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  1. Morbius added a post in a topic: Alps Door Robot   

    Thank you Chilli, I was honestly informed when I purchased my door robot, by the seller (who happens to be one of the world's top $$ robot collectors) that the remote very well might be a replacement.  No one seems to know how may different types of remotes were added to this particular toy as there are so many variations.  
  2. Morbius added a post in a topic: Masudaya Voice Box Robby   

    Someone mentioned here (I don't recall who) about needing the voice box for the 16 inch Masudaya Robby, here's a listing.

  3. Morbius added a post in a topic: Alps Door Robot   

    Door Robots are all over the place lately, I recall a time they were much more difficult to find.  
  4. Morbius added a post in a topic: New Star Wars trailer   

    Does this dust at the beginning of the trailer remind you of someone?

  5. Morbius added a post in a topic: Strange Change Time Machine Model   

    Welcome Megastellar to Alphadrome.  
    A model kit site would likely be more appropriate for an answer to your issues for things such as MPC kits of this sort...all I can do is suggest:   Aurora and friends  model kits and parts department  (on Facebook) for advice on this. Rest assured some of us here on Alphadrome are into the model kits as well as robots (as I've been into monster and auto model kits such as these for about 54 years or so).  Never had that series myself as I was a teen at the time they originated and I was busy trashing all my 'kid' stuff including the Aurora monster kits when these were originally available, I believe around 1973 or so.  As I've heard over the years the originals never worked very well at all and this includes the Rube Goldberg kits that were supposed to do all sorts of stuff but also didn't work as designed.  
    Hopefully someone here has had experience with this kit and will chime in to help.  If you're a member of Facebook I'm quite sure you'll hook an answer fairly quickly at the above site, they seem to know their model stuff.
  6. Morbius added a post in a topic: Alps Door Robot's mine with the dark green remote.  I believe there are many different coloured remotes and wire combos for the "Door Robot".

  7. Morbius added a post in a topic: Local Space Toy/robot Auction Part 5   

    Wonderful catch Phil, absolutely beautiful with the box. Thanks for the pics, we are never lucky enough here around Toronto to see even one table that filled at the annual Toy Show with great stuff anywhere close to these pictures.

    Congrats!! Don't you hate it when they place price stickers ON the vintage cardboard?

    Oh, and the guy on the box looks just like you!
  8. Morbius added a post in a topic: Nice Motor Lodge ;o)   

    Gotta change the horse then.

  9. Morbius added a post in a topic: Nice Motor Lodge ;o)   

    Doesn't have P.O.M. on the roster. THEN it would be the Blackhorse.
  10. Morbius added a post in a topic: Ok, So Who Snagged The Normura Drummer   

    Yeh, I missed an item recently that came and went within minutes, B.I.N. at 1/10 the going price and it was minty old store stock including the box. Another time a MIMB Zobor in a minty new-old-stock cardboard outer box was listed from an antique store specializing in dishes/plates and the like and claimed they knew nothing about toys @ $125 or best offer. The thing popped up new, I took the time to look at the 6 pics and during that moment it was sold 'best offer', they must have taken the first one presented to them.

    These deals do happen and like Don I try to keep up with the fresh listings as they appear. I DID snag a rarity last week from a '0' feedback seller with only 1 other bid sending it up by $2.50 so I got that one really cheap. Feels good when it comes your way.
  11. Morbius added a post in a topic: Nomura Friction Space Ray Gun   

    Beautiful gun Don, that barrel is amazing. Congrats on another great piece.
  12. Morbius added a post in a topic: Nice Motor Lodge ;o)   

    I like it!
  13. Morbius added a post in a topic: Roto Robot Repair   

    Excellent price for this robot Bill, a great buy for sure. It's absolutely beautiful.

    They're so flimsy very similar to a U.S. beer can and I've always wondered how they're able to be held together at all! Looks like a toy that may have broken slightly and was put away, I don't see any wear on it. I did a lousy job fixing my first one...the one that got me into robots to begin with. I found him at Goodwill for 25c in 1975 in great shape but dropped him going out the door and snapped his legs nearly completely off. Then a bad repair.

    These are fragile beasts. Best of luck with your repair I'm sure someone with those skills will chime in with a solution.
  14. Morbius added a post in a topic: Ok, So Who Snagged The Normura Drummer   

    Typical 'Item Lost'. Seen this before.
  15. Morbius added a post in a topic: 1920's Enosil Soap Tin Can   

    Nice can. Robots have obviously been depicted for some time, I guess closing in on 100 years or so?

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