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    One of your pages has info on Russian robots, however no manufacturer. I have a similar robot with box. Transalating just the cyrillic to english - it shows zovod igrotechnica - is this the manufacturer? Under "Article" (translating again) is 107-skva-014-88 Oct 17-296-75. Also seems to show a "Leningrad" address. Robot is orange with chest shown as clockwork-type - when wound, it walks forward, arms moving, with 4 orange and yellow (clockwork) plates on chest that rotate--changes color. If orange, rotates to yellow and so forth. At the bottom, center of the clockwork litho, there appears to be a logo of the company - as that logo is also on the box. Anyone have any specific info on manufacturer name and location, and date of production? This pix may be from your site. My pix are too large to upload. Thank you.

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