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  1. Paul Anderson added a post in a topic: Alphadrome Robot 2   


    PaPa-san is making the Robot-35 for the market , And at this time it looks like Masudaya Company will be buying the project with one other robot.

    The Head on the Alphadrome robot is 100% different creation then the vintage R-35 head [ new size ] so it can fit on the smoking robots body. The color will be a Metallic Green with Metallic Red.

    Volker, If you need to talk with Robert about your robot Just email at he can check this mail address overseas with no problem

  2. Paul Anderson added a post in a topic: Alphadrome Robot 2   

    Gosses, Johnson would drop dead before he apologizes to you. You must be referring to the fact that you have been permanently banned from his Ebay auctions, beause 2+ years ago you never paid for the vintage toys that he mailed to you after you won them in one of his auctions. Mr. Johnson told the staff, 'Hey, I know this guy. Just mail the toys right away. We don't need to wait for payment.' Those were Johnson's words--And the payment never came. There weren't any problems with the toys. And when Johnson sent a reminder for Payment, the emails just bounced back, UnDeliverable. I remember this myself because that was when I first started working here. I guess the toys were deliverable though, because they never bounced back. Listen Gosses, I just work here but I am a collector like any other member on this site, but it really takes balls to ask for an apology. You're a cipher around here. None of us staff know you. We only know of you as the European collector who never paid. And what's this about you reworking Robert's Sparky project. You make a few minor modifications to a toy that retailed for $15 - $70 Limited Edition and gouge fellow collectors for $250 for a 6" windup robot that is not a manufactured original. Industry standards condone robots that may be at a high retail price, as long as they are manufactured originals. End of discussion - I will not be responding to any of your excuses...damn man, why are you always so negative and always bashing? You must have had a very unhappy childhood. Get Over It.

    Speaking to the other members: please do not comment to Gosses' ignorance. We don't want this to get blown out of proportion. Paul
  3. Paul Anderson added a post in a topic: Alphadrome Robot 2   

    You guys are just so friendly. That's the one thing I like about this hobby. All the nice people and the friendly comments. Robert Johnson is overseas right now at his factories so I relayed the message to Brian that Robert is creating this Robot for the Robot Talk members. The box art is done and they should be assembled shortly. Myself and Ron Jeremy will be in charge of shipping the robots to the members. So, what I will do is email each individual member so I can send their Alphadrome to them. Robert's philosophy is that as Alphdrome was created for the Robot Talk members that he will be giving a free robot to each of the members as a gesture of his appreciation. Robert feels that when you create a robot like this that you should "not ask" the membership to cough up the dough to buy it.

    SH Mike, sorry to disappoint you that the release of the Tremendous Mike will be late but products are more often late in manufacturing than early, as snafus always arise.

    Laserman, good point. Robert feels that the Smoking Robot mechanism could be reworked a thousand times, as it is a great piece - The Mona Lisa of the Robot World. Great body mass, battery powered, five functions. A classic in its own right.

    I will talk to Robert when he gets back and also to Brian about how we should go about distributing the robots after they are packaged. Paul
  4. Paul Anderson added a post in a topic: Mexican Vintage Robots   

    Ole Hello,

    That first robot Photo is in Robert Johnson collection, It's from the dealer in mexico that selling on ebay time to time. 3 colors in total to the set, All are battery op/Robert Shimizu and Mr. Johnson have the full set, Size is about 10.5" They sell for 2000.00 - 3500.00 most of the time the condition is very bad, The one in the photo had big problems with the battery box.

  5. Paul Anderson added a post in a topic: Was This A Good Deal?   

    Plastic A.

    That was a great deal, I think the last one sold at auction for 5500.00 or 6500.00 about 1 or 2 years ago.

    Wait a Min, That was the same auction that had the Machine Man Robot
    Joe E. from the Pennsylvania Museum would know how much that one sold for.

  6. Paul Anderson added a post in a topic: New Member   

    Steve..Thank you.

    yes it is a pain in the butt looking at all the cool vintage Robots that i cannot buy. But i have a OK collection of 4+ years and moving on, Steve, I love this hobby alot, So much that my girl friend left me { Or should i say Kick my butt out of her home } Each time a bill came i paid it } Each time she ask to go out on the town ..I Paid } { Each time a Robot came up for sale and i had the money .. I ran after it } Well one night i came home and all my stuff was in the yard, " Yes " all my Robots and space toys just siting out were anyone can take them.

    Have any of you guys had problems with a wife or girl friend over Robots?

  7. Paul Anderson added a post in a topic: New Member   


    You are great thank you for your help, I will do what you said. I just do not what to mess things up for Brian with the photos .

    When do you and i talk about the fork Lift my New friend.

    Now for a Little Repro Robot Talk:
    For the last week in the office we have been talking about the dates for Tremendous Mike Silver in September and Orange in December and or maybe both in Sep, Yes all prices will be low about 99.00 Each color Retail "but" we all know you cannot make 250 Robots and sell them for 99.00 so PaPa-San will have to make something like 1500 Each color or maybe more and Hobby Japan is asking the owner to sell this Robot only in japan. Now we are also talking about Chief Robotman 3 color styles
    { White-Blue-Silver }- 3 Boxes { Radical } { Mystery Moon Man } All Identical Actions The dies and Lithographed plates are Done, So this is all on the table right now. And Mike you do know Robert has the Dies for Diamond Planet that the Original PaPa-San Owners made in Late 1999 in japan. But the Diamond Robert would like only 250 pieces made as a Special Series -Two colors and two Mechanical styles Battery and Spring Mechanism ..With all of this going on Robert feels it is time to slow thing down a bit. Maybe only sell one or two new robots in a year. What do you collectors think...SH Mike, Dr .A/ Robert, Mike van, R1-Robot, Brian and Other Members.

  8. Paul Anderson added a post in a topic: New Member   

    Robert Thank you.

    yes i will email comcast and see how to list photos on the web and then post them here.

  9. Paul Anderson added a post in a topic: New Member   

    Dr. A

    I will take a look at ebay for that item also on your page. I Think they made two color styles Is this right, One gold and one silver ?

  10. Paul Anderson added a post in a topic: New Member   

    Mike van, Thank you

    Yes the robots i am talking about are the rocket U.s.a . Body style
    I will dig up a photo and post soon.

    Dr. A
    I pick up a Astro Ray by Shudo "but" it came in a bag ? Did this item come in a box at one time. The Ray gun is on page 72 in { zap} i paid only 65.00
  11. Paul Anderson added a post in a topic: New Member   

    Dr. A

    I know about going through money, But when buying them i see some as a Investment. I am now thinking about buying some Ray Guns because the robots sometimes are just to much money.

    I have seen some nice ray guns with boxes go for 150.00 - 300.00
  12. Paul Anderson added a post in a topic: New Member   

    Thank you R-1 Robot

    You know, there's a japanese designer making new cool looking robots out of that R-1 Robot Body . I sold two on Ebay last year { Late 2004 } The robots have a dome type head with two big eyes inside..very cool looking for a custom robot.

  13. Paul Anderson added a post in a topic: New Member   

    Just like to say hello, I have been a robot collector for over 4 years now and have been reading this page for about 1 year.

    I buy some vinatge robots if i have the money, I also buy repro's.
    About two years ago i had a job at a small toy company in minnesota
    that sold Diecast cars, Now i work for comet toys in minneapolis.

    The only collectors i know on this site are : larry 7 and Mike Klotz
    Larry painted a conehead and one schylling astronaut for me in a fantasy color.. Larry's paint work i feel is one of the best i have seen.

    Right now i am looking for a fork lift robot No/Box made by horikawa "but" i only have about 1000.00 for the toy.

    Paul :rolleyes:

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