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  1. jimmiesparks added a post in a topic: Smoking Space Man   

    I'm not sure what you're questioning, Joe. It looks to me like one of those overwrought airbrush illustrations more than an odd prototype pic. The arms are in the back position and look like they're too far away from the body - bad artist's rendering. The perspective of the feet looks off too. Would have to see the actual catalog page for sure to know what's actually going on.
  2. jimmiesparks added a post in a topic: Patricia Neal Is Gone   

    So sorry to hear this. KLAATU BARADA NIKTO...
  3. jimmiesparks added a post in a topic: 1958 - Mechanized Robot / Robby - Two Tone?   

    The description does say "Finished in two-toned (something) gloss enamel." Has to be a nickel plate that matches the on/off chest piece. Since they also did the silver MECHANIZED, it's not out of the realm of possibilities that there would be a hybrid. But why release a photo of this for marketing when they knew the bulk would be all black? Seems odd...

    Interesting that is says "Operated on MEDIUM flashlight batteries." Definitely not short legs pictured, though.

    Like their made up name - PLANET X.
  4. jimmiesparks added a post in a topic: Earth Vs Flying Saucer Model   

    That looks cool! How big is the scale? What did you make the saucers out of?

    For anyone stopping by LA, there's a great exhibit of Harryhausen original models at the Academy in Beverly Hills going through August 22. I was hoping to see more from EARTH VS. THE FLYING SAUCERS, but they did have two original saucers and some of Ray's original storyboard drawings.
  5. jimmiesparks added a post in a topic: Collected Robot Science Clips   

    Site has some fun robot inventions and clips -
  6. jimmiesparks added a post in a topic: Perfect Home For Robots   

    Reseda - Great! I can do a local pick up when I go for the BUY IT NOW!!! ;)
  7. jimmiesparks added a post in a topic: Our Friend Morbius Is In Need Of Some Krell Technology   

    Hope you're feeling better soon, Morbius!
  8. jimmiesparks added a post in a topic: Thoughts On Toy Box Restoration / Conservation?   

    The minimal approach is best. Should only do what's necessary so the box doesn't deteriorate any further. Archival reversible rice glue is best.

    A couple small touch-ups of color done by an expert won't kill the desirability but remounting sure will.

    Good advice to display only repro boxes with your collection. Even reflective light can cause fading to originals. :o
  9. jimmiesparks added a post in a topic: Elastolin Space Aliens   

    Great set!!! Makes me wish the Japanese created a set of their own designed spacemen and aliens.
  10. jimmiesparks added a post in a topic: Collecting The Jetsons   

    Wendy's "Happy Meal" items from 1989 -

  11. jimmiesparks added a post in a topic: R.i.p. Frank Frazetta   

    Wow, I didn't know about Frazetta until this post. Sad to hear this. Just 5 days before his death, I was staring at one of his original paintings at the May 5 Heritage Auction Gallery in Beverly Hills - the first one I've seen.

    It had a reserve of $150,000 (with BP $179,250) for an opening bid and didn't wind up selling.

    Warrior with Ball and Chain, Flashing Swords #1, paperback cover, 1973. Oil on board

    A famous Chesley Bonestell in the same auction sold at $77,675 (including the BP).

    Saturn Viewed from Titan, c. 1952. Oil on board. 18.25 x 23 in

    There's a nice documentary on Frazetta made by a friend of a friend called PAINTING WITH FIRE. Worth checking out if you're a fan.
  12. jimmiesparks added a post in a topic: Name That Recycled Part   

    That's what I was thinking Steve.

    Great pics Stan! I'm not familiar with the "88." The back end missile loader looks cool. Could there be a version out there with a tin litho body????
  13. jimmiesparks added a post in a topic: New Otti Rosko Astronaut   

    So technically are these repros of repros?

    I was never happy with the litho color on the face of the 1990s version - too greenish and pale compared to the original 60s toy. It looks a little better in your 2010 version pic, Scott, do you think that's the case?
  14. jimmiesparks added a post in a topic: Name That Recycled Part   

    Just came across a toy I've never seen before and thought I recognized a recycled part found on another Yonezawa toy. See if you can "name that part" -

  15. jimmiesparks added a post in a topic: Ray Rohr - In Memoriam   

    He was a pioneer. Takes me back to the early days when he used to run his ads in the back of Antique Toy World and Toy Shop. Always looked forward to his catalogs and seeing the many great items he would bring to the Glendale Toy Show. I bought some of my first nice pieces from Ray.

    A very quiet guy, there were a few meetings that left me guessing whether he remembered me at all. But if you could get him to warm up to you he had great information and stories. He once told me how he had a case of X-27 EXPLORER spacemen (Future Toys #163) that he sold to someone in the early 80s for a few hundred dollars (yes, the whole case) to give out as party favors! Who knew?

    Happy Collecting, Ray...

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