and less shooting for perfection. As we get further back in time for Marx, less of the roughs and preliminary stuff survived and was regretfully likely trashed long ago.
  12. ToyMemories added a post in a topic: Prototype Rex Mars Target Game, by Marx   

    Then we have the targets! Cooler targets could not be found, I'm sure you'll agree!
    The first picture shows original blueprint images of each target (each was on a separate blueprint).
    The second picture shows the blueprint image of the fish-man target along with a cavity from the original mold for this figure (the mold cavities for these, and many other Marx injection molds are made from beryllium copper; expensive to make, but very durable and resistant to damaging oxidation)
    The third picture shows a cavity from the original mold for the ultra-cool spaceman with dagger target, along with a test-shot of that target (strangely this is the only target I've found test-shots for. So far.)
    The fourth picture shows an original mold cavity from the robot target mold. (For Botstock 5 in 2008, I made up 50 prints of the robot's drawing for swag)
    The molds for the targets were made by Ferriot Bros. (the best of the best at the time, for sculpting and mold-making). I have the mold information sheets for these, and hope to add some of that info (maybe tomorrow night) as they are accessible.
    The fifth picture shows all of the fish-man target cavities so you can get a better idea of the set-up. Molten plastic is injected into the mold, goes through the center hole, then travels down the runner (channels) into each cavity. The target mold cavities are a little unusual for Marx, as there are multiple cavities in the same block of copper, where normally each cavity would be separate (and removable). This may have been done because the molds were on the smaller side (easier to access), and there was no intent to change out individual cavities.

  13. ToyMemories added a post in a topic: Prototype Rex Mars Target Game, by Marx   

    Ok, I'm un-dug (for the moment, at least!)
    Reports of my demise were... I suppose false! Haha, I've just been buried, overworked, and buried again
    When Brian first contacted me about this piece (before I knew what he was asking about) I thought "geez, what treasure has the good Doctor found that I missed?" In the end, it turned out I knew about it when first listed, thought about it, then realized I had too much in the fire and sadly figured I'd let it go, not checking on it again until Brian emailed. Though I truly love Marx prototypes, when you collect such things you learn (and accept) pretty quickly that you can never have it all.
    He's done a great job (as always) of describing it, and I certainly don't want to take away from his post, but he did ask, so...
    First, when I found out he was the buyer, I was honestly happy about it... I can't think of anyone more deserving to own this classic little gem. It has a home now, with a perfect caretaker who loves it likely as much as I would. I'm glad he contacted me, as I really like this toy, and happen to have other material on it. I really enjoyed our conversations. Yes, I do have 32 billion pieces of paper and other artifacts, but sometimes you get one obscure document on an item, and other times you get lucky and have more pieces of the puzzle than usual. This is one of those cases. Forgive me for now, as I'll perhaps have to add dates and additional information at a later date (some of the pics I have to find the original full scans with the info) and I kind of know where some of the additional documents are, they're just, well, buried either behind 40 boxes of samples, or in cabinets behind other cabinets, behind... well you get the picture. All this stuff together would probably make a great book someday (hint-hint, Doc!) But here's a start, at least! Once again, though, I do have to say "congratulations Brian... great work, and nice buy!"
    First, for the rifle from the set, we have an original drawing on vellum from 1953, and then an original blueprint (I think it was the blueprint that I sent to a previous Botstock). Actually, one is for the left side and one is for the right side:

  14. ToyMemories added a post in a topic: Prototype Rex Mars Target Game, by Marx   

    Huh? Who Me?
    Soon, young Luke...
  15. ToyMemories added a post in a topic: Prototype Rex Mars Target Game, by Marx   

    Congratulations once again, Doc! Happy to have been of any assistance.
    It really is a classic piece, and a perfect fit for you!

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