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  1. PaulCameron added a post in a topic: TARGET ROBOT - MASUDAYA   


    Just wanted to let you all know that this Masudaya Target Robot and also an ALPS Television Spaceman are going to be available for sale through Christies (London) Collectible Toy Auction on 31st May 2006. I've had these robots in my possession for the past 40 years - both come in their original boxes. Further details of these robots will be obtainable through the Christies website: nearer to the date of the sale.

    Paul Cameron
  2. PaulCameron added a post in a topic: TARGET ROBOT - MASUDAYA   

    Apreciate the feedback guys - thanks. I'm taking a whole set of photos this AM of robot & box from all sides. Anyone interested in seeing these let me know (

    Thanks again!
    Aberdeenshire - Scotland
  3. PaulCameron added a post in a topic: TARGET ROBOT - MASUDAYA   

    Thought I would resuscitate this one to answer an outstanding question! As you've seen this week I've just come back on the scene after many months away. Well, as you just about worked out back in March - it wasn't me that was selling that Target. Mine is still sitting with a pile of other old toys in the spare bedroom!

    I'm interested in any advice I can get on grading the original box for my Target. I've seen some pretty dog eared boxes graded at c7.5+. The box for mine is also pretty dog eared, particularly on 1 corner. I can send some shots if anyone could give me some advice on this.
  4. PaulCameron added a post in a topic: TARGET ROBOT - MASUDAYA   

    Justin et al...

    Sorry don't want to interrupt what is obviously emerging as a pretty fruitful conversation between you guys. As you can see I'm strictly a 'Newbie' to robots!

    As such I was interested to hear what you were saying about the marking of the Target Robot at the shoulders due to stretching of the panels. I had noticed that my Target robot has what appeared to me to be "scuff" marks on both shoulders stretching across both front and rear panels. I could not explain this as otherwise the robot is in great shape and I could not see why the same imperfection should occur on both sides.

    Looks like you've answered my question?! Presumably this is a well known imperfection in this (and other) robot? Was the robot originally sold in this condition or does the burning/stretch appear through the paintwork later in life?

    Finally, I was trying to post some images (of the cat # on the box, etc) yesterday, but for some reason the image didn't seem to upload to the site - not sure why? If anyone could give me a very brief (offline)tutorial to explain how to attach an image either as an embedded file (seems to call for a web URL - image is on my laptop not already posted to the web) or as an attached file. I will be uploading the image from my desktop, in .pdf format to keep the file size down.

    Any further feedback on the "scuffs" on my target robot's shoulders or help with posting images to this forum would be greatly appreciated - thanks.

  5. PaulCameron added a post in a topic: TARGET ROBOT - MASUDAYA   

    Joe K

    There certainly is... it's number...


    Image attached below...

    Hope this helps - let me know if this tells you much about the chronology of this robot?

    I was given this robot as a small child - I would say 1962-1965?

    Paul C
  6. PaulCameron added a post in a topic: TARGET ROBOT - MASUDAYA   


    I'm adding a shot of the gun for this robot and also of the box.

    I think we've just about concluded that this IS the original gun as confirmed by the picture on the side of the box - showing a "six shooter" just the same as the one with this robot.

    I've also taken a better (natural lighting, square on) of the box lid so that you can see the colouring - naturally in pretty poor shape and somewhat faded.

    Hope that this is of interest?

    If anyone wants higher res. shots of this robot please email me ( or as this forum is pretty limiting on the size of files.

    Yes, my Mum was a great lady in keeping my toys together in their boxes - she's probably having a quiet chuckle to herself "up there" just now - bless her!

    Paul Cameron
  7. PaulCameron added a post in a topic: TARGET ROBOT - MASUDAYA   

    Fantastic response from you guys!!!

    Many thanks for your insights on the gun. I'm in Houston just now - back in Scotland on Friday, so will check any other markings on the gun then. From a quick look before I left, I do recall seeing "Japan" printed somewhere on the gun, but nothing else!

    I really do think that this is the original gun as supplied with this robot. As you can see, my mother was fastidious about keeping my childhood toys together in their original boxes. If it's with a gun, I have every reason to think that this is the gun that came with the robot.

    And heh, don't want any of you guys trying to beat me back to Scotland to give this robot a new home!

    Thanks again. I'll be in touch.

  8. PaulCameron added a post in a topic: TARGET ROBOT - MASUDAYA   

    Hi I wanted to share a special moment that recently happened to me. When sorting through some of my childhood toys in preparation for selling on eBay, I came across a couple of robots, still in their original box. 1 turns out to be a Masudaya Target Robot (see attached photograph), the other an ALPS Television Spaceman.

    Well having searched the web to find out a bit more about this robot and having contacted Darryl Dupuis (Robotnut), I relaise that the Target robot is rather 'special'! As you can tell, I'm no robot expert but have learnt a great deal over the past couple of weeks! I have held off placing this robot on eBay for now and may be placing this in one of the specialist toy auctions later this year?

    I'm interested to know if there is anyone in this group that may be interested in either of these robots - I can send further pictures if you wish. You can contact me through the forum or directly via email at or or on my mobile +44 779 506 1874.

    Thanks for all of your advice over the past week Darryl - much appreciated!

    So that's my story - it's amazing what you can find in your attic! Needless to say, this is one robot which is NOT going back up to the attic!!!

    Paul Cameron
    Aberdeen, Scotland (although in Houston tonight!)

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