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  1. Mr.Zerox added a post in a topic: Hendrik Izaak (henk) Gosses   

    I am shocked and saddened by this terrible news. A great loss to Alphadrome, Henk's loss to his family and friends is incalculable. I cannot add to what has already been said and my sincere condolences go out to Henk's family and friends

  2. Mr.Zerox added a post in a topic: Ding-a-ling Driver   

    Hi Jean,

    Nothing to apologise for, we are friends here on Alphadrome. Thank you for posting photos of your Ding collection and it is nice to see that you have some Robotrons as well. I have only one, a Red version of Rocky, without a box.

    There are alternate version of the following Dings:

    Answer Man

    There is also meant to be another version of Constructo, but I have yet to see one :(

    I'll be posting more photos of my collection shortly.

    All the best,

  3. Mr.Zerox added a post in a topic: Ding-a-ling Driver   

    Hi Jean,

    Welcome to Alphadrome, fellow Topper Ding Collector, stewweights. I believe I have bought from you in the past? When I last checked in on the eBay auction Joe the bidding stood at $3,550.00, and congratulations Jean on winning the Driver. I didn't log on to Alpha yesterday and your posting explains the strange email I have received from the Seller of the Driver Ding-A-Ling. He was wanting to put me in touch with the Driver's buyer and you have done so yourself.

    Do you collect the alternate version of the Ding-A-Lings too? I am beginning to wonder about the alternate version of Constructo.Out of the many I have had, they have all been the same. Maybe you could enlighten me on this?

    Now to answer your replies. Thank you for your complements on my Ding collection, you have obviously been looking at my posting since you have joined and have seen the photo of 9Tobor9's Bank. Its a beauty isn't and considerably different to the post-production drawings of the Bank as depicted in the photo you auctioned on eBay.

    I too have the Ding Mobile, one being complete in the box with all the inserts, sadly my loose version is missing the windshield, but that's all and I can live with that. Here's a photo of my boxed Ding Mobile.

    Yes, I am missing the Bank and Policeman, but hope to find an example of each some day. You are mistaken though to class the Policeman as one of the "lost" Dings, as he was manufactured in the original production run of the 12 Dings.

    Your comments on Detecto are confusing again, like the ebay description from a few months back. Hopefully you can clear this up for me. Are you saying that the Decto in your collection is the original prototype from the 70's promotional ad or just a custom made item based on the one seen in the ad? If it is the original 'prototype' then my congratulations as you have the holy grail Dings in your collection and I look forward to your reply.

    A statement you made that I cannot agree with is: "Even if it was not authentic (and it is) its rarity and value is well over any other Ding". This cannot be as anybody who is so minded can custom a Ding. Any value is solely as a "space filler" and can have NO monetary value on the open market.

    Many strange a thing have made its way onto ebay and you have to admit that this 'book' did indeed have a very tatty cover? I myself cannot afford to take a gamble, you took the leap and gained. But to call my comments 'unprofessional' is too strong a definition as everybody has the right of doubt until proven wrong.

    Although Alphadrome is not a Ding board, you will still find more on the subject than on the Yahoo Ding board, and the people assembled here are far more helpful.Welcome again and I look forward very much to your postings. Information on the Topper line of Robots is always most interesting and thank you for sharing.

  4. Mr.Zerox added a post in a topic: Attacking Martian Mk Ii   

    That's the one Ranger! :ph34r:

    That's excellent and much improved on the MK I, it works better as a whole and the colours are great! It reminds me of areal pissed off version of the Lunar Robotman!

    Well done indeed.
  5. Mr.Zerox added a post in a topic: Ding-a-ling Driver   

    I saw this on eBay and I thought it would be worth posting the description to this auction for all you Ding-A-Collectors out there, you'll find it quite an amusing read :lol:

    I had this toy as a child but one day my father dropped a bucket of paint on it, which hit this toy and destroyed my mobile. This toy was brand new, right out of "Two Guys" store at the time and my father said he would fix it. It was broken in the arms, chest and had light blue paint all over it. It was destroyed!! My father put it in a box, put it in the attic and 35 years later my parents mailed me a box with all my child hood toys in it etc. Low and behold the TV head guy was there!! I decided to have it fixed. It was scraped of all the paint( all over upper body/front) , glued back together and I used some filler to fix tiny (Microscopic) areas where the plastic was missing (due to when paint can hit it and my mobile!). This was a three month project that cost $$$ to fix as well as time. When it was fixed I was excited to give it to my daughter. Unfortunately what I enjoyed as a child did not carry over to her!! So on this note I am selling it.

    The way it looks is exactly the way it was, when my father originally bought it. I painted over it due to all the damage it received in 1971. It took forever to get the perfect match for the paint but the job is finally completed!! I am new to ebay so this whole process is a new adventure to me!!

    I only accept Money orders, cashier checks and personal checks

    ENJOY and Thanks for looking!!

    On Mar-20-06 at 17:51:59 PST, seller added the following information:

    The claw robot and other piece on the floor were added just as a point of comparison for the Driver. The Claw Robot and the other small piece on the floor are not for sale. Only the Driver/TV Head Robot is being sold.

    On Mar-20-06 at 18:28:37 PST, seller added the following information:

    The Driver is fully operable. Paint was only used for outside part of upper body and part of head. Exact same original colors were used for these areas. The rest was never damaged.

    On Mar-20-06 at 18:31:25 PST, seller added the following information:

    Arms also had to be resanded, glued back together in certain areas, and painted due to original damage.

  6. Mr.Zerox added a post in a topic: Ding A Ling Banker Auction   

    Now has 22 bidders, the highest bid stands at $122.50! :blink:

  7. Mr.Zerox added a post in a topic: Ding A Ling Banker Auction   

    HA! HA! HA! That's made my night!

    After having a power-cut for most of the day I have only now able to come on-line due to the power being restored: only to find Joe's gem of a posting. This is the same seller that was trying to auction that custom Detecto a few moths back, she could be starting a new trend - guess what your winning item will be!?!

    How about this Joe & Christian, only $20 bucks a piece per photo - interested? :lol:

  8. Mr.Zerox added a post in a topic: What Is This Robot ?   

    Well said that man!

  9. Mr.Zerox added a post in a topic: Lost In Electronic Wonderland   

    Hello Henk,

    Here's my email address:

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,


    PS: I've changed the @ to AT

  10. Mr.Zerox added a post in a topic: A Line Up Of Not So Rare Robots   

    Wonderful line up MRH!

    The laughing Robot is great, a sure cure for depression, it gets me laughing every time! It never fails to put a smile on your face:lol: The laugh reminds me of a "Laughing Bag" I used to have as a kid, but the Robot runs at a much slower speed. Now if you want to hear a spooky laugh, just listen to the Yonezawa laughing Robot, that's a laugh of a megalomaniac if ever I've heard one! :blink:

    The Silver Attacking Martian is superb (he's on my wants list) and looks great next to the Robby. As too is the Astroman, never used to like him much, but seeing Ranger's posting some months ago made me start to change my opinion on it.

    Is the Roby the OTTI wind-up version?

    Many thanks for posting,

  11. Mr.Zerox added a post in a topic: "lost In Space" B9 Robot Army   

    :o My word what a wonderful sight!
  12. Mr.Zerox added a post in a topic: They're Ain't No Russians In Russia   

    Many thanks Steve for the info, I have been educated. :)
  13. Mr.Zerox added a post in a topic: They're Ain't No Russians In Russia   

    I'm getting lost!

    How many versions are there of the original Mechanized Robot? I look forward to being educated on the matter.

    Once again Christian a wonderful collection! Do you do a paid guided tour? If so I want to buy a ticket. :D
  14. Mr.Zerox added a post in a topic: Latest Addition   

    Very Nice Robert, well done!

    Did he come with a box?

    Allthe best,

  15. Mr.Zerox added a post in a topic: FLOWER ROBOT - KING KONG OF MARS   

    I love these fly eye Horikawa's but this one doesn't rock my boat, although the chest panel is interesting.

    A change of mind as Jovigirl is back again on the Flower Robot! Butt ugly or not it looks like its down to her or Clowntrigger, unless they are sniped by an outsider!


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