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  1. evanism added a post in a topic: State Of Sales Etc   

    Hi guys,

    I haven't been here for a while. It's good to see all the usuals still here, plus a few more, after all the years I've been away. Life has kept me insanely busy.

    I have begun thinking about selling a bit of my collection and was interested in your opinions on the best way to sell.

    I'm considering 1 or 2 lilliputs, a strenny with cart, maybe 5 of my atomos and a smoking or two.

    Those who remember me know I have the best quality, genuine and minty. All orig keys and most with boxes.

    I looked at eBay and it looked very very ordinary indeed. So crowd, your wisdom please!

    (btw, hi all!!!!!!)

  2. evanism added a post in a topic: What Is The Average Age Of Robot / Ray Gun Collectors?   

    40 going on 16 :)
  3. evanism added a post in a topic: Where In The World Is Mike?   

    oooooh, jmcesari, I seeeeee an Atomo there.

    Hi Dromers, been away a bit focused on family business... never forgotten the Atomos though. Better than Gold!

    JM, wanna sell him ;)

    mmmmmmmm, atomo!
  4. evanism added a post in a topic: Sci-fi Pulp Covers   

    Stumbleupon dudes! http://www.stumbleupon.com/
  5. evanism added a post in a topic: ATOMIC ROBOT MAN   


    I have a few ARM's of all kinds (well, Im OBSESSED with them) and Ive never seen an insert. Al the old pix Ive seen only show a box. The key definately isnt original. I have 5 ARMs with supposedly original keys and tey are all the same key, so that pretty much convinces me they are real.... you'll find some of my posts from a while ago on it.

    Congrats on the acquisition!
  6. evanism added a post in a topic: Spot The New Bot   

    the toilet roll-marbles combo thing? Tres cool.
  7. evanism added a post in a topic: Arm Key   

    Hi Asimov, and welcome.

    The Atomos have been seen on the board as my specialty. :rolleyes: Perhaps because I have a small army of them ... my persuit of the ultra schmick examples has been a bit of an obsession to me. It drives my wife absolutely crazy.

    My thoughts are as per the 2 links above. Some of my keyed atomos have the basic black key (no adornment, unlacquered and with a small pointy bit in the middle), but I can also state that 2 of my tidiest and boxed examples also have the "tree" key (cant seem to find my previous post about it).

    Ive been obsesing about my japanese robots (esp the lilliputs and atomos) as I like to think that my studies of all things japanese can help me understand small details... such as the tree on the key (is it symbolic, or a reference to another symbol, or adornment to counterpoint nature), then name (WTF would they call it Atomic Robot Man... it beggers belief!!!)

    One thing I can't do is abslutely guarantee this is iron clad correctly the right key, or keys. My guts tell me it is, but more research on the matter will satisfy me.... (I feel its important as these ultra early examples mean far more than the middle robots as they contain cultural contexts - esp for Japanese)
  8. evanism added a post in a topic: The Most Expensive A R M In The World   

    wow, if my little pile of ARMs are worth 8 grand each I'm well and truely in the money!!!!!
  9. evanism added a post in a topic: Design Planet Laboratory   

    zap zap


  10. evanism added a post in a topic: Bot Stock V Poster   

    I'll be doing one this year lads. It will be done in about 4 weeks.

    Some demos will be posted most soonly.

  11. evanism added a post in a topic: Lilliput´s Riddles   

    Hi Freuds,

    I had a good hard long stare at my 2 again and I think the reference to Japan is absolutely spot on. NP is a common reference to Japan (Nippon - Ni Hon).

    However the numbers are elusive. The rule of Emperor Showa Tenno (Hirohito to the Americans here) was 1926 to 1989. The Japanese date according to the years of the emperors rule... Showa 10 is 1936 in gaijin speak.... so... i was thinking 5 + 3 + 5+ 7... but this doesn't quite make sense.

    I've managed to turn up some pearls of information on the ARMs... god did that take some digging!!! but I reckon this one is worth of a Quest!!!!

    Let me go over it with a microscope and relook at all the trademarks, symbols and tags!!


  12. evanism added a post in a topic: It's Raining Robots   

    it will be interesting wont it!!! mmmm, a machine man!
  13. evanism added a post in a topic: What A Shame!   

    Tinluver2, you are well informed on owners.... must study the mags.

    Restoration on a piece like this seems like a form of evil to me.... sometime pieces are worth leaving just as they are as they represent the history of how they were bought - and by the kids that had them (or set fire to them in an apocolyptic revenge attack)

    I don't know the mind of everyone here... but WHAT ARE YOU THOUGHTS ON MAJOR RESTORATION.

    (sorry, been away for a bit)
  14. evanism added a post in a topic: Robot Potpourri   

    considering the name of Roboz, and this cats clearly out of the bag, any chance of a few links to "said" items for sale?


    Deeerrrr, excuse my silliness. Took me 30 seconds to realise how stupid that last question was.
  15. evanism added a post in a topic: Bot Stock I V Photos   

    hi guys/gals,

    Sorry we've been off the radar for a bit... new job burning up all the hours... but now I'm back!

    Botstock looked fantastic!!! My wife and I will be coming across to the US next year for it, so it better be a ripper!

    BTW, where do I get the fabric to make a pair of those robot duds!!


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