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  1. Robot Fool added a post in a topic: Weekend With Morphy: The Revenge   

    Robothunter check your PM
    Robot Fool
  2. Robot Fool added a post in a topic: Botstock 5 Pictures   

    No more Pictures, is this a form of censorship?

    What happens at BotStock V - Stays at BotStock V !
    The rest of us will never know :P

    Oh the anticipation,
    I've always experienced the Robot parties by web.
    Looks as good as all the rest of the past.
    Gernot is your Mighty Robot still single and available ?
  3. Robot Fool added a post in a topic: As Mickey Says, "it's A Small World After All"...   

    Darryl, to describe me to be nearly as mysterious as Batman,
    is tough to live up to. I would be more comfortable if all of you
    would think along the lines of Underdog and his double identity: Shoe Shine.
    Yes, Robot Fool and Robot Nut met unmasked face to face.
    It was unplanned, just spur of the moment when I emailed him and the rest
    is Alphadrome Magic. The Alphadrome Magic I've only read about here on Brian's Forum.
    Like Botstock's 1 & 2 !! ( I haven't read 3 yet and should attend 4 )
    You can't describe it and do justice, . .
    It was my first in person meeting with another Robot Nut / Nut: Darryl.
    I'm lucky to have a member so close by. . . who can share a moment together.
    New friends and old toys . . . There's no need to fear . . .
    Underdog is here. . . crash ! ! !
    I will get busy and shoot some pictures of my specimens.

  4. Robot Fool added a post in a topic: Door Robot "variation"   

    Another example of Tinted Plastic.
    the Alps Tv Spaceman's Purple Tint or Clear face shield
    ALPS manufactured the Door and this as well
    Purple envy

  5. Robot Fool added a post in a topic: Door Robot "variation"   

    Doc, it Gives it a nice "POP".

    My picture is meant to illustrate the same subtle occurrence with other specimens
    example: Robert the Robot's clear Plastic eyes and antennas

  6. Robot Fool added a post in a topic: Papa's . . Son   

    This wind up walker, can be found here :cwanxton Papa's son Ebay auction listing 6047639207
    Alphadrome members know him from ebay, but
    will everyone one else laugh along ?
    cwanxton gets a little help from me here.

  7. Robot Fool added a post in a topic: UPDATE   

  8. Robot Fool added a post in a topic: UPDATE   

  9. Robot Fool added a post in a topic: UPDATE   

    Brian, I read this help message for posting images:
    If the admin has enabled it, you will also see a file attachments option,
    this will allow you to attach a file to be uploaded when making a post.
    Click the browse button to select a file from your computer to be uploaded.
    If you upload an image file, it may be shown in the content of the post,
    all other file types will be linked to.

    Brian, when I looked in my: Welcome to your control panel
    Manage Your Attachments
    It says I have posted 13 pages of my images : (100% used).
    I can not post that way. Only by linking to a URL address, can I post.
    Maybe something must be enabled by you, in the attachment option folder ?
    Presently it reads : File Attachments
    Global Space Left: 0bytes
  10. Robot Fool added a post in a topic: Top Robot And Spacemen Rarities   

    Let's jump 40 years into the future . . .
    This may be a possible Rare candidate, but presently in 2006 it is
    just another ebay hoax. Ebay Link : RARE Original KO Yoshiya Comical Planet Robot Wind Up

    Actual auction Description

    This is a great rare original wind-up robot. It is Tin Litho and is the
    Planet Robot from Yoshiya. It was made in the 1950's. It is a very
    rare version of that robot. It is in good condition. It does work.
    Shipping is $8.

    If this does play out in 2046, I hope they have the lid of the
    box partially intact, at least, to please every collector of the future.

  11. Robot Fool added a post in a topic: Botstock Iii   

    Golden robot peeking again . . .
    Check out Robot Fools posts, Aug 12, 2004.
    It was funny to me,- anyway . . .
    Oh I love the peeking Golden Robot on the envelope! -quote 2004 by Larry 7 <----LINK

    Peeking Golden Robot Image © Robot Fool 2004

    Larry you also said the same praise to me back in 2004

    The posts from August 2004 , was also a thread started by Dratomic.
    I replied to Doc's thread, with the Peeking Golden Robot Image © Robot Fool 2004
    [ Robobob are you taking note ? :rolleyes: ]
    This is only the 1st entry, and it's being pulled. All because Robobob
    didn't know about the "Golden Rule"*
    *I will check, but I
    think, "Golden " is still under contract with me,
    dotted & signed : under his peeking clause.

    I've blown enough wind here, and speaking of wind,
    back to the, " Windy City . . and Botstock"
    All in a fun days work, Robot Fool.
    P.S. Yes, Robobob, I like your poster
    Hay, if it pulls in a royalty fee for me, tell me where and I'll sign

  12. Robot Fool added a post in a topic: This Has To Be A Recent Record On The   

    Darryl, I happened to comment about what Henk said
    about the lips 2nd auction results.

    The same can apply to your topic

  13. Robot Fool added a post in a topic: Paul Lips Auction, Section 2, Tomorrow Saturday!   

    Completed auction on Jan 22, 2006
    $500.00 USD MINTY 2nd generation Silver Atacking Martian w/ worn box
    Funny, you were saying . . .

    2 bidders at $500.00 usd. The sniper lost :(
    Whats this mean ?
    A ) This wasn't a deal.
    B ) Todays Results can never speak for tomorrows next auction.
    3 ) Or buy with your brain or your money, whichever you have more of

    Robot Fool
  14. Robot Fool added a post in a topic: Robots At The Canada South Science City   

    Why not ? converge on it,
    as it seems a more appropriate N.A.* BOTSTOCK III host site,
    for many reasons. We all tend to think along the same lines
    here, so I know I'm not the only one to connect

    I'm just the first to offer it in light of the 2007 extended Lessor exhibut.

    Darryl could get an extension through mid-2006.

    BOTSTOCK IV (4) could be in Chicago where the Lessor
    exhibhut runs until May 2007.

    It's a Brilliant Idea because it covers BOTH exhibhuts

    *N.A. North American
  15. Robot Fool added a post in a topic: Rare Vintage Mexican Robot Video   

    Plasticaugie posted the battery pack photo before on;
    Apr 6 2005, 04:07 PM

    Translation: it's a rare

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