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  1. (id).2 added a post in a topic: Henkbot   

    Not sure if this has been suggested anywhere already, and I hope I'm not overstepping the line - but what about instead of producing one of Henk's robots, how about some kind of book or publication that celebrates Henk as a person and also showcases his collection?

    If it was done properly it could serve as a fitting commemoration of Henk and also a (fairly definitive, I would imagine) robot reference book – which would extend it's appeal outside of the alphadrome collecting circle and make it possibly a more viable financial project (probably not a huge money-spinner but a labour of love). Also, if Henk's collection is ultimately to be split up, surely this is the next best thing to a museum to celebrate it. I personally would love to have a quality record of his collection - both as a reference piece and also as a tribute to the man.

    What it would require roughly, I think, would be:

    a) a writer

    b.) photographer to take professional shots of his collection

    c) designer to design the book and lay it out ready for print

    c) a print manager - someone in the design/print industry who could oversee the production

    d) retailers (ie members of alphadrome) - above those sold by subscription here on Alphadrome, could sell additional copies to make it more viable

    d) An overall project Coordinator - someone close to Henk who can tie it all together

    Financially we could start the ball rolling by people here subscribing. It might not be a hardcover book, but perhaps something perfect bound and cheaper to produce (of a high quality though). If there was any profit from it, this could go to his family.

    It's just a thought and I'm just putting it out there, but if people with those areas of professional expertise were willing to donate their time - I'm sure we could do something worthy of his memory. I'm happy to donate my time as a graphic designer, if others would be interested.

  2. (id).2 added a post in a topic: Hendrik Izaak (henk) Gosses   

    This is a little late... I've gone into lurker-mode for a while and for some reason I can't get into my (id) id, so I've reregistered as (id) version 2. Anyway, just wanted to say that I was shocked to read the news and I wanted to say how much I'm going to miss all that Henk brought to the board every day. You couldn't help but respect his humour, creativity and intelligence. It won't be quite the same visiting alphadrome without him.

    I just wanted to pay my respects. My thoughts are with Henk's friend's and family - I hope he rests in peace.

    [Ed .... I'll send you details of your old id, ID,. Brian]

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