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  1. Tattoo Shane added a post in a topic: Great Canadian Toy Show Oct. 16   

    One of these days i'm hoping to make it out to a Toronto show. I have a few friends who always have a solid vintage Star Wars booth at most of the shows so chances are if you looked at any of that stuff, it was being sold by them. :)
  2. Tattoo Shane added a post in a topic: Lilli Ledy Mexican Lost In Space Robot   

    Very cool piece. Lili Ledy toys from any line are very hard to find so it's very nice to see a piece like this!
  3. Tattoo Shane added a post in a topic: Plastic Robot Help   

    Yeah, i'm super curious as to what it's saying. That's my next plan, find someone who speaks Arabic and get each one translated. It shouldn't be too hard to find someone in my neighbourhood to help me out. I'll be sure to post the translations here, and maybe even some wav files.
  4. Tattoo Shane added a post in a topic: Plastic Robot Help   

    Sorry for dragging this one up from the depths but i just wanted to let everyone know that i finally got the robot working as it should this evening. I took a bit of a break from it after some of the wires came disconnected and ran into a few other snags that required a couple of pairs of hands to remedy.

    Anyways, it works quite well now and is back to speaking Arabic at the touch of a button, or 4. Thanks again to everyone for all your help with this. I've now got another piece of childhood back. ;)
  5. Tattoo Shane added a post in a topic: Full Scale Johnny 5 Video Clip New   


    That's amazing! I'm one of the only people i know who actually really enjoys the Short Circuit movies so to see this is an absolute treat! Awesome stuff man....just awesome.
  6. Tattoo Shane added a post in a topic: Plastic Robot Help   

    Thanks again to everyone, especially Fineas, for all the information and the warm reception. It's nice to finally know exactly what this robot is after all these years!

    I'm not sure how much i'll be able to contibute to the conversation here but i'll definately continue to lurk! You've got a great community and i wish you all the best! :)
  7. Tattoo Shane added a post in a topic: Plastic Robot Help   

    Fineas, that was it exactly. I haven't been able to get the tension just right on it's own (after several frustrating hours of trying) so i've resorted to wedging something in between the diaphragm and the top portion of the box where the tension needs to be. Now, i have to track down a sodering iron to fix some of the other wiring problems i created for myself along the way! LOL...

    After listening to the record a few times over i've determined that it is indeed speaking Arabic. How would this correspond to rarity, value, demand, etc. I know in the vintage SW or GI Joe worlds, foreign stuff is either hit or miss but am curious how it works in this hobby (not that this one is for sale).

    Also, all of the images i've seen here or on ebay are for the blue version of the "Talking Robot" which claims to be made in Hong Kong. Is there much of a difference between the black, Japanese Yonezawa like i have and these blue HK ones? Is one harder to find than the other or are they both relatively common robots?
  8. Tattoo Shane added a post in a topic: Plastic Robot Help   

    I should have figured the robot guys would be familiar with Steve's non-SW work, more so than the average SW collector is. :^)

    Fineas, i've had the box back together a few times now and the stylus just stays sitting at the top as it is in the photo i posted above. The spring it's attached to won't allow it to stay at the bottom to kill the connection. Something's definately not right but i think i'm just going to put it back together and keep an eye out for a cheap one that still talks and swap out some parts or something. Seems the better than the ventriloquist courses anyhow. ;)

    BTW...i love Cannon Beach! My girlfriend's parents lived in Portland a few years ago and when we'd visit they always took us out there. We'd love to get back down there again one of these days.

    Thanks everyone for all your help on this.
  9. Tattoo Shane added a post in a topic: Plastic Robot Help   

    Morbius, Steve Sansweet is actually a friend of mine - i don't know if many people know this but he was actually a big robot collector before Star Wars came out in '77!

    So, a quick update and request for a touch more help on my little "talk box" project here.

    I hope all of this makes sense but if you've had one of these apart before, it should. If not, i've posted a pic of the unassembled box here so you can see what i'm referring to:

    I found two problems so far, one that was fairly easily fixed, the other that has me totally stumped. The first problem was that the elastic that drives the record player had simply slipped off the motor. I was surprised that it hadn't dried out at all and still looked brand new. After a few attempts, i finally got it back around the motor and reassembled.

    Now, the second problem has me scratching my head and the picture should help me describe the prob. Basically, as soon as i connect the power, the motor that drives the record starts running and will not stop. I've figured out that it's because the connection isn't being interrupted like it's supposed to.

    Looking at the right hand side of the picture, follow the wire from the motor up along box (the wire is indicated by the number 1). You'll see that it ends by connecting to a thin, flexable piece of metal (2) that's running horizontally (it's very thin and may look like just an extension of the wire but it's not). From what i can gather, this piece is supposed to make a connection to the metal piece that it's touching (3), but only when the button is pressed. This is turn should activate the stylus (4) that plays the record. Is this correct?

    It looks to me like there has to be some kind of resistance on part 2 that relaxes when the button is pressed. This would allow it to touch part 3 and complete the circuit so the toy can talk. So, does anyone know what i need to do at this point? What that resistance is and what it hooks up to?

    The good news is it still does talk, and i'm pretty sure it's Arabic and not Japanese but it's pretty distorted and hard to tell.
  10. Tattoo Shane added a post in a topic: Plastic Robot Help   

    Thanks for the warm welcome, all the information and the repair advice guys! I'll be trying to fix him this weekend and i'll let you know how it all works out.

    Morbius, it's nice to see another Canucker with an appreciation for vintage Star Wars. ;)

    Here's an older pic of my collection for anyone interested. You can see some of my robots in the 7th pic, to the left of my girlfriend's My Little Pony collection.

    Better robot pics here:
  11. Tattoo Shane added a post in a topic: Looking For Collectors/dealers In Western Canada   

    Every year i put on a fairly large toy and comic show here in Edmonton and i'm always looking to have as much diversity as possible at the show. I would love to add some vintage and modern robot content so if there is anyone from Alberta, or Western Canada who would be interested in attending the show as a dealer, please feel free to drop me a line at
  12. Tattoo Shane added a post in a topic: Plastic Robot Help   

    Hey name is Shane Turgeon and while i'm primarily a vintage Star Wars collector i do dabble a bit in robots and have a couple of questions to ask here.

    First off i must say that you guys have a great forum community here. I've been lurking for a bit, hoping to find answers to my question. Hopefully i'm posting this in the right spot.

    I'm looking to find some informartion regarding a plastic robot i've had since i was a child. I have a few pics posted here:

    It was made in Japan and i posted a pic of the marking here:

    Each of the colour buttons would make make the robot say different things. It also had 4 red missiles, similar to the ones found with Shogun Warriors, that would shoot from it's forehead.

    I have only ever seen this two other times, once at a local antique show and the other in someone's collection pics i found in the links section. Here's the interesting uncle got this for me back in the early 80s when he was working in Saudi Arabia and the robot actually spoke, what i'm assuming, was Arabic. That brings me to my second question:

    Is there any way to restore the robot so it can talk again? Over the years it's lost it's ability to speak.

    Thanks everyone for the time and my apologies if i'm made any grievous newbie errors. ;)