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  1. robert added a post in a topic: Holiday Wishes to All !   

    Merry Christmas gang! Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday with friends and family.
  2. robert added a post in a topic: Clayton Bailey Robot at Auction in Berlin   

    I lived about 10 miles from Clayton in the 80's and we shared the same gallery (Natsoulas Gallery) in Davis, CA. Clayton still lives and works in Winters, CA. I think he has moved beyond robots at this point, but is still producing marvelous art.
  3. robert added a post in a topic: Display Case Ideas   

    Looking at the shelf supports in the modified version I believe you will be fine. Those are are re-purposed cable clamps and in themselves can support a lot of weight in the way they are utilized. The glass can also support more weight being properly supported in this fashion. I would say no worries - do what you need to do to make this work for you. Unless you are supporting your Joe Weider weight collection you should be AOK!
  4. robert added a post in a topic: Chillies collection August 2013- October 2013   


    That's what I'm talkin bout! Very cool. Keep up the great work!
  5. robert added a post in a topic: Chillies collection August 2013- October 2013   


    I just checked out your website. Blown away by your photographs! I am curious why you don't include your love of robots in your photography! You could create some beautiful art if you combined the two. Just sayin'...
  6. robert added a post in a topic: Robotos Robots On Display   

    Ok, I just spent an hour going through your collection from 2009 through 2013. WOW! I am blown away by your photography, your settings and of course your robots. But also your fantastic collection of lava lamps. You may not have a lot of vintage robots, but the few you do have are in excellent shape. Your collection of Planet Robot, MH, Papasan and HAHA robots is cohesive, informative and beautiful! I had no idea there were so many variations of the Metal House robots. Truly impressive collection. i would love to see them displayed altogether, but the individual photos are are a thing of beauty.
  7. robert added a post in a topic: RobotHunter Collection 2013 Updated   

    Wow Pat Wow!

    When i saw the first photo I thought i was looking at a Morphy's Auction display case! Very impressive collection for someone who just got back into the hobby, LOL

    I just got back into the hobby last year and I can't even fill a shelf with toys of that quality, much less a room! Can't wait to have that RobotHunter Botstock we talked about. I'm on board for that, my friend.
  8. robert added a post in a topic: need advice-cragstan flying saucer purchase   

    Make a list of what you need to complete your saucer. I have quite a few spare parts for these, And I live in kansas so shipping should be pretty cheap if you are in the states. Contact me at toygooroo (at) gmail dot com. i will donate whatever I have that you need. Pretty sure i have a spare dome, but I won't be home until tomorrow so I can't say at the moment.
  9. robert added a post in a topic: Robby Studebaker "Space Patrol Car" video   

    I pity the valet parking kiosk that Robby pulls up to!
  10. robert added a post in a topic: The Robobob collection hits the Papers.   

    Nice article, great photos of a fantastic collection! Can I have your autograph at the next Botstock!

    A robostar is born.
  11. robert added a post in a topic: What is Your Favorite Reproduction?   

    OK Morbius, just because you are retired does NOT mean you can't go to the dentist once in awhile!

    Thanks for the history on the repro smoker John. The colors of the 80's smokers are fantastic. Wanna sell one?

    Nasa brought up the ST-1, reproduced by Volker Strauss after he rebooted the Strenco factory. I still treasure my Alphadrome ST-1, (shown in the photo by Nasa) For those new to the board we Alphadrome members chose the colors for this special limited edition ST-1 with Alphadrome logo. Being away from the board for a few years I have lost track of Volker. Does he still post here? I am still sorry I was not able to purchase his steam powered robot when it was available....
  12. robert added a post in a topic: Robot artwork of Rod Hunt   

    HaHA! Kewl!
  13. robert added a post in a topic: My new Rocket Ride with bot   

    I am in awe!! Beautiful work. And the little robot posed next to it - too perfect! I am frantically searching for miniature dimes! I'll be over with my kid soon!
  14. robert added a post in a topic: What is Your Favorite Reproduction?   


    I would love to see a Diamond Planet repro, but I don't see that happening because of it's rarity. Most repros, at least the truly excellent ones, require an original to work from. The original would have to be taken apart so exact measurements could be made of all working parts, body panels and pieces for tooling purposes. Who is going to part with a DP knowing it could easily be damaged or destroyed in the process?

    Personally i would love to see the Gang of Five faithfully reproduced. There are enough of the Lavenders out there to find a fairly inexpensive bot to work from. And you could pretty much create them all from that.
  15. robert added a post in a topic: What is Your Favorite Reproduction?   

    Over the past few years many rare robots and space toys have been reproduced - some well done, some simply horrible. Early limited edition series like the MTH Mr Atomic and Robby Space patrol still command very high prices, as do the OTTI Mechanized Robots - almost as high as an original working Nomura Robby. The early Chinese Repros, like Tin Tom Toys and Planet Robot were well made and faithful to the original, while some later copies are just embarrassing to look at they are so poorly made.

    So, I know that many of us have collected one or more these repros over the years, and there have been lively discussions about the pros and cons of either producing, or owning reproduction robots. Not my intention to explore that here. My question is simple:

    What is you favorite reproduction and Why? Doesn't even have to be in your collection to qualify, just curious about what it is and how you view it's merits.

    For me, it's the 2003 Tin Tom Toys reproduction of the Nomura Radar Robot. First off, the Nomura original is a pretty difficult toy to find both complete and in good working condition, so it made a lot of sense to reproduce this robot.

    I think this is just a well made, faithful reproduction and it works beautifully. The box is a very good reproduction as well with styrofoam packing for robot and a protective box sleeve as well. This was produced in a limited edition series of?500? - can't quite recall, but well worth the $250.00 investment at the time. Even now I only rarely see a complete working original, and it is always well out of my price range. So how about you? Got a favorite?

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