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  1. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Blogs on Alphadrome   

    Yes, nothing to lose. At their best blogs can be very informative. I'm a constant visitor at Moonbase Central run by Paul Woods. We share a lot of interests and his site is a goldmine. I love the way that anything can be quickly thrown into the pot and the result is a rich mix of information. Fellow Dromers Doc Atomic and Geoffrey Peters have also created very informative and substantial "sticky" websites using blogs.  I particularly like the idea of a group blog dedicated to an area of interest and run by a small team.
    With the best will in the world forum software has a problem. Look at many threads and you will see a distinct pattern: there's a question, observation or discovery that sparks a great debate and we have a powerful, informative conversation. At some point, however, the comments alter and the thread enters a decline. It's rare for anyone to re-open an old thread with new comments.
  2. Brian.. added a blog entry in Example Blog   

    Alphadrome Blog 1
    Alphadrome Blog 1
  3. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Blogs on Alphadrome   

    One of the reasons for upgrading was my plan to introduce an interesting and potentially exciting new feature: Blogs. Of course many of you already run your own blogs, but you might like to consider the advantages of an Alphadrome-based blog. For the technically minded you can even import your existing blog into Alphadrome, thus linking the two.
    What is a Blog?
    A blog is basically a single page website that can contain articles based on a theme. It is now possible for members to create their own blogs. They would, of course, be based around the basic interest area of Alphadrome:  Vintage Robot and Space Toys.
    For example, it may be that you would like to develop a blog to showcase your collection. It would differ from the Private Collections forum in that you would have more control over the whole thing.
    It would also be possible for groups of users to set up a special interest blog, and for the group to develop and administer the blog themselves.
    Blog owners can accept comments from members, or decide to keep their site comment free.
    What advantages would an Alphadrome blog offer? At very least you would have direct access to a very big audience of like-minded collectors.
    Until I've fully explored the implications (disk space, bandwidth, costs)  I'll be creating a few trial blogs.  They may whet your appetite or turn you off the concept. Let's see.
  4. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Junior Toy Prototypes x3   

    Thanks John
    Gilbert reported on the Attacker a little while ago when it appeared on Yahoo Japan:
    It's more likely that these factory test shots rather than prototypes. Gernot provided the analysis of the date on the label.
  5. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Cyrnos Spaceman From France   

    Should be showing now, Ervino.
  6. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Box for Billy's Space Car - Atomic Space Pioneer   

    Wonderful find, Gernot. A rare and interesting box. After a fretful site update this has come as a lovely surprise.
  7. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Rocket Pistol R-75 By Nomura   

    Sorry, I don't know. I have only the picture to work on.
  8. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Cyrnos Spaceman From France   

    Here's a color variation that turned up recently, followed by a third in the series. Is he blindfolded? Injured? 2 ins tall, in hard plastic.

  9. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Cyrnos Spaceman From France   

    I just picked up the figure on the left, made apparently by Cyrnos of France. It's a new name to me. A trawl of the web identified one other figure on Geoffrey Peters' site. They're certainly well sculpted, with distinctive ribbing on their spacesuits, and wing clips on their shoulders. Are there any more? The neck design is just crying out for a helmet.

    That cup in his chest is actually an optical illusion: there's a hole there that must have contained something.

  10. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Rocket Pistol R-75 By Nomura   

    Not in the database (yet), here's the Rocket Pistol R-75 by Nomura. It's the same basic pressing as Fin's recent discovery.

  11. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Premier Flash Gordon Set   

    I love a riddle and this picture has me scatching my head. This is a Premier Plastics Flash Gordon card containing two plastic delivery trucks. The set has been packed with a Toy Time header. There are a couple of these Flash Gordon Premier cards we've discussed before but I've not seen this one with its ROCKET.... ....ON ...OCK wording. I'd love to see the trucks from the side to see if they justify the term space.

    I've a suspicion that it's been rebagged at some stage with any old trucks that came to hand. Even so, it's part of the rich tapestry of Dime Store space toys.

  12. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Horikawa Battery Operated Space Gun   

    And this looks like the stock:

  13. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Horikawa Battery Operated Space Gun   

    Here's the rocket part:

  14. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Horikawa Battery Operated Space Gun   

    Here's a rather over-the-top space gun that has appeared a couple of times but which we haven't given much airtime to. The Space Gun by Horikawa. It's striking because of its size and the fact that the barrel design is based on the earlier Horikawa XB-115 Space Rocket. I've recently added a boxed example to the database.

    "Tin and plastic battery operated space gun, metallic blue litho with a wood effect stock. The gun has a distinctly angled stock with a large rocket-like structure forming the basis of the barrel. The barrel has a yellow plastic ring and is tipped with a red plastic rotating nozzle. Red sight at the back. 16.5" long. Firing noise, rotating muzzle, flashing lights at the front and rear. The gun appears as new in the 1971 SH catalog art 1031."

  15. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Nomura Friction Space Ray Gun   

    Thanks to Gilbert for pointing out that it's the same basic pressing as the Battery Powered Space Pistol. There are versions by Nomura and Rosko (or at least distributed by Rosko).

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