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  1. WJN added a post in a topic: B-58 Forced Perspective   

    That's exactly what the company pilots said about it, and said he must have more money than sense. Word was that the guy flew B-58s during his Air Force career, and just loved the plane. I remember the pilots debating wether or not you could throttle back two engines to idle after reaching altitude & cruising speed to save fuel, but I don't think they reached a consensus.
  2. WJN added a post in a topic: B-58 Forced Perspective   

    Very nice, realistic enough to bring back a great memory. About 1969-70 or thereabouts, a private individual bought a Convair B-58 Hustler to use as his corporate jet. After picking it up from Davis-Monthan airbase boneyard in Tucson, he headed north, developed a mechanical problem & had to make an emergency landing at Deer Valley airport, a small regional airport in north Phoenix. It sat there for months, and my Dad, who worked at the Sperry Flight Systems plant across the road, got the scoop. Turns out the problem was relatively minor, and was fixed quickly. The real problem was that the runway (at that time) was not long enough for a safe takeoff roll, especially with Adobe Mountain not far from the end of the runway. The long wait was because the owner was looking for JATO bottles & the necessary hardware to attach them. When he was ready for takeoff, (launch?) my Dad got word & we went out to watch. They even took down the fence at the east end of the airport to let him get a longer takeoff roll. It was incredibly impressive to watch, and it virtually leaped into the air. I would guess, after seeing the "launch", that he would have made it without the bottles & was just playing it safe. Thanks for posting.
  3. WJN added a post in a topic: Looks Like Chewy Was Texting And Flying   

    Um… is it just me, or was Han flying backwards?
  4. WJN added a post in a topic: Sci-Fi Celebrity Spotting   

    Great photos! I almost wish I had something similar from my "Star Encounter".
    From 1980 to 1984 I had season tickets to the Phoenix indoor soccer team, the Inferno, later re-named the Pride. My seats were to one side of the midline, about 8 rows up from the field. The seats on the other side of the midline next to me were owned by Walter Koenig. He didn't attend every game, probably 50%, and I felt really sorry for him- he could not get 5 minutes of peace to watch any game. People would not leave him alone, wanting autographs, pictures, souvenirs, and to discuss every episode & movie in infinite detail. He was always smiling & courteous, but you could tell he just wanted to relax & watch the game. Because of this, I never asked for photos or anything; after all, this was his private time, not a trekker convention. On the rare occasion when no one was pestering him and the game was stopped for halftime or such, we would discuss soccer tactics & skills, and it was obvious he was quite knowledgeable and must have played at some high level in his past. (I was briefly semi-pro) We would buy him a Coke or hotdog or nachos from time to time, and he was always grateful. My impression is that he is a genuinely nice, soft spoken, intelligent man, and probably too nice to the general public. I certainly miss my contact with him.
  5. WJN added a post in a topic: Saucers And Stoves   

    Fantastic saucer & fabrication! I'd be tempted to put translucent green or blue windows in it & backlight the cabin with a soft glow… or maybe frosted windows backlit with blue, green, or maybe purple neon. But even unlit, it looks killer!
  6. WJN added a post in a topic: Worst Spaceman Toy Ever?   

    That is so bizarre it's cool!
  7. WJN added a post in a topic: TPS Chief Robot Chief robot conversion   

    Brilliant as usual, love the beautiful blue & yellow paint scheme!
  8. WJN added a post in a topic: Usually Not Into Transformers...   

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but I enjoyed it. Is it just me, or are you reminded of someone?
  9. WJN added a post in a topic: Cool Fan Robot   

    I have one of these also, and another smaller one of similar design, which I can't seem to locate at this time.
  10. WJN added a post in a topic: Weird Al Yankovic's Robot.   

    My favorite:
  11. WJN added a post in a topic: All Red Remco Lost In Space Robot   

    Very nice, the red really stands out. I built an all black one for a customer years ago, but the details tended to be muted or washed out when viewed from any distance- the red doesn't have that effect.
  12. WJN added a post in a topic: Arnold / Vst - Radar Master Robot   

    I probably wouldn't feel any different, unless it was my own work.
  13. WJN added a post in a topic: Arnold / Vst - Radar Master Robot   

    The robot collector in me loves this robot, but the antique collector/preservationist in me sides with John Rigg on this one. The duality of man, I guess….
  14. WJN added a post in a topic: Cracker Jack Toy   

    Can't help with the above little guy, but I like it a lot.
    Odd that he only has an arm on one side.

    This was given to me years ago, and they insisted it was Cracker Jack, but I'm not convinced.
    Oddly, the arms are completely loose & slide from one balled fist to the other.

  15. WJN added a post in a topic: The Odd And The Unusual   

    I have that golden lighter 'bot squirreled away somewhere if memory serves.

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