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  1. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Space Goggles   

    These are the goggles from the Master Flying space gun set. These are the same as the unidentified set above.

    Another Flash Gordon set by Esquire Novelty Co. 1953

  2. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Space Goggles   

    Another pair of Space Cadet goggles by Ideal, but so far we've only seen them in this ad. They were also marketed as Interplanetary Space Goggles.

    Another pair, Major Jet's Magic Goggles, offered with Sugar Jets cereal:

    Steve Canyon Space Goggles, with a metallic finish:

  3. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Space Goggles   

    The goggle from the Flash Gordon space suit:

    These plastic goggles turn up regularly, but I don't believe they've been identified yet:

    The space goggles that accompany the Rel Clicker Jet Gun: the bottom pair have the mirrored finish:

  4. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Space Goggles   

    Pulling together as many examples of space goggles that are out there. Space goggles reflect that imaginative pre-Apollo view of space travel.
    Let's start with the daddy of them all: Buck Rogers goggles.

    This delicious set from USA in 1950s recently sold for a tidy sum. Graphics to die for.

    A premium from Pep cereals, Tom Corbett Space Cadet goggles.

  5. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Giant Space Set   

    Quite a BIN price. I guess this is rare. Anyone know anything about it? I've not seen the instalment plan before, but it's a good idea.  Giant Space Set.
  6. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Space Jet Car   

    Thanks, Steve, good spot.  I thought the FR-3 rocket was a new sighting until I realised it is part of the Mars Space Trip set.
    Is the Skyray missing a tailfin? I can't see any slots.
  7. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Marusan Ultraman Tank   

    A rare space toy, the Ultraman Tank. I'm not aware of any other Marusan tanks, but where there's one, there are probably others.

    It's interesting to note that the toy and the box sides are marked SAN, the box has an additional H in a Diamond logo.

  8. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Robotan Robot on Tricycle   

    Here's Robotan, a cute little robot on a trike from a 1966 anime.  This was a free gift from GLICO the candy company sponsor of the anime production.  (Gilbert)

  9. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Alps Rocket Man - rockets   

    I'm told that originals have "Japan" molded on one of the fins.
  10. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Space Jet Car   

    Thanks, Deep Space, a lovely collection. I see a few that aren't in the database. Could you give a little more info on the ones indicated? Thanks.

  11. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Ceramic 'ditto' Robots   

    No. Phil. They have not been remade: the original run is still circulating in quantity. The project was always ambitious and the models were very good quality.
    I noticed that the someone involved with the Ditto factory recently joined Alphadrome so we may hear more!.
  12. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Who makes repro alps TV space man antennas?   

    Are the parts usually resin? Is anyone able to copy the original plastic?
  13. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Who makes repro alps TV space man antennas?   

    Chilli, in addition it would be very useful to get some feedback about the quality of reproduction parts that are available. I don't think I've read a single review of any of the parts that are on the market.
  14. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Blogs on Alphadrome   

    Yes, nothing to lose. At their best blogs can be very informative. I'm a constant visitor at Moonbase Central run by Paul Woods. We share a lot of interests and his site is a goldmine. I love the way that anything can be quickly thrown into the pot and the result is a rich mix of information. Fellow Dromers Doc Atomic and Geoffrey Peters have also created very informative and substantial "sticky" websites using blogs.  I particularly like the idea of a group blog dedicated to an area of interest and run by a small team.
    With the best will in the world forum software has a problem. Look at many threads and you will see a distinct pattern: there's a question, observation or discovery that sparks a great debate and we have a powerful, informative conversation. At some point, however, the comments alter and the thread enters a decline. It's rare for anyone to re-open an old thread with new comments.
  15. Brian.. added a post in a topic: Blogs on Alphadrome   

    One of the reasons for upgrading was my plan to introduce an interesting and potentially exciting new feature: Blogs. Of course many of you already run your own blogs, but you might like to consider the advantages of an Alphadrome-based blog. For the technically minded you can even import your existing blog into Alphadrome, thus linking the two.
    What is a Blog?
    A blog is basically a single page website that can contain articles based on a theme. It is now possible for members to create their own blogs. They would, of course, be based around the basic interest area of Alphadrome:  Vintage Robot and Space Toys.
    For example, it may be that you would like to develop a blog to showcase your collection. It would differ from the Private Collections forum in that you would have more control over the whole thing.
    It would also be possible for groups of users to set up a special interest blog, and for the group to develop and administer the blog themselves.
    Blog owners can accept comments from members, or decide to keep their site comment free.
    What advantages would an Alphadrome blog offer? At very least you would have direct access to a very big audience of like-minded collectors.
    Until I've fully explored the implications (disk space, bandwidth, costs)  I'll be creating a few trial blogs.  They may whet your appetite or turn you off the concept. Let's see.

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    The movie cylinder finally released. The movie is a cool fight between a T-Rex and pterodactyl. It's strange how these things happen. It's for sale on E-Bay.

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    Brian, I had a question for you. Is there an easy way to "release" the cylinder scene in the Horikawa television robots? I have mine on Ebay and I'm afraid it's not selling because of this. Is there a trick, or someone you could refer me too that would know how to deal with this? I'm pretty mechanically inclined I just don't want to cause any more damage to the robot. An...