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  1. plan3b added a post in a topic: Robot & Space Toy collection on flickr   

    Thanks for all your kind words. I do have some other "categories" of things I'd like to eventually take photos of - including some great stuff of classic Universal Studios Monsters!

    As far as the "gear" I use to take the photos, it's really nothing too special. I've photographed with a couple of different digital cameras, and again none of them are very fancy at all - all point-and-shoot cameras.

    For lighting the toys, I made something from one of Grandpa's posts from THIS SITE I stumbled upon several years ago:

    or you can go directly to the link he put in his post:
  2. plan3b added a post in a topic: Robot & Space Toy collection on flickr   

    Over the past couple of years I have taken the time to photograph the robots and space toys in my modest collection. Unfortunately, there are not nearly as many vintage toys as I would like - the majority being newer and reproduction toys - however, I am still very pleased with what I have. What I wanted to do in taking these pictures is show how these robots and space toys are in many cases as beautiful and inspiring as any kind of "art" piece out there.

    If you are interested here is the link:

    That link will take you to my photostream. From there, click on the "Robots & Space Toys" ICON at the top of the right-hand side and that will take you to the pictures.

    I still have more pictures to take of my collection - including many boxes. I love space toy box art, and in addition to some of the newer boxes I have vintage boxes to photograph as well.
  3. plan3b added a post in a topic: James Bond Keeps Distracting Me From Robot Collecting   

    That is an incredible toy! - And I understand completely! I too love James Bond stuff as well as robots - especially the Aston Martin DB5 ! For me I guess you could add: movie posters, Popeye, & the Batman to my list of things I like to collect. Nuthin' wrong with having a little diversity. I've noticed a fair amount of people on this board have "other" items in their display cases as well.

    But, back to this toy - WOW! What a super example! Plus the box! Nice score.
  4. plan3b added a post in a topic: At Last I Bag A Half Decent Alps Tv Spaceman   

    This has always been one of my all-time favorite robots, proving that a robot doesn't always have to be "rare" to score big points.

    However, I feel this robot's actions are too cool NOT to have a working one! Myself, I would attempt to get it up and running. If it is any consolation, I ended up purchasing no less than THREE Television Spaceman robots over time - I gleaned the best parts from each one and put those pieces all together to make ONE minty robot. To me, it was completely worth the effort. Nonetheless, when I look back on it - I sometimes think that with what I ended up spending, I could of just waited and bought a mint one - for the same cost - and without all the hassle. Still, maybe mine means more to me now because of the effort I put into it. At least I bet I'm not the first person on this board to have done something like this.

  5. plan3b added a post in a topic: 1st Version Alps Tv Robot.   

    This robot is one of my all-time favorites. It is one from my childhood. All I can say is that I have no such problem with mine - so it must be a unique problem with yours. I hope you can figure out what is wrong.
  6. plan3b added a post in a topic: Great Looking Robots   

    Many thanks for alerting me to this website. I've always been a HUGE fan of box art - especially for robot boxes (and expecially for the Horikawa/Metal House robot boxes). Fun!

    It is a shame that, in large part, this practice of putting great art on the box has been abandoned and in its place you find a cellophane window, lackluster photo, or a simple black and white line drawing. *sigh* No imagination.
  7. plan3b added a post in a topic: 12" Mars Attacks Martian Soldier From Hot Toys   

    MARS ATTACKS has always been severely under-rated in my book.

    Cool figure.
  8. plan3b added a post in a topic: New Mechanized Robby, Battery Op.   

    Call me crazy but I think it looks great. Not sure about the price, however.....
  9. plan3b added a post in a topic: Chief Robotman   

    I got my CHIEF ROBOTMAN from Jay at Robot Island. I understand he always makes sure a robot works before he sends them out - and I believe he told me quite a few of these didn't work right at the get-go. Not sure if he fixed the non-workers, or simply sent them back in exchange for working 'bots - - but, it might be worth it to contact him to see if he knows a thing or two about what is up with these particular repros. I have 2 myself - and when they work they are great!
  10. plan3b added a post in a topic: Moon Ship Supersonic   

    I had a couple of ones from the series - they are all beautiful... and BIG. Those are some large tin toys.
  11. plan3b added a post in a topic: Anyone Else Concerned About These "original Boxes"   

    I hate to say it, but this is only going to get worse. In addition to my Robot, Ray Gun, & Space toy collection - I collect Movie Posters. Boy, if you want to talk about some "paper products" that'll get big $ - this is the hobby! In fact, with Movie Poster collecting - it is such big business that semi-professional print houses have cranked out dozens and dozens of fake posters using sophisticated printing techniques - with the intent of passing them off as originals. The problem here is that many of those counterfeits were printed years ago - and as a result those fakes are now themselves beginning to show signs of age naturally! For example: a bunch of the Star Wars poster-fakes printed in the 1980s are already 20+ years old! Thus making determining their age even more difficult!

    If there is a dishonest buck to be made, you can count on culprits attempting the scam. And with the ability of more and more high-end printing available for less and less to everyone, the possiblities seem to multiply.
  12. plan3b added a post in a topic: Anyone Else Concerned About These "original Boxes"   

    I have to say that I am also a big fan of box art. To me, a robot or space toy can be made even better if it has a great box. Conversely, I'm always bummed out if the box art stinks.

    In some ways it's a lost art. My least favorite is if there is simply a picture of the toy on the box. No imagination.
  13. plan3b added a post in a topic: What The Postman Left.....   

    Wow. Uber-jealous here - but also very happy for you. I never have had either of these toys but have bid on them plenty of times. Always been fascinated by both - great, great space toys. Congrates! Still don't have them myself, but, now you have both!
  14. plan3b added a post in a topic: 1950's Pyro Space Port   

    I'm a big fan of litho'd tin - and I have to say this is at the top of its class. Very nice piece.
  15. plan3b added a post in a topic: Fire Chief Smoky   

    Ha! Yeah - the "Book Burner"! Instead of putting out fires - it starts them!

    If only they could have figured out a way for the hose to shoot out flames! Now THAT would of been something!

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