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    Hey Everyone, Thanks for the tips. I'm checking. j
  2. jerry added a post in a topic: Ten Foot Robot On Ebay   

    Hi, The Bunnys are covered with fuzzy bunny material.....some had special skins. One, for example, is made of scuba diving suit material. He is hydraulic powered because he was filmed underwater in the Caymen Islands for one set of commercials. The big boy is tin over a wooden skeleton. Even though I have so many recognizable props and costumes......people really freak when I turn him on. I can't believe something so large and intricate could go unnoticed, unphotographed, etc. Someone had to have seen him.....after all, he's larger then a needle in a haystack. j
  3. jerry added a post in a topic: Ten Foot Robot On Ebay   

    Hi Larry, Thanks for the "Welcome". The big guy came from Northern California.....found in a warehouse. It was all pretty much working except for a few broken cables. It looks like it was built to run 24/7 for 100 years non stop. Anyway, for pics, why not grab the ones off the Ebay listing.....I'm lazy. I started collecting movie props a few years ago. Started with animatronics and now I have pretty much a little of everything. Something which may be interesting to you guys.....I own the original Energizer Bunnys from the TV commercials. Although they look cute and cuddly, they weigh a ton and are extremely complex for those little bodys. I believe they each have 10 or 12 servos. It takes three guys with remotes to operate one so not alot of fun if you're alone. Grab a remote and make him go back and forth, left and right......grab another and make the head and ears work........grab another and work the drum mallets.....whew! By the way, their head is on a gimbal which makes the movement very lifelike.....they can do everything my head can do......except mine doesn't think. j
  4. jerry added a post in a topic: Ten Foot Robot On Ebay   

    Hi everyone, I'm the guy on top of the hill who owns this robot. I appreciate all the input but still haven't found where this guy is from. I have a large movie prop collection with many robots used in movies. If anyone has any new info or just wants to say hello, my email is Glad I found this site. (Thanks Mike) j

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