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  1. robothunter added a post in a topic: Botstock XI: Attendance Thread!   

    Hey Guys. I'll be there for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Please add me in. Thanks!
  2. robothunter added a post in a topic: Michael Meyers meets Robby the Robot   

    OK Last clue It stars Harrison Ford.
  3. robothunter added a post in a topic: Michael Meyers meets Robby the Robot   

    Good catch Don! I never noticed that little detail.

    Here's another hint for my FP quiz...the film features one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Still no guesses?
  4. robothunter added a post in a topic: Michael Meyers meets Robby the Robot   

    Have you ever sworn that you knew every detail of your one of favorite movies, almost line for line, only to be shocked one day by something you missed? John Carpenter's classic Halloween is one of my favorite movies of all time. And although I haven't actually sat and watched it in full in many years, I've seen bits and pieces here and there and it's been playing in the background like white noise on many occasions while I was involved doing something else.

    So the other night when I yet again left the TV playing in the background with Halloween on as I was doing something else I suddenly realized I was hearing lines from Forbidden Planet. I looked up and, it seemed as if for the very first time ever, noticed that the movie the kids are watching on TV the night that Mike Meyers attacks while Jamie Lee Curtis's character is babysitting was Forbidden Planet!

    How did I not remember this? I've seen this movie countless times over my life and we all know how I feel about Forbidden Planet and Robby! Boy am I losing it! LOL!

    Anyway, it got me to thinking about how many other sci-fi or horror movies out there reference sci-fi classics. Or in my case, Forbidden Planet which is the movie I'm targeting. I can think of only one other. It's a major movie with a big name cast and during a crucial scene in the film there is a family watching Forbidden Planet on TV.

    Can you name that movie? Can you think of any others?
  5. robothunter added a post in a topic: Galaxy Quest robot   

    Thanks for the tip John. Although realistically I just have to accept the fact that no matter how much I might like to build this thing I just don't have any place to put it. And as far as redecorating my living room with this potentially hot new entertainment center, I don't think Robot Modern is a style of furniture Gerti is about to have in her house! My deal with Gerti is a lot like yours with Pam. I can stuff the robot room until it's about to burst, but the rest of the house is off limits for robots and space toys. Which is a good thing otherwise it would look like we're living inside a Toys 'r Us!
  6. robothunter added a post in a topic: Galaxy Quest robot   

    I sure wouldn't mind having a gigantic Horikawa Mars King inspired entertainment center holding my TV and electronic toys. That would be great. To that point I have been slowly adding cheap full size Robot B-9 parts over the years *(torso, tread section, most of a head, and even legs) that I find on eBay late at night with the intent of building the coolest entertainment center in the universe! But like a lot of projects that will never see the light of day, they all sit in a storage shed wasting away. But one of these days I will finally make that guy. Hopefully!
  7. robothunter added a post in a topic: New Ikea Display Case   

    Great looking cabinet. Horrible legs. I would cut them off and let it sit on the floor. Hopefully the top is flat and can have toys displayed on top. To David's point, if in a finished basement make sure it's off the floor in case of a burst pipe on a frozen winter's night. Been there and it's an experience you never want to live through.
  8. robothunter added a post in a topic: Planet Robot, Yellow Feet   

    Yup. Sun bleached. Or as they would say on the California gold coast.....sun kissed!
  9. robothunter added a post in a topic: Botstock XI: Official Vote   

    Hey Guys...I also can't get the dam thing to cut and paste so please forgive me...

    10. robothunter : Chicago

    But since it's pretty clear we're having another wonderful blast at Joe's, you can count on me to come on down early Joe and help set-up in any way I can!
  10. robothunter added a post in a topic: Another "made to look old" robot ripoff   

    I agree with John. I think it's a great idea. Except that these scummy creeps trying to rip off innocent newbies are also the very first to scream slander and will attempt to sue our butts off for trying to protect the members of our collecting community! These SOB's will do anything to make a buck. Except earn it the honest way.
  11. robothunter added a post in a topic: New Lost in Space B9 model kit   

    I think you're being modest here Mike because I've seen a number of kits built by you and they all looked pretty good to me. But since you seem down on your skills maybe this is the time for a sneaky wheeler dealer type (not me, of course) to take advantage and strike a bargain.

    "Hey,Mike. How about you build a kit for me? We can do cash, or even better (wink, wink, nod, nod) some horse trading? Tin for glue and paint work? Let me know buddy!"

    I can see, hopefully, a new freshly built and painted Lost In Space Robot B-9 model kit in my future!
  12. robothunter added a post in a topic: New Lost in Space B9 model kit   

    Cool looking model kit! It's a shame to think about how crummy it's going to look after I try my hand at building it! LOL! I can build a full-size B-9 ( I've done three so far after much schooling from Professor Rigg) but stink at these small detailed kits. We can't all be model kit master builders like Morbius.
  13. robothunter added a post in a topic: Andybot destroys building   

    Awesome! I loved it! Great job Andy!
  14. robothunter added a post in a topic: Robots and space toys from vintage christmas catalogs   

    I love it! But as a resident of New York State, I'm afraid I would be in violation of the new NY Safe Act Bill if I owned it! When did we all become so dam politically correct? I grew up on toys like this and I haven't killed anybody.!
  15. robothunter added a post in a topic: Robots and space toys from vintage christmas catalogs   

    Hey, John. Did you notice that the Mechanized Robot illustrated on page 31 of that Sear's catalog is a C-Cell version? Check out the length of the legs in relation to the body and the indentation in the side of the battery-door to create the image of the legs being jointed. This little detail was dropped on the larger battery-doors. A minor discovery, but exciting to a Robby freak like myself since most of the Robbys I've seen illustrated in catalogs or ads were the later D-Cell models.

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