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  1. SiamSam added a post in a topic: I Challenge You!   

    Hi there Altaira,

    This is a big challenge you know :) When I was in grade one at school we sang this song and it was one of my favourites. I had actually completely forgotten about this wonder-filled song. The toy in the song I believe was inspired by the amazing vintage Japanese space toys and robots this forum is dedicated to. Most importantly I feel that the loving sentiment captured in this song was passed along to you by your father. It was your Dad who shared his appreciation of these magical robot toys with you when you were younger and look what happened! You have your very own collection and you are adding magical toys that you love to your collection.
  2. SiamSam added a post in a topic: Some Of This Year's Take...   

    Siamsam - Ho -ly - crap!!!! Apparently you know how to get the word out to your friends and family just exactly what you want and where to get it. It's not a comfortable thing for non collectors to buy vintage pieces as gifts. Your friends and family obviously don't have a problem in that area!

  3. SiamSam added a post in a topic: Quick Video Of My Messy Collection   

    Hi there ZZ,

    This is the best video I've sen on Alphadrome. ! I love your room filled with the contents of a retro toy shop - it's wonderful. All this room needs is a comfy sofa, Tube Hi-Fi and loads of retro music and a beverage or two.
    The mess looks great - it adds to that real treasure cave vibe. Fantastic to see a glimpse of this world of yours. I can relate to mess too. Check out a section of my spare room - shown below.

  4. SiamSam added a post in a topic: Some Of This Year's Take...   

    Santa was generous this year. Ten vintage toys were under the aluminium Christmas tree. Pictured on the table are the following Christmas gifts:

    1. Looping Space Tank by Daiya Japan in near mint condition.
    2. Astroray Gun by Shudo Japan in mint condition
    3. Gear Robot by Horikawa Japan around C8.
    4. Mechanical Space Craft Jupiter with Spark by Ohta Japan mint in box
    5. Atomic Gun by Haji Japan mint in unopened bag.
    6. Fighting Robot by Horikawa Japan. Robot is near mint in box
    7. Atom Rocket & by Modern Toys Japan in C8.5
    8. Machine Robot by Horikawa Japan near mint in box
    9. Mechanical Machine Robot by Noguchi Japan near mint in mint box.
    10. Apollo Space Patrol with Satellite Ship by TPS Japan in box.

    Obviously I am enjoying this great selection of vintage toys. Some I have owned before. The Atomic Gun by Haji I had in my collection around twenty-five years ago in the rare boxed version. Likewise I had the Shudo Astroray in a boxed version. My original Astroray I bought direct from a toy shop shelf in 1984. It was a very old toy shop in a lower socio-economic area of my city. The toy shop still looked just like a good old fashioned 1960s toy shop with lots of original advertising materials etc. They had around twenty boxed Astroray guns at that time. I bought three for $1.50 each. They also had a Modern Toys Space Explorer ship MIB which happily flew home with me that day back in 1984.
    Getting back to this years Christmas gifts - I was very pleased to receive the rare colour version of Modern Toys Atom Rocket 7. This is my fourth Fighting Robot and by far my favourite as it has the lovely dark red translucent power switch, red tabs on outside of feat and earlier metal tab side locking battery compartment door. The Horikawa Machine Robot matches it well with medium red translucent power switch, same outer foot tabs and battery compartment door style. The Looping space tank is in beautiful condition and shows no play wear or the usual scratches its quite violent mechanical action can induce. The Noguchi Machine Robot is new to me. Before seeing it in the collections of other members of this forum I had no idea it existed. IF its in a book - then its hiding on a page which id not grab my attention. It's styling and box graphic are pure 1960s though possibly this toy was made in the early 70's. Anyone know the details about this toy's manufacture date? The Apollo Space Patrol Flying Saucer is a very rare beast. I'm a big Japanese toy flying saucer fan. I have been admiring this rare flying saucer for around ten years and in that time I have only seen four examples or sale. Two with box and two without. Moktar had one around ten years ago. I love this saucer as it's styling reminds me of my infant-hood in the late 1960s. I can really see the 3 or 4 year old version of myself running around the house with one of these under my arm. Merry Christmas!

  5. SiamSam added a post in a topic: What Would You Do With A Fur Vault ?   

    Hi there Darryl,

    Great to see you have gone fully 'mid century'. I bet you have not forgotten my mid century home I lived in ten years ago which your kids used to call the "I dream of Jeannie home". As you know I sold that home and moved on. The good news is that I now live in another mid century home. My wife and I (yes I'm now married) have been enjoying the full retro renovation experience. We are currently painting the kitchen cupboards in two tone green and cream to match our two tone green and white cracked ice laminex-chrome kitchen setting.

    Have an especially wonderful Christmas. RETRO-SONIC Xmas vibes to you and your lovely family.

    I have attached a snapshot of our magical 17 year old Siamese standing by our vintage Aluminium tree. Yes there are vintage Japanese robots wrapped and waiting under this tree - it's Christmas 1967 in 2010.

    Keep on Shining


  6. SiamSam added a post in a topic: Space Toys And Other Things In Sydney   

    Hi there ANZ,

    Sydney used to be a good place for buying tin robots and space toys. If you could go back to 1990 and visit Ian McKay at the Old Ark Antique Bazaar you could have bought a MIB Modern Toys Space Bus for $100 or a MIB Space Capsule 7 for $175. And countless other toys....many bought by myself and other collectors circa 1985 - 91.

    Ian was an excellent seller and a great bass player as well. We need him (and the old prices)
  7. SiamSam added a post in a topic: Favourite Re-pro Robot   

    ......And yeah Mr Atomic is my favorite repro too. I have had a blue one for a decade or so and still love seeing it in my cabinet. That said my second favotite repro is the OTTI Gigantor/Tetsujin No 5 - Mettalic Blue Battery operated version. I stare at this incredible mettalic blue OTTI gigantor most days when I listen to my tube hifi. Maybe this has something to do with the glass cabinet positioned in between my hif speakers :) These days I enjoy tube hifi more than robots....though I still love these little tin heads.

    I guess I could mention the very limited edition Tin Tom Toys Golden radar robot in my collection but I won't mention it as it's not my favorite repro......
  8. SiamSam added a post in a topic: Favourite Re-pro Robot   

    That's a great idea Mr Orbit,

    Yes I would love to see production of a new take on Mr Atomic too! The legged version would be great though I could see Mr Atomic being turned into an amazing cock pit driver style robot. There's plenty of room for Metal house to do their mechanical magic inside Mr Atomic's rather cavernous head. They could retain Mr Atomic's shape with a new style litho or even a two tone flat color scheme much like a Diamond Planet or Horikawa style robot.

    Lets see if Metal House create something new with Mr Atomic's body...maybe a "Smoking Mystery Moon Atomic Cock Pit Tetsujin Attacking Space Doom TV Gear Thingy Robot"..........

    Mr Atomic is one of my all time favorites. I was lucky enough to pick up an OTTI a couple years ago, no regrets.
    Wouldn't it be cool if Metal House produced that legged version in Gernot's picture? I wonder if it has trouble walking? :unsure:

  9. SiamSam added a post in a topic: Dimestore Space Playset   

    Do you have any of these for sale at the moment?
  10. SiamSam added a post in a topic: Dimestore Space Playset   

    Hi there SarasotaRobby, Daryl & Co,

    I had the set on the left given to me in 1968. These sets were also available in boxes approx twice the length of these. The larger sets contained a greater number of astronauts and space vehicles glued to the wonderful lunar landscape card inners. These astronauts appea to be from the same molds as those used in the golden astronaut/Space-X range of miniature plastic space vehicles. Except the little grey spacemen and robots in the sets you show are grey and their highlights are painted beautifully considering their 1/72 miniature scale.

    In addition there were other small window boxed play sets which featured missile and rocket bases. I was given one of these for Christmas 1968. All these sets were made in Hong Kong. If you look at the base of one of these miniature astronauts you will see a brand logo. They were also sold in plastic bags with a header card...several grey or red spacemen with one space vehicle or no space vehicle per bag. I have some of these bagged astronauts in my collection. Also these astronauts were made in larger 1/32 scale from white plastic with painted highlights. It is interesting to see the same astronauts rendered in a larger scale.
  11. SiamSam added a post in a topic: The Zoomer-ratchet-radar Robot Family   

    Thank you Gernot for writing this wonderful article and displaying these wonderful photographs of your Zoomer family. I enjoyed your words and pictures very much. Best regards!!!!!!!!
  12. SiamSam added a post in a topic: Horikawa Super Space Giant   

    Hello there,

    The Metal House re-issue of the Super Space Giant is one the best quality re-issue robots you can buy at the moment. And yes it has the look, feel, and dare I say ‘heft’ of the original. The box art is also much the same as the 1960’s release. The Super Space Giant has is one of the largest tin robots ever made. Its oversized ‘attacking martianesque’ stylings give it a unique personality. These are very impressive robots when you actually hold one in your hands. The re issue is almost identical to the original all tin 1960’s version. Yes the original 60’s release had the rotate-o-matic action and the current issue does not. The litho and styling in the chest gun cavity is quite different on the 1960’s release. Also the litho style on the outside of the chest gun doors is a little different. The silver finish of the current issue does not appear to be the same finish used by Horikawa in the 1960’s. These minor differences aside, I would not hesitate in buying a silver or black Space Giant from the current issue. Why? ; Because they look amazing, they are of high quality Japanese manufacture made by the last remaining original tin toy facility in Japan. Metal House have gone to great lengths to restore the Space Giant’s original 1960’s character. Yes there have been various renderings of the Space Giant since the 1960’s. Only the first issue (circa 1968?) and the current issue have the original look. The current Super Space Giant is a rare treat; an original 1960’s Japanese toy robot styling still made by original craftsmen in Japan.

    I am very glad to see the return of the Attacking Martian (fly eyed) style to some of Metal House’s current catalogue. As well as the return of some of the early 1960’s Gear robot/Machine Robot/Fighting Robot attributes such as the moving shoulder antennae. Metal House’s web page shows two upcoming releases silhouetted in shadow. One of them obviously has the attacking Martian head and what appears to be a sloping panel on the lower torso. I can’t wait to see the unveiling of this upcoming release. Especially if is has definite 1960’s Horriakawa styling. I really hope that Metal House is tuning into the Horikawa legacy and that we see new releases which have the charm and look of original 1960’s manufacture. Though it probably is not likely I would love to see the return of the ‘fighting robot’ in previously unreleased colors such as the metallic green used in the Dino robot variant.
  13. SiamSam added a post in a topic: Sparkling Mike Repro Pictures   

    Hello 9tobor9 ; well I think that we are on the same frequency when it comes to robots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. SiamSam added a post in a topic: New Robot In The Mail !   

    Thanks Mike!!!!!!!!!!
  15. SiamSam added a post in a topic: New Robot In The Mail !   

    This robot looks FAB. I'm not familiar with ken at tintoyrobotsrockets & rayguns. Could you post his web address so I could get in touch.

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