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  1. Morbius added a post in a topic: Ex Machina   

    OK, what does she collect?  Real Space People?  
    Thanks for posting this Oz.
  2. Morbius added a post in a topic: Rotator Robot. It's So Annoying.   

    Thanks for the info Racerxc70.  That explains the 4-second wins (not me) on everything I bid on even if I throw that last second bid.
  3. Morbius added a post in a topic: New Prototype Unearthed at Botstock X!   

    In the event of newcomers entering the world of BOTSTOCK, here's a prelude...
  4. Morbius added a post in a topic: Rotator Robot. It's So Annoying.   

    There seems to be a pattern lately on e-bay which is turning me off the whole thing although I'm not after a whole lot of anything anyway.  
    Scarce 'bots (in seemingly great condition) are being offered and sold, offered and sold over and over again months on end from the same sellers, same pics.  Other times the same item/seller posts these same listings (usually Italy) and no bids are ever placed, they just get re-posted continually.   Makes you wonder what's going on.  More reasons for dealing with people you know.
    Another issue is the winning bidders, some items I've bid on, the winning bid from someone else gets it in the last 3 seconds with their 2489 bids on 1987 items over the last 30 days.  Who are these buyers scooping even the modest items up???  Gone are the days when a few bidders would enter in mid-way through the listing and would bid up a couple of dollars at a time, one would give up and all would be quiet in the last hour.
  5. Morbius added a post in a topic: 50 cent Sonic Train Robot   

    Wonderful story.  That's what this stuff is about, the stories about where they're found it rounds out the whole hobby.  
  6. Morbius added a post in a topic: 4 GEAR HIGH WHEEL ROBOT   

    Nice pickup Phil!  I believe the 6-gear is a little more scarce than the 4 but they're both great. I've had my 4-gear for 33 years now and even when I got him at the Toronto Toy Show in 1982 his antennae had little affect on his movement regardless of whether he was 'up' or 'down'.   
  7. Morbius added a post in a topic: Space Jet Car   

    I saw that one Don, glad it went to a great home!  It's certainly a beautiful piece, congrats on the new addition!
  8. Morbius added a post in a topic: Alps Door Robot   

    Thank you Chilli, I was honestly informed when I purchased my door robot, by the seller (who happens to be one of the world's top $$ robot collectors) that the remote very well might be a replacement.  No one seems to know how may different types of remotes were added to this particular toy as there are so many variations.  
  9. Morbius added a post in a topic: Masudaya Voice Box Robby   

    Someone mentioned here (I don't recall who) about needing the voice box for the 16 inch Masudaya Robby, here's a listing.

  10. Morbius added a post in a topic: Alps Door Robot   

    Door Robots are all over the place lately, I recall a time they were much more difficult to find.  
  11. Morbius added a post in a topic: New Star Wars trailer   

    Does this dust at the beginning of the trailer remind you of someone?

  12. Morbius added a post in a topic: Strange Change Time Machine Model   

    Welcome Megastellar to Alphadrome.  
    A model kit site would likely be more appropriate for an answer to your issues for things such as MPC kits of this sort...all I can do is suggest:   Aurora and friends  model kits and parts department  (on Facebook) for advice on this. Rest assured some of us here on Alphadrome are into the model kits as well as robots (as I've been into monster and auto model kits such as these for about 54 years or so).  Never had that series myself as I was a teen at the time they originated and I was busy trashing all my 'kid' stuff including the Aurora monster kits when these were originally available, I believe around 1973 or so.  As I've heard over the years the originals never worked very well at all and this includes the Rube Goldberg kits that were supposed to do all sorts of stuff but also didn't work as designed.  
    Hopefully someone here has had experience with this kit and will chime in to help.  If you're a member of Facebook I'm quite sure you'll hook an answer fairly quickly at the above site, they seem to know their model stuff.
  13. Morbius added a post in a topic: Alps Door Robot's mine with the dark green remote.  I believe there are many different coloured remotes and wire combos for the "Door Robot".

  14. Morbius added a post in a topic: Local Space Toy/robot Auction Part 5   

    Wonderful catch Phil, absolutely beautiful with the box. Thanks for the pics, we are never lucky enough here around Toronto to see even one table that filled at the annual Toy Show with great stuff anywhere close to these pictures.

    Congrats!! Don't you hate it when they place price stickers ON the vintage cardboard?

    Oh, and the guy on the box looks just like you!
  15. Morbius added a post in a topic: Nice Motor Lodge ;o)   

    Gotta change the horse then.

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